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Inside this presentation, you'll find where LinkedIn marketing expert Kristina Jaramillo (Founder of is published, quoted, or featured.


  • 1.Media Kit for: View this presentation to see where Kristina is published or featured in the media New York Times Recognized Social Media Expert Kristina Jaramillo

2. Read the Forbes Article at: 3. Read the New York Times article here: 4. Read the MarketingProfs article here: 5. Listen to the RainToday podcast at: 6. Read my columns at: 7. Read the complete Website Magazine article at: 8. Read my Business Insider article at: 9. Read my article on Attorney at Work: 10. Read my comments and the entire article on Read Write Web at: 11. See the article where Im a resource: 12. Read my article on the Bulldog Reporter: 13. Read the Visibility Magazine article here: 14. Read the Home Business Magazine article here: 15. Read this article here: 16. Read the article on Site Pro News: 17. Read the Customer Think article here: 18. Read the WE Magazine for Women article here: 19. Read the complete article and more of my comments at: 20. Read the complete article at: 21. Read the complete article and more of my comments at: 22. Read the complete article here: 23. Click on the Logos Below to Listen to LinkedIn Marketing Expert Kristina Jaramillos Radio Show Interviews