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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <div><p>Mediated Experiences: </p><p>Art and Technology Today</p><p>#mediaARTed</p><p>Monday, March 16, 2015</p></div> <p>2015 SXSW</p> <div><p>ArtPrize is an international art competition open to any artist and decided by both public vote and expert jury, promoting critical dialogue and collaboration throughout the year.</p></div> <p>2015 SXSW</p> <div><p>2014 OVERVIEW</p><p>In 19 days:</p><p>400,000+ visitors</p><p>13,000+ K-12 students</p><p>1,536 artist entries</p><p>1,832 artists (51 countries, 42 states)</p><p>174 venues</p><p>3 square miles</p><p>$540,000 cash rewarded</p><p>TIME named ArtPrize one of Five Festive Events You Wont Want to Miss</p></div> <p>2015 SXSW</p> <div><p>THE WORLDS LARGEST</p><p>Daily Attendance:</p><p>20,000 ArtPrize 2014, Multiple Venues (Grand Rapids, MI USA)</p><p>16,000 Giuseppe Penone, 2013, Chateau de Versailles (Versailles, France)</p><p>12,000 The Tanks, Tate Modern, 2012, (London, England)</p><p>Whats best about ArtPrize is that it positions contemporary art within the fabric of everyday life and reaches hundreds of thousands of people.</p><p> Mark Stryker, Detroit Free Press</p></div> <p>2015 SXSW</p> <div><p>HOW IT WORKS</p><p>OPEN ACCESS: Any space within the contest boundary can be a venue and any artist over 18 can enter.</p><p>Smartphone users alone logged 236,000+ individual votes over 19 days in 2014.</p><p>MASS PARTICIPATION: Independently organized by thousands of artists at hundreds of venues across three square miles. This transforms an entire city into an art experience unlike any other.</p><p>TECHNOLOGY ENABLED: Powered by an app-based, geo-fenced suite of audience engagement tools, featuring an elegant voting module as its centerpiece.</p></div> <p>2015 SXSW</p> <div><p>THE AWARDS</p></div> <p>2015 SXSW</p> <div><p>MOBILE APPS</p><p>Traffic</p><p>40,000+ Android downloads</p><p>60,000+ iOS downloads</p><p>New Features in 2014:</p><p>Discover Screen</p><p>Events Listing</p><p>Artwork Lists &amp; Routing</p><p>Venues Near Me</p><p>Beacons</p><p>Real-Time Content Updates</p></div> <p>2015 SXSW</p> <div><p>Traffic (Jan. 1 Oct. 12, 2014)</p><p>Page Views: 7,815,850</p><p>Visits: 1,406,947</p><p>First Time Visits: 753,279</p><p>Unique Visitors: 790,694</p><p>New Features in 2014</p><p>Listing</p><p>Dynamic image sizing for gallery view</p><p>New APIs for Facebook and other services</p><p>Updated venue and entry profiles</p><p>ARTPRIZE.ORG</p></div> <p>2015 SXSW</p> <div><p>ONLINE REACH</p><p>ARTPRIZE APP</p><p>40,000+ Android downloads</p><p>60,000+ iOS downloads</p><p>Average 9 minutes per user </p><p>FACEBOOK</p><p>3,160,939 impressions</p><p>101k+ fans </p><p>130 posts</p><p>3 posts saw over 100,000 people reached</p><p>TWITTER 28,844 followers</p><p>INSTAGRAM 3.9K followers</p><p>Between September 15 October 15, 2014</p></div> <p>2015 SXSW</p> <p>2015 SXSW</p> <p>2015 SXSW</p> <div><p>DEMOGRAPHICS</p></div> <p>2015 SXSW</p> <div><p>ARTPRIZE GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN</p><p>#39 U.S. MEDIA MARKET</p><p>#42 Las Vegas, NV #48 Memphis, TN #53 New Orleans, LA</p><p>CENSUS</p><p>City Pop. 188,040</p><p>Metro Region Pop. 1,005,648</p><p>TV Households 720,150</p><p>Market Pop. 1,826,463</p><p>One of the Happiest Cities to Work in</p><p>Perfecting the Art of Living Well</p><p>Best Places to Live</p></div> <p>2015 SXSW</p> <p>2015 SXSW</p> <div><p>While ArtPrize takes place in a city with a population of 200,000 people, the designated market area (DMA) that includes Grand Rapids, MI is the 40th largest in the US, and covers more than 2,000,000 households.