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<p>Meerkat &amp; Periscope , What They Are, What They Mean and What to Do</p> <p>Meerkat &amp; Periscope , What They Are, What They Mean and What to Do</p> <p> VFT Solutions, Inc. 2015Presenters: Wayne Lonstein &amp; Ed GorenJune 25, 2015</p> <p>1</p> <p> VFT Solutions, Inc. 2015AgendaIntroduction</p> <p>What Are Meerkat &amp; Periscope?</p> <p>How They Work</p> <p>What They Mean To Content Owners, Broadcasters &amp; Others With Protected Content Or Information</p> <p>Challenges, Responses &amp; Opportunities They Present </p> <p>Q &amp; A</p> <p>Greetings Will Be Given By WayneThanks for taking the time Time Frame 30-40 MinutesExplain Ground Rules Of Webinar We will have a Q&amp;A Period at the end in the interest of timeThose who may have questions or comments of a confidential nature please feel free to reach out via email, or phone which will be listed at the end of the webinar as well as in a follow-up emailWe understand that there are many people from various parts of the worlds and different disciplines. To that extent we have endeavored to make the presentation as generic as possible while still be relevant to everyoneVFT Uses its patented technology to accomplish many of the objectives mentioned in the webinar please feel free to ask for a one-on-one meeting to discuss the technology in greater detail</p> <p>Copy Will Be Made Available Respect to Challenges and Threats Facing Brands, Leagues and HLS Issues we understand there are many considerations and therefore any solution must be designed and tailored to a specific need. One size never fits all.</p> <p>2</p> <p> VFT Solutions, Inc. 2015Wayne Lonstein</p> <p>Over twenty-five (25) years of anti-piracy litigation brought on behalf of intellectual property owners.</p> <p>Inventor &amp; creator - passionate about piracy and affecting change in the industry.</p> <p>Presenter</p> <p>Brief Intro, Mention Clients &amp; History3</p> <p> VFT Solutions, Inc. 2015Ed Goren48 years of experience in the television production industry47-time Emmy award winnerFormer Fox Sports President and Vice ChairmanInductee Broadcasting &amp; Cable Hall of Fame, and Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame. Special Guest</p> <p>Wayne will introduce Ed as our Special Guest and Then Ed Please Give a 2-5 Minutes statement of General Observations of Content Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow and Perhaps a Thought or Two in General About theses Apps. I will ask you to delve into your thoughts on balancing content and piracy control with making good quality content available and how the challenge may be different from a one-off live fight as opposed to a 17 week NFL Regular Season or 162 week MLB Season.</p> <p>4</p> <p> VFT Solutions, Inc. 2015How They WorkSimply Put the Apps are Simple to Install &amp; Use</p> <p>Download Application</p> <p>Sign-Up or Sign-In Using Twitter </p> <p>Point, Shoot Stream</p> <p>Simply put Live Streaming Apps are like putting your local access channel on a smartphone. Just as technology has greatly improved the quality of local access TV it is a certainty that these and other apps will get better in quality and function geometrically.</p> <p>5</p> <p> VFT Solutions, Inc. 2015What is Meerkat ?</p> <p>Wayne will briefly discuss Meerkat which was first to the Scene when introduced in March of this year at the 2015 SXSW Festival in Texas. It had been available in the App Store since February 2015.Although by no means revolutionary in technology Meerkat did represent a sea change in that it enabled decent quality live audio and video from any smartphone anywhere in the world cellular or Wi-Fi access was available6</p> <p> VFT Solutions, Inc. 2015What is Meerkat ?Mobile device based on both iOS and Android platformsAble to capture &amp; stream live video &amp; audioAble to be viewed by large numbers of Twitter followers simultaneouslyVideo is streamed live but is not stored on the streaming or viewing deviceAble to search for &amp; schedule streams both in-app and on Twitter </p> <p>Recently Meerkat was updated Streamers can schedule their upcoming streams in order to enhance viewership the marketplace remains brisk with Instagram, Snapchat &amp; Vine moving towards competitive products and away from time limited video streaming.Meerkat presently has an associated points system that allows both streamers and viewers to earn points based upon activity. Certainly brands might consider the possibility of added value from this system.From the perspective of content protection and monetization it is clear that Meerkat, like Periscope represent the ability for ubiquitous technology to be used to broadcast audio and video by individuals. Searching Meerkat streams is somewhat frustrating however the ability to interface with twitter makes it somewhat more user friendly7</p> <p> VFT Solutions, Inc. 2015What is Periscope?</p> <p>Almost simultaneously Twitter publicly introduced Periscope, a live streaming app which it had acquired in January 2015Like Meerkat, Periscope users could download the app and stream live video and audio on their smartphone or other device.8</p> <p> VFT Solutions, Inc. 2015What is Periscope?Mobile device based on both iOS and Android platformsAble to capture &amp; stream live video &amp; audioTwitter integration Video is streamed live but also allows replays of the stream after it has endedSearch for Periscope Streams on Twitter as well as Map Feature in Application</p> <p>Differences presently with Periscope is the Live Map which shows streaming activity ongoing and recently concluded. Periscope also allows for the recording of the stream for re-broadcast at a later time both via the app as well as online via browser. </p> <p>Ed At this point I would like to go back to you and ask you to comment on how this individual ease of streaming presents challenges in terms of keeping copyrighted material controlled in terms of distribution when perhaps a venue might have 100,000 live potential streamers able to share the live stream with tens of thousands of followers.