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- DaliKarr,FrilinHistorian Thewilderness presentsrhe hisrorians of rheCorewirh one of rhemosr intracrable dilemmasrhey face.Thelasr rhing a hisrorian like mewanrsrodoisrora/k abour rrees. Jer alonewalk among rhemHowever.roundersrand our hisrory one musr undersrand rhewildernessfromwhich we arose.Thewilderness isborhrhe boon and bane of our civilisarion.If has proved robe our grearesr ally However. if we continuero grow inour ignorance of if.and preserve rhecurrenr imbalance. rhenir will become our grearesr enemy "Whar dowe need ro survive? Orpee? Don'r be so foolish. Orpeeisbur a fullsrop ar rheend of a sentence.We are a parr of rhenarura/world.we rely on ir rosurvive, yer ir needs usnor. " - Chug,enslavedThrolElderuponseeingtheCoreforthefirsttime - Thag'll,Yakiexplorer andwar chief The inhabiTants ofrhe wilderness are more numerous and impressiverhanmosr imagine.While our scienrisrs marvel ar rheir inventions, rhey donor seerhehumble creaTures rhar have already achieved rhe same resulr.much more efficiently many generarions before.Our achievements require much more efforr rhanisnecessary aswe reinvenr rhewheel wirh every invenrion.By nor raking rherimero place narural achievements into our designsand plans.we are curring off our mind in spire of our fear. "f believe rhar we are desrined roberhemasrers of Naakinis and rhar rhemany inhabiTants of Thewild hold rhe key roour success.We musr Jearntoraprheir porential. We are parasires and nor parricipants inour world.While we remain sowe are bur pale reneaions of evenrhe smallesr Kainasian plant or animal. " "Learnfromrhewhispers in your mind.FeelfreeroJisren wirh caurion bur never forger rhat ignorance isan undefearable foe. " - K'Thuk,AranBeastof theZ'incalledHa'agr C its MECHANICAL DREAM CREATORSPaqzu&fronds WRITING BenJamin Paque118, Lub Walbr and Conan Mclegg TRANSLATOR Matthew Upsmmbe, N. Bouchard EDITING Jennifer Mlerau, Jean-Philippe Gaudet and Sophie Ben1110UJUIOIL ART:FULL PAGE, JOBS AND CREATURESYannLaroux DRY PASTEL : FULL PAGE ANDBOOK COYERDonald Caron DRY PASTEL : FAUNA&FLORA ANDCREATURESJean-FraiiGis Ferland WILDERNESS COYER: DESIGNED&CREATED Tommy Asselin BOOK LAYOUT, DESIGNAND TYPESmiNG Frandsl.arose PRODUCED ANDPUBLISHED BYSlaamlogk Edlllans Inc 645 Wellington#404 Montlial, Qu6bec 113C1T2 Slaamlogk mn be reacfJed through the ln18met @ www.staamlogk.IXIIII lnfo@sleamlogk.IXIIII Product #: SLG-8001Wilderness llesllary D6pOt 1.6gaux : Juin 2003 BlblioHque Nationnal du Qu6bec National Ubrary of Canada ISBN:i[' ALPHA PRINT: CANADA

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\ / " r BELONGINGUSP.4 INTROTOCREATURESP.l2 CREATURES ALIOGATRIX,PJB AZKATRON,P.19 CAM, P.BSBISSILMO,P.20 BRAXUS, P11 DONDINGONPIRDODENDRON,P.22 DRAGONET,P.23 ETYLOSEED, P.25 EVIL MECHAND,P16 FSHREK, P17 GAAL,P18 GHOYAN,P19 GOTA,P.30 GPL,P.31 lfTT, p.33 JAGGERNAK,P.34 JESHIDO,P.35 KAKKAPAN,P.36 KYMN'DERS,P.37 LAGAROU,P.38 LAUDOUNG (MALE),P.39 LAUDOLING (FEMALE),P.41MANY EYED STEED (MES),P.43 MAOLO,P.44 MARMA,P.45 MANTAS,P.46 NUMBER 3,P.47 ODG GIP,P.48, ORIPHIM,P.49 POS, PSI RATMAPLAT,P53 SMORPION,P55 TARRAAJ,P57 THROL,P59 UDO HUN,P.60 VARKER,VENGHEE, VOLORN, XOKI, DANCER,MUSICIAN, JOBS BRUTABAGA, HUNTER, SHEPHERD, FAUNA CHUNICHUNKA, KALLALABRA BIRD, MOGLEE, MORPHANDER, OSHIAPUT, SINJINI, SQUAZMEETO, FLORA