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Maximo Scheduler 7.5.1 . Bouke Spoelstra. Topics To Be Covered. Scheduler - Our revised view of Work Management Licensing & Pricing Target Markets & Differentiators Detailed Functionality by Role Key Contacts. Scheduler – Revised Approach to Work Management. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Asset Management in the Smarter City

Maximo Scheduler 7.5.1 Bouke Spoelstra

#Topics To Be CoveredScheduler - Our revised view of Work ManagementLicensing & PricingTarget Markets & DifferentiatorsDetailed Functionality by RoleKey Contacts

#Scheduler Revised Approach to Work ManagementScheduler is now not just a planning & scheduling tool !

It is a means for simple labor assignments to be madeIt is a Dispatching application where the location of Crews and Labor, and the progress of work can all be monitoredIt is Maximo Everyplace templates designed to make the job of the field technician all that much easier #Roles That We Now Accommodate in Managing the Schedule Defines and adjusts labor/crew availability along with resource leveling

Capacity Planning

Assigns work orders to resources

Continuously optimizes the schedule as the operational environment changes

Sequence and route work assignments based on geography

Scheduler/Planner Monitor field resources and work order progress and status

Monitor the location of field resources compared to open orders

Enter status and complete work orders on behalf of technicians who don't have mobile devices

Sequence and route ongoing work assignments based on geography and optimization Dispatcher Supervisor approves and assigns work on mobile devices

Receive work orders in the field and provide real time status updates to dispatch

Complete, edit and approve work orders on mobile devices along with viewing work on a map with optimal driving directions

Notify dispatch of potentially dangerous situations, incomplete workField Technician

#Maximo Scheduler Target MarketsMaximos strength has always been in organizations seeking a single product to maintain their assets across all asset classes!UtilitiesManufacturingFacilitiesFederal, State, & Municipal govtsOil & GasService ProvidersThese same organizations desire a single product to create:an optimal schedule that is meaningful and achievableQuick, easy to perform, and reliable labor assignmentsBe aware of Crew and Labor location, sequenced dispatched work, and be able to effectively deal with new incoming workProvide field technicians with a dynamic route of daily work, directions to work locations, a view of nearby work and co-workers, and a means to manage their work, all on a mobile device

#What Makes Up Scheduler 7.5.1IBM is investing in the natural evolution of products in a direction desired by our customersEnhancements to SchedulerGraphical Assignment/DispatchingProvision of standard Work Order actionsAdditional ResourcesAssets/LocationsLaborToolsMaterialsSchedule ComplianceEnhancements to MaximoService AddressesPublic Map UI ControlCrewsMaximo Everyplace role based templates

All included as Maximo Scheduler 7.5.1#MaximoMaximo SchedulerIs installed when Maximo 7.5 is installed

Enabled by the Scheduler license keyWhat is Maximo Scheduler?Scheduler is anadd-on product to Maximo#Our Work Management Focus Areas Forecast Work

Identify ResourceGapsAvailability: Assets Location Material Tools Labor/Crews

Resource LevelingGraphical UI

Labor and Crews

Graphical UI

Public Map Control

Route Optimization

Labor and Crews

Assign Emergency Work

Communication To Field Technicians CapacityPlanningSchedule ComplianceResourceOptimizationAssignmentDispatchingReal-timeCommunication#IBM ConfidentialILOG Optimization is being used to handle Capacity Planning and Resource Levelled Schedules. It uses a combination of Mathematical Programming and Linear Programming.Capacity Planning will indicate what work orders can be scheduled with constraints on resources over a specified time period.Resource Levelled Scheduling will smooth-out resources without exceeding availability unless hard time constraints force a work order to be scheduled no later than a particular point in time.

