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Mayday Inspire

TLAP - February 2015

Katie-Lee Percival Programme ManagerRachel Mitton Talent Match ChampionRMHere to give a Mayday perspective of how we as Mayday implement personalisation in the projects we deliverWe will be covering BU Be Amazing, Talent Match and Healthy Conversations1

Introduction:The ContextKLP2

Wider Youth ContextHouse of Commons (2011) 800 million spent during 2009-10 dealing with youth crime.

Department of Education (2011) Cost of young peoples drug and alcohol misuse is 4.3million per year

Young Minds (2013) 11.5% of young people have a mental disorder.

Mental health in England cost is 105.2 billion a year. (Centre of Mental Health, 2010)KLP a familiar horizon Im sure we will all be used to hearing about and something we are passionate about tackling in a different wayyoung people lead!3

Northamptonshire Prevention AgendaNorthamptonshires Children & Families Early Help and Prevention Commissioning Strategy 2013-16

Enable individuals and families to access appropriate support as early as possible, to help them maintain their quality of life, prevent any problems getting worse and reduce the demand for high cost, specialist support services.KLP - What we are trying to do is a cheaper alternative but providing individual support tailored to each young person.4

Mayday ApproachRM5

Out with the oldIn with the newCopingStrengthsFire fightingTalent spottingSupportIndividual responsibilityManagingEmpoweringWeaknessBuildingStereotypesThrivingSignpostingBrokeringCycle of statutory servicesPositive networks

RMWe are a forward thinking charityRather than our YP having to repeat their stories continually to professionals we look forward & focus on talents & skillsWe dont ignore that our YP will be working with other professionals this networking goes on in the background not our main focus6

Working with young people (12-18) and their families to prevent them moving into cost-intensive services

250 young people & families over the 3 year project

Eastern district of NorthamptonshireFor young people- Let young people take control

For the commissioners- Limit & prevent reoccurring youth issues from happening!Our Big Idea-BU Be AmazingKLPWorking on the project since May 2013Applied for funding recently and unfortunately did not receive it feedback on the idea was very positive but stronger candidates on that day.We are still passionate about this an are looking for other avenues for funding7


Person/Family Centred


Real wealth

Tried & tested US methodBelief




Talent Approach Combines:KLPBU combines .8

Case StudiesKLP presenting a video our young people from BU created to illustrate the project.9

Life Through a LensKLP10


Private singingtuitionSinging lessons at schoolWider Mayday opportunitiesSelf confidenceConstructive use of timeLinks in with Autism agenciesMusic rehearsal spaceHealth HubSchoolCAFFamilyRelateKLPJust to give you a flavour of what the project looks like in working practice.It is similar to picking from a menu of personalised options tailored for each individual12


Constructive use of time

Communication skills

Developing talentSang in BU Be Amazing video, trying new opportunities

Is now not hanging around with wrong crowd at weekends

Is communicating and getting on more with mum and family

Music exams & singing lessons at schoolClient A - ImpactKLP13

I feel as a whole family we have benefitted from it so far because Client A doesnt normally socialise with anyone except on a Saturday when she chooses to hang around town with the wrong peopleI hope continuing this will show Client A how to become independent and the right path to lead becoming confident and believing in herself.

Feedback from Client As MotherKLP14

Example OutcomesAchievements and engagement in education, training or employment

Positive values

Positive self identity

Young people dont get involved in more statutory services

Decrease in anti-social behaviour

Better family relationships

Recognition of talents & a clear plan of action

Engagement in local communityKLP15

The Next StepsKLP16

Measuring Tool

Asset measuringMeasures points in time (distance travelled)Under 7 minutes to completeCovers all assets including family, constructive use of time etcProvides baseline dataOnline platformBespoke survey created specifically for Mayday TrustKLP (pick a few below)

Bespoke tool for Mayday created with leading international organisation that focuses on developmental assets. These frameworks have been used in at least 70 countries around the world.

About 4 million young people in thousands of communities have been surveyed since 1990.

More than 2,000 workshops for practitioners were delivered in the past decade, reaching about 350,000 educators, youth workers, and other leaders in more than 700 communities.

Researchers have published more than 30 scientific books and close to 150 journal articles and book chapters.

At least 25,000 journal articles reference this organisation and its work on Developmental Assets


The FutureSecure fundingThe Mayday AppDevelopment of the Mayday Operational Guide Building our market place of opportunities & making it accessible to young people / online e-marketPiloting Mayday measuring tool Demonstrating that prevention is better than intervention


Talent Match


An 108 million investment to tackle youth unemployment in 21 areas of England

KLPMayday Trust is contracted by Enable to host Talent Match in Wellingborough (BLF) as part of the Northamptonshire contractWorking in targeted wardsEmploying three full time Talent Match Champions.


Talent Matchis targeting young people who are: Furthest from the jobs marketOutside of the benefits systemOutside of the work and training system

and facing barriers to gaining the skills they need to get into work.Talent Match focusAre you 18-24 with little or no work experience?RMTMCs will engage with young people who are the hardest to reach, many of whom will be hidden NEET. Five specific groups:Young people who are lone parentsEx-offenders or those at risk of offendingBlack and Minority Ethnic CommunitiesYoung people with mental health issuesYoung people with learning difficulties.


Role ModelsPeer MentorsSuper sign postersBrokeringUltimatelycompletely directed by the young personChampions Inspire

RM & KLPYour experience of being a TMCChanging perceptions beneficiaries let down by stat servicescome with the same perception22

1) Sign up2) Personalisation, aspiration & developmentThe path is clear3) Meaningful career

KLPDetail around the processes you go through as TMCs

The pitch selling it to beneficiariesGetting to know you not forcing, developing talents & skillsOpportunities tailored to individual using Talent Pledge


Person A-TherapeuticCV writingWork experience in early years settingTrust buildingPeer socialisationConfidence buildingMentoringOpportunity brokeringWork experience as a business administratorExploring career as carerRMTalk about how personal budgets have been used & opportunities24

Person B-career focusPerforming roomPeer mentor residentialIAG sessionApplication supportL2 qualificationMentoringOpportunity brokeringSong writingGuitar tuition to othersRMTalk about how personal budgets have been used & opportunities25

Person C- AwarenessTaster eventsVolunteer SchoolVolunteer care homeChallenge Group AmbassadorVideo trainingMentoringOpportunity brokeringVolunteer DelosVolunteer Charity ShopPersonal film projectRMTalk about how personal budgets have been used & opportunities26

The future of Talent MatchKLPContinue to work in a personalised way even when the alternative is easier for other organisations


Healthy Conversations


Our approach

KLPHelping those get from the bottom to the top of the mountain using conversations as the technique29

Taster Events1-2-1 coachingHealth Action ProjectThree strandsKLPTalk about how personal budgets have been used & opportunitiesYP lead HAP 30

1 team focused on individualisationRM31

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01788 568176