P.61 P.63 P.64 P.65 P.66 P.67 P.68 P.70 P.72 P.74 P.75 P.75 P.76 P.77 P.79 P.BODEWBELA,P.74 HAGGARD TRAPS,P.74 MOLIMARCS,P.76 MONTRO,P.76 NOSOS MUSHROOMS,P.77 PRAHNAS,P.77 RIPERANIO,P.78 SARGADIUM,P.78 SCAFFETA TREE, P.78 STARWEB,P.79 TOMP TOMP HOUSE,P.BOaEA THEWEAVINGAJ WILDERNESS INTRODUaJONP.82 THE WILDERNESS: ITS HABITANTSP.84LEGAL STUFF: THECAMS P.BS 2002, Slaamlogk EdHions Inc. All THE WILDERNESS:TRAVELINGP.86rights rasened. Reprodudion without THE WILDERNESS:THEENCLAVE P.87the wrillen pennisslon of the publishers THEWILDERNESS: ATMOSPHEREP.BB Is axpressly forbidden, 8.JDIIIf for the BRUTABAGA SYSTEM P.90purpases of and for blank HUNTER SYSTEM P.94charad8r shellS, which may be SHEPHERD SYSTEM P.97reproduc:ed for parsannal use anly. BAZAAR OF WONDERP.IOOSlaamlogk and Med!ankal 01811m en CREATURES SHEET IP.JJOreglslerad trademarks of Sllaml.agk CREATURES SHEET 2P.lllEdlllans Inc. All rights I'8S8IY8CI. INDEXP.112All cha1'11d8rs, names, placas, and l8lt herein are mpyrtghlad by Slaamlogk Edlllans Inc. MerciA I Thanks to: The mention of or refai'IIIK81o any IXIIIIpany or product Is nat a challenge to the trademanl or copyrigths CDIICIII118d.Any (s) Similarities to charader, sltuallans, lnstilullons, c:orparallans, It, (without sallrkal intent) are minddantal. Toutlemonde!Allour supporters.LukeWalker:It impossibleto say how mush[thank you!-f.For Sam,Cheer up!Luke didn't have talkedabout thesecreaturesfornothing.And youarenot the only onewhoendurethat.Wehavemanyfriendwhoheardthesame thing:) . Thx to Monie-Montrevel: ce surement un grand coin que je neconnaispas,maisqu'ellem'appreciebeaucoup.Mercia Paqzu, ton roman va etre cool :).TIT I pour etre TITL Thx to JeanRenaud. YvesLarose and NormandRichard, allhave put to many effort to be leftfromthx.CabVarinandQuadriscan ...etcetc.ho!,j'allais oublier: Marie-Helene (brosse de gaspe), te loin, pije suistout seul, jmennuis. Thank all,be right back with funny "thx things" on the13 wheels book!Andto alii forget! I {, '-'f'v,, r BELONfBEL() I 1(\ IN LJs SolunosKanelookedout the windowof the transport. Soft, greenlight filtereddown betweenthe gargantuanKiouxtreesthat surroundedthem. Warm yellow-greenfingers of light driftedthrough leaves large enough to cover acityblock,illuminating the smallerKa'inasiantrees that sproutedup aroundthe kilometer wideroots of the kioux. Inthe distance alarge Malekorusmovedthroughthe forest,stopping and chewing onsmalltrees asitmadeits ponderous way among the kioux.The miletallbeast's thickneckwas wreathedwithAy ingTepaniis-the small birdsnesting inthe foldsof itsskin. Looking at the nearbyroot of akioux,Solunos couldnot helpbut feel small.Insignificant.The Gnathmoved away fromthe window andreturnedtohis seat.Why amIhere?Het hought to himself. Itwas obviousreally.As far as COOS was concerned, he,SolunosKane, was expendable.Inallhistime workinginthe metropolis of Kha'i-Bhekhehadnever beenpromoted.Not oncehadhedonemorethanthe CentralOrpeeDistributionSystemhadrequired of him as anindependent advisor.So whenthey needed someonetotravel withthe new colony's initialorpee supplyforthelaborers buildingthefirstplates,hehad II I I/";. .