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  • 1. MedlinePlusTrusted Health Information for YouA Warner Memorial Library Presentation Eastern University, St. Davids, PA

2. with Mark D. PuterbaughInformation Services Librarian 610-341-1461 3. Health TopicsStart here for over 900 topics onconditions, diseases and wellness.Look to MedlinePlusfor accurateChoose the Health Topics linkconsumer heathto view the listings of information. 4. Choosing Children and Teenagersunder Demographic Groupsreveals a listing of resources for that age group. 5. Looking throughthe list we chooseAsthma in Children. 6. Following the linkleads usto additionalinformation. 7. Following links underDisease Management reveals someinformation that can helpparents and others dealing with asthmatic children. 8. Another link brings upinformation fromthe Mayo Clinic. 9. We can also usethe simplesearch form to locateinformationthroughMedline Plus 10. The results display general informationconcerning asthma and additional linksof information on the Web. 11. Here we find a resourcefrom the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA). This resource is a help for children andcaregivers discussing triggers responsible for asthma attacks. 12. We have added Childrento focus the search. 13. There is a link that provides an articlefrom The Journal of the AmericanMedical Association (JAMA). 14. Adding school to our search returns a new list focused on asthmatic children in school, leading to more excellent resources.