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Media Power Point 25/11/10 By Joseph Knight

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The power point containing the analysis of the TOC, music magazine analysis, the Questionnaire graphs and analysis and the


  • 1. Media Power Point 25/11/10
    By Joseph Knight

2. Media Magazine TOC feedback
Good Points:
Good layout design
Good pictures
Good articles
Bad Points
Number 22 is a little unclear
The text is unclear and should be a different orientation
3. TOC Changes Made
The main change in my TOC is the text font and orientation. I have changed the orientation opposite and have changed the font from Myriad Pro to Perpetua.
I have also slightly adjusted the number 22 to make it more readable.
4. NME Magazine Analysis
The colour white is used for the text throughout nearly the whole cover. This makes the magazine far easier on the eye to see and read. The NME logo also changes colour every issue to adapt to the background colours.
The magazine cover has a small feature bar on the side of the page, which gives extra incentive for people to buy the magazine.
The picture of the My Chemical Romance singer perfectlyfits the page and obviously is the first thing readers see.
5. NME Magazine 2 analysis
The NME logo colour has once again been changed to suit the overall scheme of the magazines layout. This makes the cover easier to read and therefore will attract more readers.
The colour of the main headlines of text are the same as the NME logos. This highlights these main articles and makes them stand out and more important for the reader to see.
Like the other article, the main picture of Carl Barat is perfectly placed on the front page of the magazine.
6. NME TOC Analysis
The layout has many articles which all have pictures and have some sort of motto-headline with some information below it. This definitely attracts readers as it gives readers a teaser of what to expect in this magazine.
The TOC also has a features section of what to expect from the rest of the magazine.
7. What is your favourite music genre?
As you can see from the pie chart, the majority of votes were made to the Alternative category, therefore I will have to include this in my magazine. Despite the Other category having the second-most votes, it is hard to specify the type of music in this category as all written down were very different. I will therefore include some other categories and will also include R&B as this had some of the votes as well. I will also include some Rock & Roll related material in my magazine as I have always wanted tom include this in my magazine.
8. Out of these artists, pick your fave
As you can see from the pie chart The Beatles are clearly the most popular artist out of the choices and they are definitely my favourite out of the choices, so I will definitely have The Beatles in the magazine. The second most popular artist in the list is Lady Gaga so I will include her somewhere in my magazine (there is always something to write about her!) I will also include artists such as Eminem and artists from the favourite categories of music genres.
9. Out of these music magazines, pick your favourite
As you can see, there is one clear winner in the votes and the favourite music magazine is NME. I will try to get inspiration from this magazine to make my music magazine. My favourite magazine is Rolling Stone, so I will also try to get inspiration from this magazine and incorporate ideas into my music magazine.
10. What do you believe is the maximum price this magazine should be?
As you can clearly see from the pie chart, the 2.99 category is far more popular than the rest and has received half of the overall votes. There is now more chance of me pricing my magazine at 2.99 instead of the rest, but with other a third of the votes is 3.49, so I will have to think carefully about what price to pick, but I will probably pick 2.99.
11. What types of editorial pillars do you prefer?
I asked my participants to pick up-to four of the categoriesand as you can see there is little difference between the top five categories Features, Music Charts, Music Reviews, Sex and Fashion. Due to this, I will try to include all these in my magazine to make it as appealing to the public as possible.
12. What do you think is an ideal name for my magazine?
As you can see from this pie chart Lips and Frisky! are both the most popular magazine names, however only 6 participants thought of a name for my magazine, so this pie chart is quite unreliable and indecisive.
13. What type of font do you prefer?
As you can see from the results of the questionnaire, the 1st sample narrowly beats the 2nd and 3rd samples with most votes. I may use all three as I will have to use at least2 different fonts so will have to take this into consideration when making my music magazine.