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  • 1. Total No. of Questions : 6] [Total No. of Pages : 4P583[3775] - 104 M.B.A.104 : STATISTICAL & QUANTITATIVE METHODS (Sem. - I) (2008 Pattern)Time : 3 Hours] [Max. Marks : 70Instructions to the candidates : 1) Hand writing should be neat & clear. 2) Question No. 1 & Question No. 4 are compulsory. 3) Answer any one question from Question No. 2 and 3 and answer any one question from Question No. 5 and 6. 4) Use of electronic calculators and statistical tables are allowed. 5) Figures to the right indicate full marks.Q1) a)State the merits and demerits of Median.[5] b) For the data about the heights of boys and girls studying in a college [5]Boys GirlsNumber37585Avg. height67.564Variance10 6i) Which group has more consistent heights?ii) What is combined standard deviation of the heights? c) Probability that a man will be alive 5 years hence is 0.35 and probabilitythat his wife will be alive 5 years hence is 0.42. Find the probability that5 years hence[5]i) Only wife is alive.ii) Exactly one of them is alive.iii) None of them is alive.1 d) In a certain factory turning out rator blades there is a small chance400for any blade to be defective. The blades are supplied in a packet of 10.In 100 packets find the expected number of packets containing [5]i) No defective.ii) Atleast 2 defectives.P.T.O.

2. Q2) a)Estimate X2 when X1 = 58 & X3 = 52.2 for the data given below. [8]X1 = 55.9X 2 = 51.48 X 3 = 56.1 1 = 2.25 2 = 4.3 3 = 4.4r12 = 0.578r13 = 0.581 r23 = 0.974 b) Give various measures to find association of attribute and find associationbetween tea drinkers & smokers. 73 are tea drinkers out of 88 people.Out of 43 smokers 3 are non tea drinkers. [7]Q3) a)A set of examination marks is approximately normally distributed witha mean of 75 marks & standard deviation of 5. If top 5% of the studentsget grade A and bottom 25% get grade F. What is the marks of lowest Aand highest F.[8] b) Find correlation between husbands age (Y) and wifes age (X) from thefollowing dataX 29 18 22 27 27 28 21Y 36 23 28 28 31 35 25[7]Q4) a)The wholesale company has three warehouses from which supplies aredrawn for four retail customers. The company deals in a single product,the supplies of which at each warehouse are [8] Ware house No Supply (units) Customer No. Demand units1 201152 282193 17313418Conveniently total supply at the ware houses is equal to total demandfrom the customer. The following table gives the transportation costsper unit shipment from each ware house to each customer. Ware houseCustomer12 3 4 136 8 5 261 2 5 378 3 9Determine the allocation to minimize overall transportation cost.[3775] -1042 3. b) Solve the following game [7]Player Bb1 b2b3b4 b5a135 4 96Player Aa25 63 78a38 79 87a44 48 53 c) Modern Bakery keeps the stock of the popular brand of cake. Previousexperience indicates the daily demand as given below.Daily demand 0 10 20 30 40 50Probability0.02 0.19 0.16 0.45 0.13 0.05Estimate average balance stock, if the owner of the bakery descides tomake 30 cakes every day. Use following random numbers47, 88, 15, 91,57, 67, 11, 54, 60, 89[5]Q5) a)The past experience shows that the number of copies of a book in demandare between 25 and 30 copies. Some agency purchases such unsold copiesfor Rs. 35. The vendor purchases the copies at Rs. 83 each and salesthem at Rs. 110 each.Find the number of copies to be kept in stock using EMV criteria ifprobability of demand are known asDemand 2526 27 28 29 30Probability 0.05 0.10 0.30 0.32 0.16 0.07[8] b) Find the quantity of each type of chair to be produced to maximize profitx Quantity of chairs of type Ay Quantity of chairs of type B.using following constraints6x + 4y 3600, 2x + 4y 2000, 4.6x + 4y 3600, x 500, y 400x, y 0. [7][3775] -104 3 4. Q6) a)In a railway marshalling yard goods train arrive at a rate of 30 trains perday. Assuming that the inter arrival time follows an exponentialdistribution and the service time distribution is also exponential with anaverage 36 minutes calculate the followingi) Mean queue sizeii) Average time the train spends in yard.iii) Probability that queue size exceeds 10.iv) Probability that system is idle.[8] b) The Head of the department has five jobs A, B, C, D, E & fivesubordinates V, W, X, Y, Z. The number of hours each man would taketo perform each job is as follows. V WXYZA 3 5 10 15 8B 4 7 15 18 8C 8 1220 20 12D 5 58 10 6E1010 15 25 10Find the optimum allocation of jobs to the subordinates. [7][3775] -1044 5. Total No. of Questions : 7][Total No. of Pages : 1P584[3775] - 105 M.B.A. - I 105 : LEGAL ASPECTS OF BUSINESS (2008 Pattern)Time : 3 Hours][Max. Marks : 70Instructions to the candidates : 1) Q.No. 1 is compulsory. 2) Attempt any 3 questions from remaining questions. 3) Figures to the right indicate full marks.Q1) a)Define contract. Explain essentials of valid contract. [15]b)Explain the meaning of Free consent and explain the circumstances whenthe consent is not free. [10]Q2) Explain in detail legal provisions relating to rights of unpaid seller. [15]Q3) What is negotiable instrument? What are the various types of NegotiableInstrument.