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  • Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight1 Introduction Meditation Letting Go / Acceptance / Mantras Session 2 Body Scan Meditation Acceptance / Letting go / Non Judgmental
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  • Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight2 Guided Meditation Diaphragmatic Breathing Close your eyes Bell Dedication May all beings have happiness Body Position Erect and dignified posture Listen first and the do it Breathing Breath in slowly First from the stomach Second from the rib cage Breath out slowly First from the rib cage Second from the stomach Focus your attention on the bodily sensations - Stomach and rib cages rising - Notice the skin stretching Notice the air coming through your nostrils Now begin with your breathing Quality of awareness open and non judging Constantly be aware of the body sensations of breathing in and breathing out Breath naturally - Your mind will wander but gently bring attention back to your breath Non judgmentally be kind to yourself it is a life long process doesnt expect to be perfect in a day, week, month or year. This is it! You are in this moment. No regrets of the pass or fear of the future. You are here now. Eyes closed ring bell Move your toes, fingers, gently stretch out, open your eyes. Bring the calm awareness back into each and every moment of this day.
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  • Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight3 The impacts of stress Fight or flight response triggered constantly Produces adrenaline Scientific studies show that prolonged stress Heart rate and blood pressure increase Impacts our sleep Negative impacts to the immune system Decrease in the ability to concentrate and think clearly Increases aging Clogs arteries Meditation / Mindfulness is the medicine for stress without side effects.
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  • Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight4 What is Non Judgmental awareness? There is a doer and an observer Observer is a an objective perspective Gives the time for insight before reaction - Diffuses anger When you are questioning your own anger it is different than being driven by it. Non Judgmental Many things are not the way we want them but we if we dont respond appropriately we can make those situations worse. Avoiding magnification or dramatization Not playing the role of victim, woe is me Ability to focus on solutions and supportive actions Not getting angry and thinking of revenge Intentionality Not reacting out of instinct and behavior patterns By this definition most people are unaware for most of their lives.
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  • Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight5 Mindfulness vs. Meditation Common Focus, intentionality, awareness, present moment, concentration, discipline Non Judgmental Differences Meditation protected environment Controlled posture Point of concentration artificial Mindfulness Point of concentration is the present moment experience, breathing, reading, driving, eating Mindfulness is the goal, meditation develops the skills needed Being present to each and every moment
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  • Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight6 Why Awareness is Critical The second arrow - reactivity Unwanted Circumstances Dramatization Fear Anxiety Anger Impulsive Response Example First Arrow Severe back pain Second Arrow Anger, Rumination and Depression Neglect the family After Meditation The back still hurt Able to find joy in some activities, less focused on the pain, physical and psychological
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  • Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight7 Modern Description of Non Judgmental Awareness If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you; If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting too;... If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster And treat those two impostors just the same. Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it. .Rudyard Kipling
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  • Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight8 Competing Forces Within Us! Conditioned Self Instinctual Reactive Ego Center Wounded Observer / Wise old man Non Judgmental Many Forms Spiritual Jesus Buddha G-d Psychological Depth Psychology Cognitive Theory Self Help Anthony Robbins
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  • Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight9 Big Difference! Being aware of and observing negative emotions is Different from being controlled by them! The practice of meditation is an exercise that constantly builds the awareness / observer within us.
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  • Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight10 Important points The goal is the path The path is non judgmental awareness The goal is non judgmental awareness It is a never ending process The wise observer is never judgmental it is just pure awareness. Common Trap To be judgmental about the fact that you are not aware or are being judgmental We just developed another set of conditionings to be frustrated about. Our challenge is to accept our own humanity, our own clay feet.
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  • Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight11 Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself. - Leo Tolstoy
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  • Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight12 The importance of awareness Negative Circumstance Non Judgmental Forgiveness Insight Clarity Psychology Compassion Awareness/ Mindfulness Equanimity Acceptance Inspiration Sacred Strategic Actions
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  • Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight13 The Process Monkey Mind Constant thoughts of fear and anxiety Recover from big things more quickly See a broader perspective when big things hit Change your reactions to small things Awareness of the monkey mind and habitual reactivity Life is more calm and serene Others treat you better Become a calming influence to others
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  • Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight14 Review Homework Diaphragmatic breathing morning and night comments on experience today or during the week? Were there times when you used diaphragmatic breathing during the day? Did it help? Were you able to notice the Drama or the Suffering you had when negative events occurred? Did you do any activities mindfully? What was your experience? Anyone have longer meditations
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  • Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight15 Mantras A meditation to do when you cant seem to concentrate!!! Choose a mantra that fits your beliefs and needs. Christian Hail Mary Mother Ma ra na tha -- Aramaic for our lord has come Casting all your cares on Him, for He cares for you. - Peter 5:7 Thich Nhat Hahn Stop, calm, rest heal American English Loves sunshine heals the universe Buddhist Om mani padme hum - shower the world with love and compassion You will need to pick one for today's meditation Please let me know if you have a mantra to add.
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  • Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight16 Guidelines for mantras Particularly useful if you are very agitated and having trouble with other meditations. See how you feel if you say them out loud or mouthed the words. Choose whatever is best for you Fill your mind with all three points of focus! As best you can visualize a loving image above your head Visualize the light coming in while you say the mantra. Observe the bodily sensation as love flows through your body Notice that you can experience a shift in attitude of being loved of loving and caring for others.
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  • Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight17 Mantras continued Keep doing the mantras even if you do not feel that they are helping. You may still be over run with thoughts It will make the next meditation easier What happens At some point the thoughts will slow down At some point the mind will be numb At some point you will start saying the mantra spontaneously during the day If you do mantras for a long period of time focusing during meditations will be much easier and the relaxation more powerful. Powerful medicine for stopping rumination which is a key indicator to recurring depression.
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  • Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight18 Personal Experience Mantras were the only meditation that worked for me in severe times of stress. Found mantras had a sedative effect more powerful than drugs with less side effects. The meditation itself seems to alter your body chemistry and your attitudes in a powerful and supportive way. After many hours of a mantra I felt a spontaneous sense of gratitude and humility Mantras can inspire a sense of spirituality You can experience of a profound sense of peace. Labeling the feeling diminishes it.
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  • Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight19 Guided Meditation Mantra Close your eyes Bell Dedication May all beings have happiness Body Position Erect and dignified posture head tilted down hands on thighs back straight tongue roof of mouth Do diaphragmatic breathing on the in breath expand the stomach and then the lungs. On the out breath have the chest go down and then the stomach Visualize something that represents unconditional love, light, love flow, all of the body. On the in breath breathe in light and love. On the out breath compassion If your mind should wander gently bring the focus of your attention back to your breath. Choose any mantra you wish. For this guided meditation I will use a mantra by Thich Nhat Hahn Stop, Calm, Rest Heal
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  • Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight20 Mantra continued On the in breath say to yourself Stop and imagine that all of the anxieties, fears and worries of your day have stopped. On the out breath say to yourself Calm and imagine th