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<ul><li><p>Introduction MeditationPsychologySession 5 </p><p>Sitting Meditation</p><p>Meditation, Mindfulness &amp; Insight</p></li><li><p>Start with the goal in mind!NegativeCircumstancesPersonalHistoryComplexesExpectationsWoe is MeAnxietyReactivityAwarenessObjective ObserverEquanimityThe Goal: Equanimity - Balance, Calmness and Clarity in spite of circumstances.ThoughtsDramatizationRegretsFearsNegativeActionsMoreProblemsUnderstanding InsightMindfulnessIn the momentState of Mind</p><p>Meditation, Mindfulness &amp; Insight</p></li><li><p>IntellectualRational ApproachPerception is realityUnderstand how attitudes impact perceptionAlter your attitudesUnderstandingAwareness Mental Discipline AttitudesAcceptance / Non judgmentalGratitude / humilityCompassionInsightful asking the constructive questions</p><p>Meditation, Mindfulness &amp; Insight</p></li><li><p>Who is wise? They who learn from all beings.Who is mighty? They who overcome their desires.Who is wealthy?They who are content with their portionWho is to be honored?They who honor all beings... Ben Zoma (Sayings of our fathers)</p><p>Questions?What do we need to work on to achieve Ben Zomas vision of success?Is this under out control? </p><p>Meditation, Mindfulness &amp; Insight</p></li><li><p>Those who know, Do Not SpeakThose who speak, Do Not Know</p><p>Meditation, Mindfulness &amp; Insight</p></li><li><p>Transcendent ApproachExperientialMeditation to cultivate disciplinePrayers, dedication, sensitivityDaily LifeMoment to moment awarenessInsight / understanding Perception is realityPresent moment focusBodily SensationsCurrent ActivitiesAttitude fundamental experience of:Acceptance / Non judgmentalGratitude / humilityCompassionBecomes a spontaneous sense of well being / equanimity WITHOUT a rational basis.</p><p>Meditation, Mindfulness &amp; Insight</p></li><li><p>Sitting MeditationSimilar to body scan awareness BreathBodyAdditional areas of focusSoundsThoughtsBroader area of focus everything at once.Changing the point of focus and scope.Mindfulness requires the same skills.The discipline to stay focusedThe intentionality to pick the point / points of focus.Ability to broaden and narrow the area of focus.</p><p>Meditation, Mindfulness &amp; Insight</p></li><li><p>Guided sitting meditationClose your eyesBell - May all beings - Erect and dignified posture, Tense then Relax.., You are in a safe and secure environment, Time for you to nurture yourself - Secure relaxed environment choose a point of focus, nose, belly - Breathe naturally, If your mind wanders gently escort it back to your breathChange the focus of your attention to head, shoulders, etcChange focus to the body as a whole. Any part of your body.See if you can be sensitive to your whole body at the same timeNothing to do, nothing to become just relax into the awareness of this moment.Quality of awareness open and non judgingPain focus on part</p><p>Meditation, Mindfulness &amp; Insight</p></li><li><p>Guided sitting meditation continuedChange focus attention to hearing, Do not judge the sounds Now change the focus of your attention to thoughtsNotice whatever thoughts arise. They are just thoughts.Observe the ebb and flow of thoughts without being carried away by them.Now broaden the focus of your attention to the body, the sounds and the thoughts and the breath. All of them at once.Notice whatever arises. You might hear a sound. You might notice a thought, you might feel a sensation in your leg. Relax into whatever arises in this momentKeep your eyes closed move your toes, etc. - Bell</p><p>Meditation, Mindfulness &amp; Insight</p></li><li><p>The heart that gives gathers .Marianne Moore </p><p>The best sermons are lived not preached.</p><p>Change your thoughts and you change the world.. Norman Vincent Peale</p><p>Meditation, Mindfulness &amp; Insight</p></li><li><p>Goal of this weeks discussionUnderstand some basic psychologyImprove understanding of ourselves and othersAsk the right psychological questionsHelps us develop more effective communication strategies Inspire further study in psychologyClasses at the Jung Center Work Robert JohnsonC.G. Jung Lexicon - A Primer of Terms and Concepts (Paperback) by Daryl Sharp (Author) Disclaimer - This is not personal analysis - I am not a psychologist.