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Maya's Daily Meds is a unique iPhone/ipad app that delivers a new original post every day. Using an expansive format takes a famous quote, expands to a short lyrical interpretation, accompanied by a painting with Maya (the muse) in a representative setting, and an audio reading of the text.


<ul><li> 1. Mayas Daily Meds A unique iphone/ipad app </li></ul> <p> 2. Landing Page You will be notified on the icon at the time of your choosing and after pressing the icon, this is the first landing screen you will see. After a 2 week trial period of everyday deliveries, the FREE version of this app will deliver one post per week upgrade to everyday is $.99 3. Splash Page You will come to a rotating Splash screen announcing Maya's Daily Meds - these change every day 4. Post in Portrait View You can use the swipe feature to get to that day's Post Painting presented in Portrait view the full painting will be shown in the screen after the text is shown. 5. Quote and Poem Text and Audio Swipe to get the text screen with scrolling and finger gestures to make the text smaller or larger - in the background an audio reading of the quote/poem will begin. The Text screen shows the famous quote and then a short, simple lyrical interpretation meant to evoke deep emotions and invoke deep thinking. 6. Landscape Full Painting View Swipe to get the Landscape view of the painting while the audio continues to play - size gestures are enabled. Many of the paintings are wider so the last post screen will show the full painting for them You can choose to replay the audio as you swipe through other screens 7. Access Utilities Screen Swipe to get to the settings, archive of previous posts, info screen and social media buttons - 8. Settings, upgrade, issues &amp; restore screen Swipe to get to the settings, archive of previous posts, info screen and social media buttons The full featured version (a post every day with original paintings and text is only - $.99 9. Look for Mayas Daily Meds icon Look for this icon In the Apple itunes Store you wont be sorry.. Maya is looking forward to inspiring you daily. Let Maya help to start your day in the very best way </p>