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<ul><li> 1. How To Give AGOOD PRESENTATIONMary-Denise </li> <li> 2. Is not about DRAMA Keeps you ON YOUR TOES The BEST performers arealways a bit nervousSTAGE FRIGHTis a good thingHow To Give AGOOD Presentation </li> <li> 3. Keep SPECIAL EFFECTS toa minimum Be sure your slides areCOMPATIBLE with thevenues TECHNOLOGY Do a SOUND CHECK Have a BACKUP in case oftechnology failureTECHNOLOGY isyour friendHow To Give AGOOD Presentation </li> <li> 4. Be READY to present You are the EXPERT Your AUDIENCE wants tohear what you have to sayCONTENT is notquite everythingHow To Give AGOOD Presentation </li> <li> 5. Write, REWRITE, REFINE Use aTIMER/stopwatch/friend Rehearse EVERY PART ofthe presentation, wordsand technology Rehearse EACH TIME youchange the presentationIts all in thePREPARATIONHow To Give AGOOD Presentation </li> <li> 6. Be sure text is LARGEENOUGH to read from theback of the room Pictures must be sharp,and CLEARLY ILLUSTRATEyour point Speak clearly, AUDIBLYGive aMEMORABLEpresentationand let the detailsbe in the handoutHow To Give AGOOD Presentation </li> <li> 7. Keep an eye on theMONITOR, not the screen Elaborate on your pointsfrom your NOTES Decide whether to usehandouts as TOOLS orREFRESHERSDONT READyour slidesHow To Give AGOOD Presentation </li> <li> 8. Use your BIG GIRL voice SPEAK, dont shout Have a FRIEND sit in thelast row LOOK at each person inthe audienceSpeak to theBACK of theroomHow To Give AGOOD Presentation </li> <li> 9. Use your BRAND simplyand consistently Your content and yourappearance shouldCOMPLIMENT each otherIts all in thePRESENTATIONHow To Give AGOOD Presentation </li> <li> 10. Speak like you CARE aboutyour TOPIC Speak like you CARE aboutyour AUDIENCE SMILE! We want you toSUCCEED!Tailor thepresentation toYOU as well asyour audienceHow To Give AGOOD Presentation </li> <li> 11. THANK YOU!How To Give AGOOD Presentation </li> </ul>