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Media Ownership Lesson Objectives: To be able to answer an exam style question about media ownership in the film industry.

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  • Media OwnershipLesson Objectives: To be able to answer an exam style question about media ownership in the film industry.
  • Compare the two film trailers.
  • John Carter Produced by Walt Disney Pictures. Budget of $250 million. Released in 2D, Digital 3D, and IMAX 3D. Planned to be the first in a franchise of 3 films. Has taken $114 million so far at the box office. Opened in 456 cinemas in the UK, taking 1.9 million in the first week.
  • Submarine Co-production between Film4 Productions, Film Agency for Wales, Wales Creative IP Fund, Red Hour Films, Warp Films. Budget of 1.2 million. Made 2.03 million at the box offfice. Opened in 60 cinemas in the UK, taking 244,000 in the first week of release.
  • Media Ownership You need to be able to explain how media ownership effects the film industry in relation to: Production Distribution Marketing Consumption You will need to be able to consider the significance of cross-media convergence and synergy.
  • The American Film Industry The American Film Industry is dominated by the Big Six film studios. All of the Big Six studios are subsidiaries of major media conglomerates.Studio (Subsidiary) Conglomerate (Parent)Warner Bros Time WarnerParamount Viacom20th Century Fox News CorpWalt Disney Pictures The Walt Disney CompanyColumbia Pictures Sony CorporationUniversal Pictures GE and Comcast
  • Ownership and the American Film Industry The American film industry is dominated by 6 major studios, each of which are subsidiaries of major media conglomerates. The American film industry makes more money from international revenue ($30 billion) than domestic revenue ($10 billion). What are the implications of this ownership structure? Concentration of media ownership (bias, stealth marketing, oligopoly) Ability to take bigger risks bigger budgets spectacle Synergy
  • The American Film Industryand the Britain The Big Six studios dominate the British box office. On average American films account for between 70-75% of UK box office takings. Around 20% of UK box office takings go to British films that are co=productions with major Hollywood Studios. Independent British films take on average 6% of takings at the UK Box office, though that reached a high of 13% last year. Of the top 20 films at the UK box office in 2011, 16 of them were produced by on one of the major Hollywood studios.
  • The UK Film Industry Film production in Britain usually relies on co-productions between independent companies, government agencies, and television companies. More mainstream British films tend to be co- productions with Hollywood studios.
  • Global or National Audiences Hollywood films are aimed at a mass market, global audience. In contrast many British films are aimed at more niche audiences, and are more focused on reflecting British culture.
  • THIS IS ENGLAND This is England is a good example of an independent British production. It was produced by 7 different companies including Film Four, the UK Film Council, Warp Films, and Screen Yorkshire.
  • This is England I forgot when watching Shane Meadows moving evocation of skinhead youth This is England at the London Film Festival, how culturally specific its opening montage might seemWhat will people outside of Northern Europe make of the regalia of 1980s skinheads from the midlands? Hopefully they will be intrigued. This Is England made me realise, too, that some British films are at last doing exactly what Sight and Sound has campaigned for; reflecting aspects of British life gain and maybe suffering the consequences of being harder to sell abroad. Nick James, editor of Sight and Sound
  • This is England Watch the trailer for This is England and think about who the target audience would be, and how the film may appeal to that target audience?
  • Up Watch the trailer for Up and consider who the target audience is, and how the film appeals to that audience.
  • Discuss the issues raised by mediaownership within a media area you havestudied. Introduction State argument Introduce focus Section One: The American Film Industry Outline structure of US film industry and issues raised Discuss specifically in relation to Disney in terms of production, distribution, synergy. Section Two: The UK Film Industry Contrast UK film industry with US. Relate to specific examples in relation to Film4, and any other relevant examples. Conclusion Sum up your argument. Relate to your own experience as a consumer.
  • Write out your argument. Bullet-point points and examples. Choose one paragraph of your essay and write it out in full, ensuring that you are making a clear point (linked to your argument) in relation to the question, supported by a specific example, the significance of which is clearly explained. Remember to use key terms in your written work.