# beenconsideredexpendable enough.Hehad nothing to do onthe trip.Solelyhi red as a watch hound- tomakesure that the orpee arrivedat itsrequiredlocation.Not one 4 ' I ... "' - , consideration for his skills as a sociologist, even though the headof depart ment hadclaimedthathe'dbeinchargeof aiding with the organization of the new COOS office inthe colony.But Solunosknewbetter.He had beenlistening to the Media announcements just before leaving .. . 'Spek!' OalsicTess'voiceechoedt hroughoutthetransport. Snapping out of hisreverie, Solunos noticed that the large Volko'i was leaning overahatchway that hepresumedled intothe engineroom.Dalsicwas aWalker of the second Sphere, amuch- respectedEcho within the Core. A small grayandblackheadpoppedup through theportal. 'WazzupaBoss? ' Oalsicreached down andhauledthe Odwoane out of the hatch. ' Whyhave we stopped?' he enquired. Spekshrugged,hisoddpupil esseyes blinking. ' Wouldn'thaveacl ue.Reckon we'vehitsomethin 'thatcaused thetreadstogetcaught.That wouldt henhavecausedthe .... '- IL-internalaxletobendandt he:: maingeneratorhasoverheated.,-ButIcouldbewrong.Itmight__. have beenafaultymain .. .' \ '\ ,. I I I 1 Oalsic tookadeep breath andlet Spek down. 'Just fixit And quickly!Wehave abay fullof Orpee that must get to Menal as soon as possible.' The largereptilianVolko'i'sarms clenched as he reachedinto apouchonhisbelt andpull edout asmall tablet. Spek watched curiously- his eyesfollowing the tablet's journeyup toDalsic'sfangedmaw.Noticing t hat the Odwoane was stillthere,Dalsic swung histail around. ' That meansNOW!'Heroaredashistailknockedthe smaller creature back downthehatch,the sounds of metal beingknocked aroundrisingupfromthe hatch. Solunos watched asDalsic returnedto the front cockpit of the t ransport. That was the otherproblem.Hehad beenassignedto avessel beingrunbyEchoes. . 4 . ...,ti.... "':" ...... So far,the entiretriphadbeenunderthe aegisof NinqueMell os,anI na'isOverlord. Tallandbeautiful,Ninque was a ruthless one.Unlikemanyof her kind,Ninquehadshownt hat she was j ust asmanipulative as any Gnath, andher gray and gold r\TROIHCThl\ """":.)( ".. J coloredskinwas evidence of her adaptationto upper city life.Throughout the journey,Ninquehadinstructedthe others of their various duties while completely ignoring Solunos.Shehadmadeit clear from thebeginning that hewas simply anuisance,and that she wouldappreciateitif hekept out of the crew's wayforthe entirety of the trip. Elina,the YakiGuardian,had sneered at himacouple of timesandbluntly statedthat she was hereto guard the cargo,not him.Theonly member whohadshown any interestinhimhad beentheZ'in,Ko'san.The short muscular creatureregularly checked onhimandhad evenbeenciviltowardshimonoccasion.TheZ'inswere not renownedfortheir socialskills,which disturbed Solunos. Now they weretrappedsomewhereinthewilderness, the transport dwarfedby thetowering Kiouxtrees. Solunos lookedout the window again.Thenearest Kiouxheestimatedtobeabout fourtofivemilesin height andagoodmileandahalf indiameter.A young treecomparedto itsneighbor about fourmilesaway. TheGnathsighedtohimself as helookedoutside. Ninque wascurrently giving orders totheEchoes. Solunosrealizedhedidn't care. (!(> (>'Emanue, what hashappenedexactly?' Ninque's dark black eyesboredinto theNayanPilot's skull.Emanue grinned. 'Well,Commander,itwouldappear that theenginehas "" burned out. Spek isthe one youreally want totalk to.' He shruggedlightly,'AllIcansayisthattherehadn'tbeen anything