</p><p>At ArtPrize 2014, every broadcast network serving the DMA set up temporary studios in downtown Grand Rapids to cover the event.</p><p>Primetime &amp; Prime Access broadcast of four 1-hour live televised productions on NBC affiliate, including The Jurors Shortlist Event, Why These Finalists? (Parts 1 &amp; 2) and The </p><p>ArtPrize Awards</p><p>Live televised coverage of the Final 20 Announcement at Rosa Parks Circle</p><p>Each of these ArtPrize broadcasts outperformed by more than 2 to 1 the nationally syndicated programs that they preempted </p></div> <p>2015 SXSW</p> <div><p>138 MILLION NATIONAL &amp; INTERNATIONAL MEDIA IMPRESSIONS</p><p>TOP ARTICLES IN 2014</p><p>FAST COMPANY HEADLINE Welcome to ArtPrize, the IRL Reddit of Art</p></div> <p>2015 SXSW</p> <div><p>NOW MULTI-CITY</p><p>ArtPrize Grand Rapids Fall 2015</p><p>ArtPrize Dallas Spring 2016</p><p>"Utilizing the same public/private partnership structure that has allowed our City to become a world-class art destination, ArtPrize Dallas will highlight the creativity and innovative spirit that is such a major part of our City today.</p><p> Mike Rawlings, Dallas Mayor </p></div> <p>2015 SXSW</p> <div><p>HEY, THANKS!</p></div> <p>2015 SXSW</p> <div><p>Keir WinesmithHead of Digital and Other Important ThingsSan Francisco Museum of Modern Art</p></div> <div><p>Iterative Aesthetics: </p></div> <div><p>Iterative Aesthetics: Computer-Mediated Interactive Artmaking</p></div> <div><p> Computer-Mediated Interactive Artmaking</p></div> <div><p>Thanks.</p></div> <div><p>32</p></div> <div><p>Whithervanes:a Neurotic, Early Worrying System(N.E.W.S.)</p><p></p><p>Czanne Charles</p><p></p></div> <div><p>Whithervanes: a Neurotic, Early Worrying System(N.E.W.S.)</p></div> <div><p>Department of Homeland SecurityNational Operations CenterMedia Monitoring CapabilityDesktop Reference Binder - 2011</p><p>Domestic</p><p>Security</p><p>Assassination</p><p>National preparedness</p><p>Dirty bomb</p><p>Militia</p><p>Shooting</p><p>Lockdown</p><p>Bomb</p><p>This is a current list of terms that will be used by the NOC when monitoring social media sites</p><p>Weather/Disaster/</p><p>Emergency</p><p>Erosion</p><p>Power outage</p><p>Brown out</p><p>Warning</p><p>Watch</p><p>Lightening (sic)</p><p>Twister</p></div> <div><p>Violence</p><p>Gastro Tourists</p><p>Cannabis Factories</p><p>Prostitution</p><p>UKIP</p><p>Stabbing</p><p>Apathy</p><p>Afghans</p><p>Romanians</p><p>Bulgarians</p><p>Under 18s</p><p>Unemployment</p><p>Class Prejudice</p><p>Dog Poo</p><p>Bad Schools</p><p>Pedophiles</p><p>Abduction</p><p>Gentrification</p><p>Social Services</p><p>Childhood Pregnancy</p><p>Race Riots</p></div> <div><p>Threat Level</p><p>Level of fear</p><p>Distance from danger</p><p>Strength and frequency of keyword matches</p><p>Ambient Item of Interest (IOI) Severity Level</p><p>User Input</p><p>Output as stepper motor pulse</p><p>+</p><p>RGB color value for LEDs</p><p>Bearing</p><p>Rate of rate of change</p><p>Rotational velocity</p><p>Duration of rotation</p><p>Color</p><p>:</p></div> <div><p>Folkestone</p></div> <div><p>Thanks!</p><p>Whithervanes received support from:</p><p>Creative Foundation;</p><p>Penny W. Stamps School of Art &amp; Design;</p><p>University of Michigan Office of Research;</p><p>The Work Department;</p><p>The Workshop/The Beach Wifi Project;</p><p>Pulsar Light of Cambridge Ltd.</p><p></p></div>