[15]Q4) What is Memorandum of Association? Explain the contents of Memorandumof Association. [15]Q5) Define Consumer. Explain rights of consumers. [15]Q6) Define Digital signature. Explain its importance in todays world. [15]Q7) Write short notes (Any 3) [15] a) Trade mark & designs. b) Caveate Emptor. c) Holder & Holder in due course. d) Duties & liabilities of Agent & principal. 6. Total No. of Questions : 7][Total No. of Pages : 1P585 [3775] - 106 M.B.A.(106) BASICS OF MARKETING(Sem. - I) (2008 Pattern) (Backlog)Time : 3 Hours] [Max. Marks : 70Instructions to the candidates : 1) All questions carry equal marks. 2) Solve any five questions.Q1) Discuss various approaches to marketing in detail. Also explain the concept -Marketing Myopia.Q2) Explain the significance of Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning (STP)strategies in marketing.Q3) Buyers behaviour is unpredictable, yet it is worth studying - Give youropinion. Also discuss various factors that influence Consumer BuyingBehaviour.Q4) Describe various types of Marketing Organisations in detail & explain theirsuitability.Q5) Define marketing. Compare traditional marketing & modern marketingconcepts & explain any 2 core concepts of marketing.Q6) What is the significance of designing right marketing mix & altering it fromtime to time? Explain with the help of suitable examples.Q7) Write short notes on (Any Two) : a) Marketing Control. b) PEST Analysis. c) 5-step buying model. d) Ethics in marketing. 7. Total No. of Questions : 7][Total No. of Pages : 1P586 [3775] - 201 M.B.A.(201) MARKETING MANAGEMENT (2008 Pattern) (Sem. - II)Time : 3 Hours] [Max. Marks : 70Instructions: 1)Question No. 1 is compulsory. 2)Attempt any FOUR questions out of remaining. 3)All questions carry equal marks.1 ) Nirmal Food Processing (P) Ltd. is a leading and successful company invarious processed food products. It acquired a sick unit of packaged drinkingwater manufacturer. Design a promotion mix for this newly acquired brand ofpackaged drinking water.2 ) Pricing is the most important P among all Ps - Discuss. 3 ) Physical distribution is the backbone of any business. - Explain with examples. 4 ) Explain the extended Ps of marketing with relevant examples.5 ) Define branding. State its purpose and significance. 6 ) Discuss the Product Life Cycle (PLC) and explain with examples, how a product is managed in different stages of PLC.7 ) Write short notes (any two): ) Test marketing of a new product. b)Wholesaling. c)New trends in packaging. d)Portfolio analysis.***** 8. Total No. of Questions : 7] [Total No. of Pages : 1P587[3775] - 203 M.B.A. (Sem. - II) 203 : HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT (2008 Pattern)Time : 3 Hours][Max. Marks : 70Instructions: 1)Attempt any five questions. 2)All questions carry equal marks.1 ) Define HRM and explain the duties and responsibilities of HR manager inchanging economic environment.2 ) Explain the difference between recruitment and selection. Discuss the process of selection in detail. 3 ) What is training and development? Explain the various methods of training in detail. 4 ) Explain performance appraisal and discuss the modern methods ofperformance appraisal.5 ) Compensation management plays a vital role in various aspects of HRM. Discuss. 6 ) What is Kaizan? How can organizational effectiveness be improved through implementation of Kaizan?7 ) Write notes on (any two): ) Superannuation. ) Dismissal and discharge. ) Succession planning. ) Suspension and termination.***** 9. Total No. of Questions : 7] [Total No. of Pages : 1P589[3775] - 206M.B.A. (Sem. - II) (206) MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS(2008 Pattern)Time : 3 Hours][Max. Marks : 70Instructions: 1)Question No. 1 Question No.7 is compulsory. 2)Solve any FOUR questions from remaining. 3)Figures to the right indicates full marks.1 ) Draw report layouts for the following and elaborate the use of these reports inthe process of decision making. a)Dealer wise - product - wise sales report. b)Pay sheet. c)Pending purchase orders (item-wise)[15]2 ) What is competitive advantage? Explain the use of information for competitive advantage. [10] 3 ) Define information. Explain factors used in deciding quality of information.[10] 4 ) Define DSS. Explain various components of DSS. [10]5 ) Define information technology and explain various components of IT in detail. [10] 6 ) Explain the knowledge based expert system in detail. [10]7 ) Write short notes (any three) [15] ) Types of computer network. b)Data mining. c)CASE Tools. d)Geographical Information Systems. ***** 10. [3717]-520 -2- 11. Total No. of Questions : 7][Total No. of Pages :2P593[3775] - 304M.B.A.(303 B) ADVANCED FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT (2008 Pattern)Time : 3 Hours][Max. Marks : 70Instructions:1) Attempt any five questions.2) Use of electronic pocket c