MedCity ENGAGE 2015: Patient engagement challenge

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Engage Workshop

Prescriptions in Innovative Patient EngagementENGAGE


Goal: Use design thinking to explore innovative ideasthat promote better engagement around health.

Bob is a patientMaleJust turned 55Borderline obeseRecently diagnosed pre-diabeticBMI is too highWont consistently take a pill for his high blood pressureDoubts that changing his lifestyle would make him healthierPainful pre-arthritis in the knees from his weightDepressed

What are the breakdowns today?

DiagnosisAcceptanceImprovementsPrediabeticdiagnosisGoes to Pharmacy for prescription

Starts Diet, eats more veggies, cuts out soda

Family and friends are supportive

Starts Exercising12468Breakdown:Breakdown:Breakdown:Breakdown:

Takes pills consistentlyInsurance helps with costsFollows up with doctor, improved results357Breakdown:Breakdown:Breakdown:Breakdown:

For each point, come up with an ancillary action related to the typical prescriptive actions


Ready, Set, Charette!

The method used is the workshop was a charette. Its a quick way for a small group of people to generate ideas.5

Fifteen ideas created in 30 minutes

Screeens of what we did6



Free gym membership until you lose your first 10lbs

The group identified many behaviors that prevent healthy actions depression, stress, low energy, low vitality8

Post diagnosis support: Case coaches help clarify and explain diagnosis

PROBLEM:Patient doesnt understand. They leave the visit without anything in writing. They dont understand the language, terminology. The delivery of information is not good.9

Insurance checker: Doctors verify coverage of prescriptions before patient leaves the office

PROBLEM:Many times the patient receives a prescription but their insurance does not cover it or its too costly. This prevents medical adherence.10

Real-time photo of your grocery cart to provide healthy eating advice

The grocery store presents difficult decisions, especially for someone who is pre-diabetic. The group suggested taking a photo of their cart with their smartphone to get real-time feedback, advice and recommendations. This is not far fetched. Theres currently an app Rise which allows you to share a photo with a nutrition coach.11

Smart Shopping lists with recommendations based on diagnosis

Again, helpful advice for someone in a grocery shopping situation. Just in time before the make the decision.12




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