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MAIN PROJECTS RELATED TO MOULD DESIGNNew Product Design ProcessCorporate R&D in Italy is the main body and handle New Product Request (NPR) with marketing department. Based on manufacturing facilities, Some of NPR are directed to Lanka R&D and I was responsible for designing product ,tools and accessories while leading the project with technical team and supporting departments.Mould designing is the main part of product design process. We have developed over 100 new products with existing patterns, combined patterns and new patterns.Understanding of tyre geometry, drafting angles for self-cleaning and traction angle is important for new tyre designing. We use ETRTO (European Tyre and Rim Technical Organization) and STRO (TheScandinavian Tire&Rim Organization) standards for designing tyres.We prepared seven 2D drawings and a 3D drawing for mould manufacturing.3D drawing for direct CAD to CAM machining of tyre pattern of the mould using EDM machining. 3D drawings of some moulds those are used for mould manufacturing

2D assembly drawing and 3D drawing those are used for mould manufacturing.

Mechanical DesignProject 1Tyre building drum is the most important tool for tyre building process. We had a number of drums those are worn out and very old. We have to design and make drawings in house as original manufactures and drawings are not available.I have re-engineered the drum from existing drum and added improvements for ease of maintenance and smooth operations.

New drum installed to the machine and commissioned to the production after several test tyres

Project 2In the second project, we had a drum with a lot of quality issues due to uneven expansion of bladder and plate bending. In below drum, I have completely changed the expansion mechanism from bladder type to linkage mechanism.

Project 3The purpose of below project is to design and manufacture a mould preparation table to facilitate mould maintenance activities in the mould shop. The table is rotatable 360 degrees around its local Z axis and 90 degrees around machines local Y axis. During the design, priority has been given to maintain the operating safety, because the machine is used to mount heavy equipment.