</p><p>Meditation, Mindfulness &amp; Insight</p></li><li><p>Why psychology?Meditation is like aspirinMay stop the suffering.You may not deal with the cause.Psychology / ContemplationUnderstanding of human natureDealing with the root of the problem of anxiety.Insights needed for strategies for human interactions</p><p>Meditation, Mindfulness &amp; Insight</p></li><li><p>Distortion ExamplesI failed my math examI can never learn mathMy girlfriend / boyfriend left meI will never be loved againI made a mistakeI can never do anything right.Someone doesnt greet youWhat did I do wrong?Why dont they like me?PERCEPTION is reality. We live in the world of perceptions not in the real world.Jungs patient lived on the moon?</p><p>Meditation, Mindfulness &amp; Insight</p></li><li><p>Cognitive TherapyThoughts are not facts!Thoughts can be Emotion LadenThis is horribleMoralisticThis is badInterpretiveMy life is overExaggerationsIll never get anything write (sic)As we become mindful and aware we will notice that our own thoughts are not always rational.</p><p>Meditation, Mindfulness &amp; Insight</p></li><li><p>Analytical PsychologyUnderstanding Why we behave as we doWhy others behave as they doCultivates the knowledge to develop constructive strategies Theories / Tools ComplexesProjectionsActive ImaginationDream AnalysisAlso known asDepth PsychologyJungian Psychology</p><p>Meditation, Mindfulness &amp; Insight</p></li><li><p>Analytical PsychologyRule number one.Its never about what it is about!Why not? -- ComplexesThe triggering circumstance brings out deep energy charged ideas and beliefsUnconsciousDominates our behaviorBased on childhood or other past experiences.Complexes are not necessarily good or bad, it depends on what they cause you to do!Example An insultYou response depends on your own feelings of self worth. </p><p>Meditation, Mindfulness &amp; Insight</p></li><li><p>Example of a complex IndependenceComplex To be a man I must be independent. I can take care of myself.HistoryFather says I was independent since I was 12 years old.Self enhancing behavior Works hard at school so he too can be independent.Self defeating behavior if you become incapacitatedDriving your car when you are legally blind.Getting angry with caregivers I dont need your help.</p><p>Meditation, Mindfulness &amp; Insight</p></li><li><p>Example of a ComplexBeing ValuedComplex I want to be valued and appreciated.HistoryParents said Dont send a boy to do a mans job. You will never amount to anything.Self Enhancing BehaviorWork hard - Ill show themAnticipate problems Self Defeating BehaviorConstant fear of failure Feel diminished if you are not perfect.Must prove yourself right in every argument.</p><p>Meditation, Mindfulness &amp; Insight</p></li><li><p>Being Valued ComplexUniversal - Who doesnt want to be valued?How should we treat others?Sometimes the kindest thing you can do is listen with compassion and validate their feelings.How do we respond when others diminish usUnderstanding that they are often wounded and are trying to make themselves feel good.Evaluate our strategiesSometimes to get approval we chase people away by strategies such as always stealing the spotlight.</p><p>Meditation, Mindfulness &amp; Insight</p></li><li><p>ComplexesGoodComplexes can drive us to our greatest accomplishmentsBadComplexes can fill us with fear and anxietyMeditationAwareness / wise old man withinHelps free us from the anxiety of fear.Allows us to take more constructive action.Insight violin strings</p><p>Meditation, Mindfulness &amp; Insight</p></li><li><p>ProjectionsFather saysShut up and doWhat you are told.Boss orSpouseMy thoughts and opinions are not valued, I must be quietand do what I amTold or I will beOverwhelmed.Historic Event ComplexCreates a complexProjection - Boss and Spouse are authority figuresLike my dad and I cant talk to them eitherCause of Passive Aggressive Behavior.</p><p>Meditation, Mindfulness &amp; Insight</p></li><li><p>ProjectionsMother or father saysYou are the appleOf my eye, I willnurture you foreverGirlfriendOr BoyfriendPrince or Princess Complex I was meant to be nurtured andcared forHistoric Event ComplexCreates a complexProjection This woman / man will take care ofme for the rest of my life.</p><p>Meditation, Mindfulness &amp; Insight</p></li><li><p>ProjectionsExpectations of others behaviors or actions based on historic figures in your life.Positive or negative historic events still distort our perception and create inhibiting expectationsIssuesUnrealistic expectations of self and others.Making communication decisions based upon your historic relationships.These projections are unconscious Both mindfulness and psychological awareness are needed to change these projections</p><p>Meditation, Mindfulness &amp; Insight</p></li><li><p>Approaches dealing with thoughtsMeditation / mindfulness approachThoughts are just thoughts Let them dissolve by themselvesFocus on the momentCognitive