</p> <p>You might also wan to mention the impossibility of video quarantines from pay-per-view events, the risk to one-off PPV Events which are notoriously subject to expensive charges and quick endings. In essence why buy when I can view for free</p> <p>9</p> <p> VFT Solutions, Inc. 2015ExamplesLive From The Venue</p> <p>No matter what the content, almost immediately upon launch these apps were used casually by casual viewers and pirate streamers alike to put their followers inside venues live. One admission ticket could be shared with thousands of eyes and ears world-wide. 10</p> <p> VFT Solutions, Inc. 2015Really Live!Live From The Venue</p> <p>With Permission From Tim Lincecum</p> <p>Ed perhaps at this point I will hand off to you after introducing this live stream that I created last week of my client Tim Lincecum batting live at Citifield.</p> <p>You might want to briefly comment that the content is somewhat poor in quality and appearance however given time and technology the challenges will become real. ( if you are comfortable)11</p> <p> VFT Solutions, Inc. 2015Retransmission of LivePlace-shifted Live</p> <p>Live streaming apps can also cause large challenges from Placeshifting which is the near-live re-transmitting of a live broadcast virally throughout the world without consideration rights holders and temporal or geographic restrictions. An example of Placeshifting is live streaming from one location (Above a bar in Quebec) of a PPV Broadcast or live Free to Air broadcast in the UK and immediately re-transmitting it and globally, including in locations where the content is subject to restriction.</p> <p>12</p> <p> VFT Solutions, Inc. 2015Understanding is KeyNothing Really New Under the Sun Sony BetamaxTechnology is Here Today Gone Tomorrow</p> <p>Though we may think this new technology is a challenge never before seen history shows us that is far from the case.Remember Betamax?13</p> <p> VFT Solutions, Inc. 2015Consumption Remains the Constant Technology Improves</p> <p>How many of you have ever listened to a bootleg cassette, or heaven forbid reel-to-reel tape broadcast. 14</p> <p> VFT Solutions, Inc. 2015Before Enforcing Rights Understand Why Fans are Using the Technology Do You Really Want to Sue the Entire Stadium?</p> <p>The entertainment industry survived and so too will it survive live a streaming apps the key is understanding what works and what does not. Leagues, venues and other content owners would be hard pressed to prosecute every viewer of an illegal stream however there are many softer methods of achieving the same goals, that being monetizing and protecting proprietary content. Although VFT technology will provide forensically sound pedigree information on both streamers and viewers it is our belief that such tactics should be a limited part of an overarching strategy to protect and monetize content.15</p> <p> VFT Solutions, Inc. 2015Whack-A-Mole is Not a Strategy Technology Moves Too FastDo Not Chase Your Tail</p> <p>Not to mention curing one form of live stream sharing will only cause others to proliferate the key is proactive understanding.16</p> <p> VFT Solutions, Inc. 2015What Can Be Done ?Be Proactive Not ReactiveFinding Out About An Issue Is Not The Time To Develop A StrategyEmbrace The Technology Whenever Possible, If Fans Are Using It Why Fight ThemControl The Illegal Use of Technology By Using The Technology ItselfRe-Think The Old Rules , Price Point, Consumption Choices, Platforms of ChoiceThe Concept of See It Live Must Take on a New Meaning Consumers Will Pirate If They Cannot Get It Legally.</p> <p>Ed I would like this point to use as your discussion point about what value might be sought by brands and content owners in terms of understanding the how, why, when and where people are viewing these streams and then perhaps also seguing into how to leverage this information, anonymously or passively collected using VFT technology to finding sweets spots to help grow viewership and explore and embrace using these and other new technologies to reach additional paying eyes. ( 5 Min)17</p> <p> VFT Solutions, Inc. 2015What VFT OffersLive, Scalable Presence In New Online &amp; Mobile Consumption ChannelsGranular Analytics of Streaming and Piracy TrendsMassive Opportunities to Develop New Customers on Their Own TurfCreate virtual real estate to make finding the right content including streams easier and more viewer friendly.Proactive Deployment of Technology to Deter Illegal Consumption, Educate Consumers &amp; Pirates About Legal Consumption ChannelsGain Valuable Intelligence In Real Time About Consumption Patterns, Modes &amp; New TechnologyGrow Legal Consumption by Leveraging Information Acquired While Preventing Cannibalization of Live Attendance and Existing Consumption Channels</p> <p>No one solution can be one size fits all, VFT and its staff believes that out of the challenges from live streaming apps and whatever the next big thing is can be turned into brand equity, growth and bottom line enhancement. VFT will help develop solutions using its technology to penetrate, study, redirect and even deter piracy of content. It all starts from the bottom-up. If you simply remove one pirate distribution site 10 more will grow, filing lawsuits or sending claim letters to thousands of possible infringers makes enemies and ultimately hurts brands. Once your company or organization understands that what some consider a threat can also be an asset.</p> <p>I will thank Ed at this point and ask him for a final thought. ( 1-2 Min)18</p> <p> VFT Solutions, Inc. 2015Questions?</p> <p>Tanner Please populate 1-2 questions to have us answer and if you could prepare them tonight that would be great so we are prepared.1-3 questions Ed Feel free to weigh in on answering any of these I try to hand off those opportunities to you so we do not step on each other19</p> <p> VFT Solutions, Inc. 2015Thank You!To Find Out More or Discuss Your Particular Situation, Please Visit www.vft-solutions.comCall 1-844-483-8765Email info@vft-solutions.com</p> <p>20</p>