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<ul><li> 1. This is how the beginning of Stephen Kings IT Starts. We find out the name of the writer and then the name of the film moves in over the writing, and as soon as we first see the words Stephen Kings the creepy music starts setting a mood of suspension and anxiety.<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Next the camera zooms out on a close up of a black and white picture of a house which is in a old photo album and the names of the actors appear on screen in the same white writing as Stephen Kings is written in. . . <br /> 3. The camera then zooms out to see the whole of the scrap book page and then others with pitcures of the main characters as children and their names...<br /> 4. The lastpicture we see is a photo of an old movie theatre, with I was a teenage werewolf, after the name fades out the camera then zooms in on the picture the music starts to slow down and become calmer - it changes to colour the words now saying Retail space for lease and the camera does an aerial shot of the street then dutch-tilts towards the sky . . .<br /> 5. We then get a nice flash of lightening and . . . . <br /> 6. The scene changes to a nice peaceful view of a back garden to a home, there looks like there is a storm bruin and someone has their washing out, a typical thing that happens to most women on a deceivingly sunny day. . . <br /> 7. It then starts to rain, which we see as rain drops fall into a flooded old childs tea set. This seems to be more intimidating then seeing rain fall into a puddle as it foresees something nasty happening to a child. <br />We then see a stereotypical little girl on a red tricycle singing incywincy spider . . . <br /> 8. We then see a women, whom we assume is the girls mother calls out Come on Lori-anne, its about to storm! <br />And at this she makes her way down the garden path to her mother, a normal thing that a child would do . . . <br /> 9. As Lori-Anne bends down to pick up her rag-doll we hear the laughter of small children in the background, which the girl can hear the laughter too, and then the laughter of a circus clown or Woody the Woodpecker . . .<br />She then looks up towards the washing, where the laughter seems to be coming from but at first we cant see anyone or anything, just the white washing which could be portrayed as symbolising purity. . . <br /> 10. The laughter becomes louder and the camera zooms in onto Lori-Annes face, with the look of curiosity and no fear. . . <br />We then see Lori-Anne from the eyes of whatever is lurking within the washing, hiding from everyone apart from this young girl. . . <br /> 11. We then see the clown hiding behind the sheets Hi he says, Lori-Anne Smiles and the camera moves to an over the shoulder view, showing Lori-Anne, But no clown behind the washing, the music also changes creating suspense, as if something terrible is about to happen. . . <br /> 12. The camera then moves to a mid long shot of Lori-Anne, we see that her expression has changed and is growing increasingly more anxious, we then see a shot of the clowns face which has changed from a happy smile to a menacing snarl, almost dog like .and the music changes and makes a screeching noise <br /> 13. The camera then, almost, runs at her like it had been strapped to a dogs back, there is a very jerky motion and the camera zooms in on her face, her expression changes from curiosity to shock to fear. The music also changes to be even more screetch like and as if there is a dog growling at her. The screen fades to black on her face.<br /></p>