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Turn Every Interaction into an Experience


<ul><li> 1. Turn Every Interactioninto an Experience</li></ul> <p> 2. IntroductionHistorically, online marketers have focused on drivingdigital traffic to simply interact and transact with a customerwhile neglecting the most important goal: creating digitalexperiences. But timesand consumershave changed.As industry analyst Ron Rogowski says, Once upon a time,companies differentiated themselves almost entirely basedon the things they madein the new era, consumers expectexperience to be that new differentiator.We are now in what Forrester Research calls the Age ofthe Customer, where online consumers, not companies,ultimately hold the power. And this trend is irreversible.The barrier to entry for almost any online business is atan all-time low, which has resulted in nearly every type ofbusiness existing already. So how will your online businessstand out in a crowded market? 3. The answer lies in the rich, personalized and connectedexperience you deliver to customers. However, providingexceptional experiences is considerably more challengingthan just straight selling. Only now there is a way to deliveran individualized experience to each online visitor.The stakes are getting higher. Forrester predicts that by2015, U.S. online spending will exceed $250 billion, with anadditional $100 billion coming from mobile commerce. Theability to capitalize on this growth hinges fully on the abilityto provide real-time tailored and personalized consumerexperiences across multiple channels. Interactions mustgive way to experiences to satisfy the increasinglysophisticated empowered consumer. by 2015, U.S. online spending will exceed$250 billion 4. These new priorities are clear from the C-level down. In a recent IBM study, nearly 90% surveyed said their top priority is getting closer to their customers, while 75% of CMOs said they are unprepared for the multitude of ways customers can express themselves. Not to mention, marketers priorities are out of sync with todays consumer needs. According to the study, 40% of marketers said converting site visitors to paying customers is their primary concern, but they only dedicate roughly 1% of their budgets to itwith the vast majority aimed at driving traffic to their websites. Its a glaring contradiction that cannot continue.90%priority is getting closer to their customers 5. The reality is, online experiences can make or break a visitorsexperienceand a sites ability to convert that visitor into a payingcustomerwithin the first four to seven seconds of landing on asite. The price of failure is catastrophic. Approximately 75% ofcustomers who have poor online experiences are unlikely to shopwith that company again. Even something as simple as aone-second delay in page load time can result in 11% fewer pageviews and a 7% loss in conversion. For example, if your websiteearns $50,000 a day, this translates to a $1 million loss in a year.No online business can afford erosion of customer confidenceand defection of profitable customers. 6. Its time to start listening to consumers. The majority of themsay they want websites to provide personalized experiences.Yet, only about 16 percent of companies even claim toprovide a truly personalized experienceone that servesrelevant content to each individual. But it can be done. Lookat industry leader $2 out of every $3 of itssales are from repeat purchasers who appreciate the easeof use and personalized service they receive. Yet, the overallindustry average of repeat buyer sales is a mere 70 cents.Its time for every online business to raise their game.Its time for every onlinebusiness to raise their game 7. The good news is that with the right tools and processes,its now easy to stop the guesswork around which digitalexperiences offer compelling experiences, and which dont.Using a combination of online testing and behavioraltargeting, todays smart companies are providing incredible,memorable experiences for their customers. In turn, theyare seizing a real opportunity for differentiation as they lookto grow their businesses and excite consumers.At Maxymiser, our mission is to help you get to this level. Weknow you can deliver an Amazon-like experience (or better!)to every customer, across every digital channel. Together,our expert services team and world-class solutions delivermore than 7.4 billion personalized customer experiencesfor some of the worlds most iconic brands every year. Weare changing the way enterprise businesses interact withtheir customers, and helping them grow and prosper in anincreasingly fast-moving and complex market. 8. Marketing Document SubheadingWe can help you turn everyinteraction into an </p>