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Programme 2011 Study English, Come to MEC!

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Programme 2011

Study English, Come to MEC!

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Modern Educational Centre

Dublin - Ireland

Dublin, the capital and largest city of Ireland, islocated on the east coast of the country. The city has an estimated population of1,500,000 inhabitants. With a large international contingent, it is one of Europe’s most culturally diverse cities.

Dublin has a very mild climate: the average daytime winter temperature is 8 ° C and it can reach 23 ° C degrees in summer.

Ireland offers a unique opportunity to international visitors in their International Student visa. Students from non- EEA countries can get a one-year student visa that enables them to work part-time during a six-month study period and full-time during the holidays.

A further advantage to studying in Ireland is the easy access that it provides to travelling throughout Europe.

The SchoolMEC offers courses in General English f r o m E l e m e n t a r y t o U p p e r Intermediate. Students can avail of short-stay courses as well as six-month courses that comply with the International Student visa. All our teachers at MEC are fully qualified. They are all native English speakers with the minimum of a university degree and a certificate in English Language Teaching.

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Modern Educational Centre

LocationLocated in an elegant Georgian building on Harcourt Street, MEC is situated in the heart of the city centre. A stone’s throw from the main shopping street, Grafton Street, and the popular city park, St Stephen’s Green, MEC is surrounded by a hugevariety of lively restaurants, bars, museums and shops. It is just three minutes from the closest Luas tram station.

Dublin 2 is also a great place tolive. A great variety of apartments to rent can be found within a radius of 10 to 15 minutes fromthe school.

CoursesMEC offers the possibility of doing a joint General English and Business English course, where you can study three months of General English, followed by three months of Business English.

TimetableC l a s s e s r u n b o t h m o r n i n g a n d afternoon for 15, 20 and 25 hours per week.

Morning classes run from 9am to 1pm and afternoon classes run from 2pm to 6pm.

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Modern Educational Centre

MEC is accredited by EDI / LCCI (London Chamber of Commerce and Industry). End-of-course examinations are internationally recognised.


AccommodationT h e s c h o o l c a n a r r a n g e accommodation in one of two student hostels for people arriving in Dublin. One is located within the city centre with double and triple rooms. The other is situated slightly outside the city centre, offering quiet rooms with single or double occupancy. Student a c c o m m o d a t i o n i s a l l o c a t e d according to availability.

Health InsuranceIt is compulsory to have health insurance when coming to Ireland on an International Student visa. MEC can provide you with the required minimum government insurance. This will cover emergency medical care including hospital admission and some surgical procedures, up to a maximum of € 2.5 million (two and a half million euros).

It should be noted that this insurance does not cover regular medical consultations and is onlyvalid in Ireland.

Alternative insurance is permitted provided that it covers the entire period of your stay in Ireland and allows for a minimum of € 30,000 (thirty thousand euro) to cover accidents.

MEC can also organise accommodation with friendly Irish host families.

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Modern Educational Centre

International English VisaHolders of Brazilian passports and passports from many other non-EEA countries do not require a visa to enter into Ireland. In order take up your studies here, all you require are the following:

a valid passport

a letter from your school confirming that you have been enrolled in a six-month course and that you have booked temporary

the obligatory health insurance

a return ticket to your country of origin

€3000 in your bank account(evidence that you can support yourself during your stay in Ireland.)

MEC supports its students through every stage of dealing with Irish Immigration. MEC will send you

the necessary correspondence before you leave your home country. We will collect you at the

airport and bring you to your accommodation. On the first Monday after arrival, you will do a

placement test at MEC to ascertain your level of English. On Tuesday, the school will take you toopen

a bank account, get your PPS number and give you a brief orientation of Dublin. On Wednesday you

will be told which class you have been placed into. Classes commence on following Monday so newly

arrived students will have the rest of the week free to find a more permanent place to live and to get

to know a little of the city. If you any problems or questions, you are free to come to the school at any

time for support and assistance.

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11 Harcourt Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

Tel: + 353 1 4758556WEB EMAIL [email protected] FACEBOOK