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<ul><li><p>Thurston Village News is published with technical support from Sector 4 Community Development Corporation, and printing from the SW Community Center.Paid for in part by the City of Rochester Neighborhood &amp; Business Development Department</p><p>MAY 2013 Edition</p><p>TThhuurrssttoonn VViillllaaggee NNeewwssBrought to you by the Thurston-Brooks Merchants Association</p><p>For information about the Thurston-Brooks Merchants Association, call Street Manager Don Hanks at 328-5750</p><p>ThurstonBrooksMerchantsAssociationPresidentHenrene Brown697-0360 x203</p><p>Vice PresidentColleen Gordon328-5029</p><p>TreasurerPatty Nelson</p><p>SecretaryAudrey Mack-Holley413-0941</p><p>Street ManagerDon Hanks328-5750</p><p>Meetings held the first Wednesday</p><p>every month,8:30 to 9:30 am</p><p>now at Happy Diner366 Thurston Road</p><p>We appreciateRPD Officer</p><p>Kristin Runyonbased at the</p><p>SW NeighborhoodService Center,</p><p>923 Genesee St.</p><p>3-1-1 Calls Answered Hereat the SW Neighborhood Service Center</p><p>Most know that 3-1-1 is the Citys one-stopnumber for non-emergency services. The news isthat those calls are now answered by Jeff at theSW Neighborhood Service Center on Genesee St.During business hours Jeff can help you to getinformation, request services and report problems.His RPD and Neighborhood Service Centerpartners are usually only steps away, giving himready access to assistance. After business hourscentralized 3-1-1 operators offer 24x7 access.Typical 3-1-1 requests include maintenance forpotholes, sidewalks, streetlights, street sweeping,graffiti removal, stray animals, barking dogs,noise, litter and trash issues, etc., etc.</p><p>Gun Buy-Back September 21At the April TBMA meeting Arnett Blvd. leaderSusan Morehouse explained the community gunbuy-back event planned with RPD, for Sept. 21 atHis Branches, 342 Arnett. More info to come.</p><p>Monthly Thurston-Brooks Merchants Associationmeetings are now held at Happy Diner, 366Thurston Rd. Meetings start at 8:30. Arrive at 8for a great breakfast, or just have a coffee.</p><p> Ease on Down... Thurston-Arnett, Saturday May 18!</p><p>30 businesses and organizations signed up tohost our 3rd annual promotion Saturday, May 18,all along Thurston Rd. and down Arnett Blvd.!From 12 noon until 5 p.m. music will fill the airfrom several venues! The SWAN Band will playat the Rochester Presbyterian Home, and theBureauCats Blues Band will play at 529 Thurston.</p><p>Other businesses, like English Designs above, willoffer sidewalk sales, store specials, gifts, andprizes. Restaurants will offer food and drinkspecials on the sidewalks. The YMCA will hostgames for youngsters and families. The ArnettLibrary and shops on Arnett Blvd will be open too!Thanks go to the 30 businesses that donated $25each to help buy flyers, ads and postcards mailedto over 13,000 neighborhood residents, and more.Spread the word! See yall Saturday May 18!</p><p>Karen Tipple RememberedOnce a familiar face onThurston, Karen left us for abetter place 5 years ago thismonth. Karen was known forher evening walks, talking totroubled youth. Karen wasinvolved with PACTAC andother public safety projects formany years. She is missed!