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Micro Analysis

Micro AnalysisMonique Ebanks-Clarke

Slow Cut editingThis is the first shot of the scene after Sarah, Beth and Juno finish kayaking.This shot lasts about 3 seconds showing the family drive down the quite road.This adds to the tragedyof the accident as it wasunexpected.

This over the shoulder shot shows Sarah having an intimate moment with her daughter Jess.This shot lasts for a second to represent the bond between mother and daughter which makes the audience understand how hard the loss would be for Sarah.

This shot shows the two parents lasting for 2 seconds. Compared to the previous shot this one shows the distance between the two as they are both looking in different directions.

This shot also reflects how the father is disinterested and looking on to the future where as Sarah is looking behind her, to her daughter which is her life. This lasts for 4 seconds.

Sarah and Paul are having a conversation this lasts for 3 seconds. This wide shot shows the whole family together before the accident. Showing how things were before it all changed.

This is the last shot before the accident. It shows the van approaching them as Paul is paying attention to Sarah rather than the road. This shot suggests what is about to happen. This lasts for 3 seconds.

This shot lasts for a second before changing. It shows the collision of the two vehicles and the view shows the impact of it. The shot also suggests how severe the crash is.

This shot lasts for a second showing how quickly the accident happened. The shot shows the pole going through Pauls side of the car suggesting he has been injured.

This shot shows the scene fading to black before ending. It shows that something tragic has happened to the characters and that something else is coming. This shot lasts for 3 seconds.