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  • Ein Energa, inercia, circunstancias especiales, tiempo y espacio. L'energia, l'inerzia, circostanze particolari, il tempo e lo spazio.

    Articles Analitiques, voyons ce que nous ne pouvons pais voir, tocher ce que nous ne pouvons pasvoir, Dcouvrez l invisible. Ein Ein Ein Energia, hitaus, erityiset olosuhteet, aikaa ja tilaa.

    Artikel analyse Laten we eens kijken wat we niet kunnen zien. Raak wat we niet kunnen zien. Ontdek het onzichtbare.Articulo de anlisis Ein.

  • Veamos lo que no podemos ver. Palpemos lo que no podemos percibir. Descubramos lo invisible. , , , . , , , .

    Ein ce Ein ce

    Ein ce Energi, treghet, spesielle omstendigheter, tid og plass.

    Ein ceEin ce tye Artikel Analyse Mal sehen, was wir nicht sehen Konnen. Touch, was wir nicht sehen konnen.

  • Entdecken sie die unsichtbar.

    Ein ce tye Anlisis.Ein ce tye. Anlisis. E=in.c.e=T. y E. E=in.ce=T.y e

    Autor Arturo Ral Corts

    Article translated into other languages in electronic form, we apologize if this translation differs from the original document, written in Spanish language. All rights reserved.





    Simple tools, complex


  • Preface

    Article written in simple, for the reader with or without knowledge in the field of physics, you can create a concept of Ein, that we show as a lens, and is the focus on a specific point of physical facts, imperceptible to the naked view, the purpose of this paper is to deepen this subject, this is written to complement the energy of time and space, as the first document was presented, time and space, the second paper, Time, and the third document, Entropy, and the fourth as energy, all written by the same author, and with this fifth document called Ein, more information to leave no holes in the idea, while presenting this as a new concept in physics, and to show the facts that go beyond, from simple observation or conclusion of certain facts (X), since what we discuss in this paper is the phenomenon of such facts, relating to energy, and show what's behind it. The mere mention of this word, a phenomenon, we must speak of the German philosopher Immanuel Kant, as this article is closely related to the description, as it states.

    (The phenomena constitute the world as we perceive it, as opposed to the world as it exists independently of our experience, to what Kant calls "the thing itself" (Das Ding an sich). According to Kant, humans can not know things-in-themselves, only things as perceived or experienced. Therefore, the task of philosophy is to try to understand the very process of experience.)

    This is that science should not base their conclusions on what is seen but rather, what it is, this is a fundamentally important issue, since the understanding of the subject of physics, must be grounded on what is and not what we perceive as what we see may be illusory.

    This article is focused on our own sanity to know procedures for creating concepts, know ourselves to put affairs in order related to the subject of physics, and these days the energy issue, and that science itself must be the lock to the guidelines, which adhere to what is, and what appears to be making the clarification that this article is not a philosophical article, but we touch the subject of philosophy to explain matters in terms of

  • physical, and the reality of actual physical facts and physical facts illusory, we see many examples in this paper thus will support the ideas that lead us to the concept. In some cases, our examples seem a little infantile, but if we include in this document, has its rationale.

    We are used and taught culturally to follow rules and obey, to those from whom we learn, who preside over us, those who govern us, as we are inculcated from childhood, that is embedded in our species, because from very small, we are instructed in this, we can say that from the moment we are born, we are taught to obey, in our homes, our schools, in society, it is important to mention this, because thanks to this, our species succeeded, palpable in modern societies, unfortunately, this powerful, feature of the human race is a mixed blessing, for in defining moments, can be a hindrance to development and prosperity, I say this appearance when they have forged dogmas related to a topic, in this case the energy is absolutely necessary to combat these, not in the form of war, but with valid arguments, and new strategies, because the demands of energy on our planet is enormous, and as world population is growing these demands are increasing.


    An important aspect mentioned in the epilogue is the fact that we are accustomed to obey, and take for granted the lessons given by those who have instructed us, whether our parents, family friends, teachers, and so on. Take some examples. 1 .- The rules. (A). We are taught to obey them, (B), usually also teaches us why we must obey, (C), Most times, it also teaches us the benefits of obeying them.

    For example very young are taught to not dirty our clothes, brush their teeth several times a day, wash our hands after using the bathroom, and much more, and with it because it teaches us we must obey this teaching in these cases would be to have a better appearance in the case of clothing and hands and better breath in the case of teeth, we are warned that if they do not obey, we will decay, or we see very wrong with the laundry, or we can get sick if we eat with dirty hands, and teaches us the benefits we get for obedience, which are, we do not have to go to the dentist, not getting food poisoning from eating with dirty hands, or look better if we keep our clothes clean. A little older, for example when we are taught to drive a motor vehicle, we are taught to respect traffic signals, we

  • are taught because we respect them, and the benefits we are taught to respect, so does the moral is teaches us that we must obey, but also because we must, and the benefits of doing so in the course of our lives we go through several stages, the first is to learn to obey, and older and we learn these things, to teach, for example when we become parents, or for work reasons or simply because we're older and more experienced, generally all cultures, we behave more or less like this. The result of this cultural channel is quite good, generally, in this way lead us as a species, all results are positive, and this is the foundation of our success as a species. Maybe you're thinking as a reader, good and has to do with the matter of physics, we now proceed to explain, now even in third world countries, there is some degree of formal education, and even these are now generally known, the lesson that energy is neither created nor destroyed, it becomes a conviction in people with a greater degree of knowledge, as is that of a person with an engineering career, convictions are even stronger if individuals obtained a diploma in physics or mathematics, or people with higher education. When discussing the topic of energy, for example talking about the multiplication of energy, the response is usually immediate and dogmatic, and generally is as follows, that is not possible, period. I can understand why that response, as this is related to the way learning and teaching of our species, this is linked to our culture of learning, and as we have said, this way of leading is generally beneficial, but specifically on this issue, there is no benefit to anyone, for example, a physics professor, who learned of another physics teacher, in turn taught his disciples, that energy is neither created nor destroyed, usually 99.9 percent of the entire world population, with no career or career, none of these can confirm that this dogma is true, generally, no one does experimental work, and therefore can not verify that this teaching is true, and yet what give a true fact, which holds them is the fact that another individual, (X), which they consider more intelligent, or preparation which they conclude that this is so and for that matter, it must be so, so became a law, and as we are accustomed to the law must be respected, and the laws of physics a law is absolute, and in transferable, we do not even hear the arguments of those who argue that such laws are false. I can understand as I said earlier, because of the behavior of someone educated in that subject, I can not understand is that in the chain of education, we saw the three aspects of this, it was (a), Teaching, (b), why should we obey and accept this teaching, and (c), the benefits of obedience, and that any benefits in education, is the trigger to hold

  • a position, it is important to note, that this theme, all we have is the (a), teaching, (b), and (c), are not present, for example, because