</p></li><li><p>Thurston Village News is published with technical support from Sector 4 Community Development Corporation, and printing from the SW Community Center.Paid for in part by the City of Rochester Neighborhood &amp; Business Development Department</p><p>TTHHUURRSSTTOONN--BBRROOOOKKSS--AARRNNEETTTT BBUUSSIINNEESSSS DDIIRREECCTTOORRYYMAY 2013</p><p>Provided by the Thurston Brooks Merchants Association, with support from Sector 4 CDC</p><p>Address BUSINESS Phone72 Thurston Iglesia Educational Services 436-3170174 Thurston Ebenezer Baptist Church 235-5550216 Thurston 19th Ward Community Assoc 328-6571256 Thurston Rochester Presbyterian Home 235-9100334 Thurston Crowley Plumbing &amp; Heating 328-3100338 Thurston (available)340 Thurston (available)342 Thurston. J &amp; S Barber Shop344 Thurston (available)346 Thurston (available)350 Thurston Thurston Village Market &amp; Takeout 235-3518360 Thurston LJ's Thurston Road Restaurant 527-0778366 Thurston Happy Diner 235-8254372 Thurston Club Eclipse 235-9409374 Thurston (available) 235-9409376 Thurston Hot Cuts Barber Shop 436-7040380 Thurston Hot Tips Nail Salon 436-2990390 Thurston Hunt's Hardware 436-9270392 Thurston (available)398 Thurston Family Shopping Center 436-7997415 Thurston Paula's Essentials &amp; Aromatherapy 423-0705425 Thurston (available)430 Thurston Head Quarters International 529-5392167 Flanders Discount Gutters Inc 328-2070167 Flanders Metro Justice 325-2560464 Thurston (available)478 Thurston Digitech Publishing Int'l 436-3100478 Thurston Westview Offices 436-3100490 Thurston Megiddo Mission Church 436-1614501 Thurston Elegant Hair Design 328-2638504 Thurston Thurston Wireless 240-4471504 Thurston Thurston Public Meat Market 270-8933511 Thurston Visions Barber Shop 269-0941515 Thurston Forty Acres 350-5686517 Thurston Miracles with a Pazzaz Salon 235-5190521 Thurston Crosskeys 527-9070525 Thurston Thurston Post Office 247-5150529 Thurston The Thurston Bar &amp; Grill 235-9653530 Thurston Chells Liquor Store 201-9294537 Thurston Urban League Developmental 697-0360542 Thurston Thurston Garage 464-0115543 Thurston Alis Tailor Shop 436-5820554 Thurston. (available) 328-5810560 Thurston Super Wing II 235-2520567 Thurston Maureen's Magic Touch 253-5800569 Thurston Classy Cut Barber Shop 235-9687</p><p>Address BUSINESS Phone576 Thurston. English Designs Unlimited 235-6430577 Thurston (2000 SF available) 328-4284579 Thurston Angelo's Grocery &amp; Deli, Inc 328-4284597 Thurston YMCA Active Family Center 328-9330609 Thurston YMCA Pre-K &amp; Teen Center 463-3001612 Thurston Colleen M. Gordon, D.D.S. 328-5029615 Thurston Maytag Laundry &amp; Dry Cleaners 436-4334649 Thurston Family Dentistry 328-7942659 Thurston Amys African Hair Braiding 328-4112661 Thurston Love's Barber &amp; Beauty 766-0609663 Thurston Signature Stylez 370-7042669 Thurston Eddie's Barber Shop 436-4063669 Thurston Jackson Hewitt Tax Service 235-7420670 Thurston Rite Aid 436-5669681 Thurston QN Nails Spa 328-5520685 Thurston Classics Bar &amp; Grill 235-4260687 Thurston (available)</p><p>260 Arnett (available)262 Arnett DaVine Hair Designs Phase 2 615-2205264 Arnett Caught Ya Eye Accessories 520-2252268 Arnett Bags by Rich 746-3472272 Arnett The Kut-N-Edge 235-9897310 Arnett Arnett Branch Library 235-6583265 Warwick Rochester Youth Outreach 615-3653332 Arnett (available)336 Arnett (available)338 Arnett Xpressive Styles 413-3266340 Arnett Grace Family Medicine 235-2250342 Arnett His Branches Ministry (Ste 3) 235-9000342 Arnett Embracing Options (Ste 2) 235-0690356 Arnett Buzz N Bee 506-1811362 Arnett (listed for sale) 259-4050453 Arnett Arnett Food Market 328-7831</p><p>481 Brooks Divas 235-0893482 Brooks (available)484 Brooks Opira Financial &amp; Tax Service 328-9650484 Brooks 2 Fresh -n- 2 Clean Janitorial 360-6277485 Brooks Wailing Womens Ministries 436-9904575 Brooks Holleys Caf &amp; Catering 413-0941580 Brooks (available) 235-4260581 Brooks Fashion Flair 313-5897630 Brooks Rochester Preparatory Charter School 436-8629640 Brooks Glory-to-Glory Christian Fellowship 464-8180671 Brooks Gil Tegg Mobil Mart 235-5907</p></li></ul>