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Medieval Paintings Vs. Renaissance Paintings. Sacred and profane Love. Tiziano Vecellio, better known as Titian Sacred and Profane Love 18 th Century Oil on Canvas. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Sacred and profane Love Tiziano Vecellio, better known as Titian Sacred and Profane Love 18th Century Oil on Canvas

    The painting titled Sacred and Profane Love was made by Tiziano Vecellio, better known as Titian. He was one of the most famous artist during the Renaissance period. Titian made this painting during 18th century. The painting was painted to celebrate marriage between rich Venetian couple in 1514. In the painting the two ladies on each corner/side of the painting, are leaning against a rim, which is opened and filled with water. The painting was a scene taken from the story of Venus and Adonis. In this painting the lady/Venus on the right is holding a lamp, which symbolize heavenly love and everlasting happiness and the lady/bride on the left in a wedding gown represent earthly love. In the center of the painting, there is a small chubby cupid, who blends the water of love.

  • Madonna and child with SaintsJacopo di Cione Madonna and Child with Saints 1391 Tempera and gold on panel

    The Painting titled Madonna and Child with Saints was made by Jacopo di Cione. He was one of the most famous artist during the Medieval Age. Jacopo di Cione made the painting in 1391. In the painting the four saints, two saints on the right and two saints on the left represent St. Amata, St. Andrea and St. Marco Papa.

  • Continue.The painting Scared and Profane Love was made with oil paint. Oil paint was invented in 15th Century. Oil paint was used during Renaissance. Using oil paint for the paintings use to make the paintings more realistic. Oil paint was basically use to build layers of colors, was translucent, also create painting with appearance of greater depth. Oil paint was also used to make shadows of the people and add some light/shine to the painting. Oil paint dried out very slowly, so you can also make changes after wards. Renaissance paintings normally represent Humanism. Renaissance paintings showed normal life of people, with normal buildings in the background. Renaissance painting also created illusions. Accurate perspective also existed in Renaissance paintings. Medieval Painting were very different from Renaissance Paintings. Medieval painting was regularly smooth, with no perspective in it. Medieval painting were very religious paintings and it was always symbolize god. The painting Madonna and child with saints was made of Egg tempera used on wood and sometimes add a little bit of gold to it. Gold was frequent use for background to symbolize the holy atmosphere of heaven. The egg tempera dried out very quickly, so if you want to make any changes at the end, then it was hard to make any. Medieval paintings always had halos and hieratic different in their painting. Halos is a circle around the head of saint in a religious painting. People who had halos around their head were the residents of heaven. Hieratic scale represent the sizes of things according to their importance. Often In medieval paintings the saints and angles were shown smaller then Mary and baby Jesus.

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