Maybe One Day, Maybe in Vain

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Maybe One Day, Maybe in Vain


Maybe one day, maybe in vain

Intro: Amaj7/9 D6/9 Amaj7/9 D6/9 X2

Amaj7/9 C#+/b9 Remember meF#m7 F#m7/Eand the kisses that we drew on the wallDmaj7/9 Eb7/b5the most beautiful I still can recallC#m7 F#+they remind me of what happiness was

Bm7(11) Dmaj7Remember meAbm7/b5 C#7/b9on the streets are painted our memoriesF#m7as in love as still can possibly beB13 careless and free that wasBm7 E+/b9you and me

Remember mewe would celebrate the fall one abovein the silversea we danced as we dovelike a perfect rhyme in a perfect song

Remember meif there's any pleasure left in this painI could try to come and see you againmaybe one day, maybe in vain

Remember me

Ricordamidentro i baci sparsi per la citti pi belli sono rimasti ldocumento di una felicit

Ricordaminelle strade provocandoci un po'amando oltre ci che l'amore pulontano da qui, o troppo tardi

Ricordamioh, ricordamioh