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These slides were used to teach first year medical students how to use Medline and RefWorks. They are based on Ned Potter's (thewikiman) slides, available here:


  • 1.6really usefulthings to makewriting your CBMessay EASIER !Nancy Graham, Subject Advisor (Medicine)

2. Medlineis a lifesaver!(1) 3. Medline factsOver 22 million references toarticlesSame content as PubMedLargest biomedical database inthe worldYour tutors want you to use it! 4. From my.bham select my.libraryand access FindIt@Bham. Sign in(top right) simply type Medlinein the search box and click onSearch. 5. Note theMEDLINE(Ovid)entrythen clickViewOnline toaccess 6. There are manyversions ofMedline. The onewe use is from1946 to the mostrecent date.Click on the linkto access theMedline searchpage. 7. You need toknow aboutMash. No!MeSH*!*Medical Subject Headings!(2) 8. This is the Medline search page. Medlineuses Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) toorganise articles. Type in your searchwords and leave the box ticked to find thenearest MeSH term. This should findmore relevant articles. 9. The next page will display the closest MeSH terms toyour search. In this example, there is a MeSH for Obesity,so make sure you select it!Also tick the Include All Subheadings box to search forall aspects of Obesity. 10. A little word aboutExplode and FocusTicking Explodewill search forObesity and anynarrower MeSHterms.Focus will ONLYsearch for Obesity. 11. In the same way as usingMeSH on Medline, you cansearch Flickr using a TagsOnly search 12. Here are the tagsfor this photo onFlickr. Users addthem to helpothers find thephoto 13. And here are theMeSH tags for anarticle onMedline.In the same wayas Flickr, they areadded to help youfind the bestarticles for yoursearch. 14. Search separately for each of yourkeywords.In this example, there are relevantMeSH terms for your CBM essay!You can see each separate set of resultslisted next to your search terms. 15. Its important toIts important tocombine yourcombine yoursearch terms tosearch terms toretrieve theretrieve themost relevantmost relevanthitshits(3) 16. Articles foryour essaySeparate search terms 17. Select all your keywords then click the Andbutton to combine your terms and retrieverelevant articles. 18. Explore your results list for themost relevant articles, accessfull text and save references foruse later on(4) 19. There are 1184 relevant articles,too many for you to look through.To filter down further, use theLimits. English Language, ReviewArticles and a 10 year date rangeare very useful to begin with.TIP: You can always play aroundwith further limits. 20. Scroll down thepage to see yourresults.The article titleswill help you todecide if theyare relevant.Click onCompleteReference to seemoreinformation. 21. Here you can seethe abstract andthe MeSH terms.Use the FindIt@Bham button tosee if we have thefull text online. 22. If we subscribe to thearticle, this is the pageyou will see.Simply click on eitherred GO button to linkto the full text article. 23. Back in yourresults list, ifyou want tokeep a recordof your resultssimply selectthe recordsyou want tokeep andeither selectPrint, Emailor Export. 24. Adding results toRefWorks is a great way toorganise your referencesproperly!(5) 25. Why is referencingimportant?Shows that youve read aroundthe topicReferences support yourargument/positionAvoid accusations of plagiarism 26. Heres a referencelist from a journalarticle in a similarstyle to the oneyou will use,Vancouver. 27. Why will RefWorks help?Save ALL references in one place,onlineAdd references manually for webpages, email correspondenceetc.RefWorks will display references inthe correct format for your essayAUTOMATICALLY 28. From the Find It@Bhamhomepage, type inRefWorks and click onSearch. 29. On the nextpage, clickView Onlineunder theRefWorks entry.The first timeyou access youwill have toregister.Then you canaccess youraccount. 30. This is my RefWorks account.There are folders to organise myreferences on the right handside. 31. There are icons for eachreference. The pencil icon is forediting. 32. Click on New Reference to enter areference manually. 33. You can export referencesfrom Medline to RefWorksto keep a record of themand use them in youressay.Select references and thenclick on Export. 34. Ensuring youhave yourRefWorksaccount open,select RefWorksfrom the dropdown menu andclick on ExportCitation(s) 35. They will then beimported into yourRefWorks account.Its important tocheck all importedreferences foraccuracy. 36. RefWorks and Microsoft Wordcollaborate to producebibliographies automatically!This will save you LOTS of timeand hassle!(6) 37. RefWorks works withMicrosoft Word (and otherword processing packages)to produce reference listsautomatically.If you are using your laptop,Mac or home computer youwill first need to downloadthe Write-N-Cite plugin fromRefWorks. The plugin allowsRefWorks to speak to Word.Click on Tools, then Write-N-Cite.The plugin is already on ALLUoB computers. 38. On the next screen you will see the links todownload the Write-N-Cite plugin.Select the latest version.It will only take a couple of minutes and shouldappear in Microsoft Word under a RefWorks tab.Use the Login Code above to login from Word 39. Once you have logged in you willsee several buttons.Use Insert Citation to selectwhichever reference you need intoyour essay text.For example 40. Here is my essay (probably on for a high mark!).If I want to insert a reference into the text I simplyplace my cursor where it needs to go and then clickon Insert Citation. 41. You can either use thefolders in the top left tofind referencesor 42. you can search in the boxin the top right 43. Once youvefound thecorrectreference,click on it tohighlight andthen click OKat the bottomof the screen. 44. This will then drop the reference into your essay.Dont worry if its not the correct referencing style,you can change by clicking on the Style button andselecting the right one. 45. Continue adding in references throughout youressay.When you have finished, change the referencingstyle to your preferred choice.Then place your cursor where you want yourreference list located and click on BibliographyOptions. Select Insert Bibliography. 46. Yourreference listhas beencreatedautomaticallybelow yourtext.You canchange thestyle any timeby using theStyle button 47. For more help withRefWorks Tutorials PDF guides User instruction 48. Time for 49. The rules of BATTLE DOCS 2 volunteers to present asummary of the session Each will do a presentation 1.15long 5 slides theyve never seen beforeeach each slide will move onautomatically after 15 seconds Participants could win a sweetprize! 50. Competitor 1 ready? 51. Clue: its a database! 52. Best way to searchMedline? 53. AND ?OR ? 54. What can you do withthese?Clue! 55. Stop! 56. Competitor 2 ready? 57. RefWorks ?? 58. What do you do here? 59. Beam me up! 60. The magic of RefWorks! 61. Stop! 62. Thanks for listening!More help here: Nancy Graham i-cite guide Slide and Battle decks design courtesy of Ned Potterat York University. See the original here: 63. Images from Flickr Creative Commons by VancityAllie by PlasticRevolver by Mark15 by comedy_nose by Willrad by TheGiantVermin by Noam, Jemima & Lila by kiewic by NFSA Australia by ell brown by Kirsty Andrews