therapyWrite down the thoughtsEvaluate their validityObserve thought and behavior patternsAnalytical PsychologyComplexes and the historical origin of your strategies and expectations.Have you felt like this in the past?Has a complex or a projection been triggeredWhats common?Are your instinctive responses serving you well?AwarenessInsight</p><p>Meditation, Mindfulness &amp; Insight</p></li><li><p>Complexes - summaryEmotionally ChargedBased on personal historyCauses are unconsciousConsciousness blames the triggering eventImpairs your cognitive abilitiesWoman astronaut who went to attack her competitionThe important questionsIs the level of energy appropriate for this situation?Are our reactions self defeating or self enhancing?Where have I experienced this emotion before?</p><p>Meditation, Mindfulness &amp; Insight</p></li><li><p>AngerAnger is human and naturalThere can be legitimate causes for your angerDont be angry at yourself for getting angryConcerns with Anger (even if you are right)Magnification tendency to exaggerate the impactPhysiologically Adrenalin, sleeplessness, aging and heart rateReactivityBad Decisions create more problemsDont Suppress itIf you dont deal with it now it will come back!Do Breathe into your emotionsFocus on your breath, relax you </p><p>Meditation, Mindfulness &amp; Insight</p></li><li><p>Alexander the GreatAnd the Yogi"I have mastered anger. Anger is my slave. See, how easily you gave way to anger. You are a slave of anger, and, therefore, a slave of my slave!</p><p>Meditation, Mindfulness &amp; Insight</p></li><li><p>Dealing with angerOne partMeditation - Diaphragmatic breathing Helps physiologically Using Insight - Dont ignore it - Understand it - Dig into it. Helpful Questions:Clarification Could this be caused by some misunderstanding? Would a dialogue be helpful?Logic Are my reactions self enhancing or self defeating?Cognitive therapy Are my thoughts factual?Analytical Psychology Has a complex been triggered? Have I felt like this before? What is this really about?Acceptance Will being angry help the situation?Compassion We all have clay feet, would forgiveness serve me better than anger?Developing insight diffuses the angerJust stepping back and questioning your reactions change the dynamics</p><p>Meditation, Mindfulness &amp; Insight</p></li><li><p>When mommy meditates she doesnt get angryDaughter of a sangha member</p><p>Meditation, Mindfulness &amp; Insight</p></li><li><p>Worry / Anger Book!Every time you either worry or get angry write it down in a book.Each day allocate 5 minutes to read your list.See if your perspective has changed.Did you magnify the situation?Did you worry about something that never happened?Did time heal the wound?Many people find that time shows most worries are unfounded and most anger exaggerated. </p><p>Meditation, Mindfulness &amp; Insight</p><p>Welcome backI hope that you had a good weekBeginning of a meditation practiceNo free raisins todayFor todays session we will review last weeks class, do another guided meditation on body scan - review the homework assignmentLearn a new meditation body scan which is good for sleepingPhilosophy of Acceptance or letting go</p><p>Raisins container spoonPillows to demonstrate sitting postureClass handoutsGuided Meditation CDsNotes Name tagsLibrary booksKleenexMy own serenityTape recorderAsk permission to tape itLet people know that they can have copiesI can delete an part you dont want on the cd</p><p>You can tell people that are psychologically aware when they talk about the likely reactions of others to actions you recommend.</p><p>Thoughts my boss wont listen passive aggressiveI know better than everyone else I dont need to listenI am not worthyReverently, Alexander requested a yogi to accompany him to Greece, saying. "I will give you everything you need or ask for. But, pray, do come with me. My people would love to meet you!"The yogi quietly answered, "I need nothing, I am happy where I am!"This was the first time that anyone had turned down Alexander's request. He could not control himself. He flew into a rage.And unsheathing his sword, he thundered, "Do you know who is speaking to you? I am the great king Alexander. If you will not listen to me. I shall kill you- cut you into pieces!"The yogi said, "You say you are a king. May I tell you, who you are? You are a slave of my slave!"Stunned. Alexander asked. "How am I a slave of your slave?"In a voice tender with compassion, the yogi explained. "I have mastered anger. Anger is my slave. See, how easily you gave way to anger. You are a slave of anger, and, therefore, a slave of my slave!</p></li></ul>