Automatic Assignments also uses ILOG capability and will assign resource to work orders without taking into account the geography of work; this would be useful for work assignment within a single physical site.Route Optimization is automated assignment but taking into account the geographical dispersion of work and would require work orders to reference a location/asset with a service address with latitude/longitude or x/y co-ordinates (again uses ILOG technology).Automated Dispatching is the process for assigning new work when work has already been assigned. It is filling in dead-time in the schedule or re-arranging the order in which work is performed.Time Phased Functional Utilization PM ForecastingCapacityPlanningResourceOptimizationDispatchingFieldTechnicianYears to MonthsMonths1-7 Days1-3 DaysForecastScheduleMobileDispatchPM ApplicationScheduler andGraphical AssignmentGraphical AssignmentEveryplace Applications#Logical Work Management Hand Off#Maximo Schedulers Roots Are Deep#Gantt View to visualize work orders and tasks

- Drag & drop work orders & tasks Manage dependencies Perform CPM View resource load and availability

Work Orders

Date constraints Task dependenciesScheduler 7.1Gantt View to visualize PM forecasts

- View and manage future PMs and Work Orders View resource load and availability for both future PMs and Work Orders

Work Orders

Bulk Reschedule Assignment Manager tab in Work Order applicationScheduler 7.1.1Maximo Schedulers Pedigree#Precedence Logic and Activity Constraints

Precedence logic added between work orders/tasks that have the same parent SNE/FNL date constraints calculated automatically from JP/PM offsets

#IBM ConfidentialStart No Earlier Than offset (in hours) is subtracted from Target Start to derive Start No Earlier Than constraint date/timeFinish No Later Than offset (in hours) is added to Target Finish to derive Finish No Later Than constraint date/time

Clicking on a work order or task in the Gantt chart will show the vertical red lines at the date/time of the constraint dates. If a work order is not within the window created by the constraint dates then it is coloured red.

PicturesTop Left - In Work Order Tracking there is a field labelled Predecessors which when selected opens the Select Predecessors dialogue box. Available on work order and tasks.Bottom left Dialogue box that opens when selecting the constraint in Scheduler Gantt chart window.Top Right Two additional constraint date fields added in Work Order Tracking. Available on work order and tasks.Bottom Right Maximo Scheduler Gantt view shows the constraint dates for active Gantt activity PM Forecasting

Generate a forecast based on the PM details. Allow a means to modify forecasted dates and have Maximo use the dates when generating PM based work orders. PM Forecast dates are graphically displayed in the Maximo Scheduler Gantt chart.

#IBM ConfidentialIn the Preventive Maintenance application there is a new Forecast tab and an action Generate Forecast which is available to be applied to the current PM or a selected set of PMs from the List tab. The user enters a Forecast Until date and the number of days to forecast is calculated. When the OK button is pressed the forecast dates are calculated and they can be seen from the Forecast tab. If a user wishes to override when a PM will naturally be generated (next due date) they can enter a New Date for one or more of the Forecast records.

This method is used for creating a non-linear PM schedule and might be used for aligning dates across multiple PMs or for aligning future dates with external events. Note that the Work Orders have not been generated yet, when they generate the target date will be set to the Forecast Date.

In the Maximo Scheduler a PM with forecast dates will be shown as multiple Gantt chart bars on the same horizontal line. Only future forecast dates can be moved in the Gantt chart. After moving to a new forecast date future forecast dates can be rescheduled using the Reforecast action or the PM Reforecast All button.

PicturesTop Left In Preventive Maintenance application there is an action Generate ForecastTop Right After generating a forecast new records will be added in the Forecast tab. After adjusting a future date a message will pop-up asking whether subsequent dates should be reforecast.Bottom Maximo Scheduler Gantt view shows PM forecast dates on the same horizontal line. Future forecast dates can be moved it they have not been locked (grey PM 1008)

WorkManagementMaximo Scheduler 7.5.1 FocusDetailed Functional Features by Role#The Planner & Scheduler#Schedule ComplianceThe ability to show Target, Scheduled and Actual Dates on the Gantt chartAllows Planners & Schedulers to get a view of how work is progressing, and the affect of the progress on related work

#Load and AvailabilityAdditional resource typesProvides the Planner & Scheduler with the view of factors critical to achieving a realistic scheduleCraft, Labour, Crew Types, Tool ItemsAvailability automatically derived for craft and crew in plan

#IBM ConfidentialIn previous versions only craft could be displayed (Utilities Industry Solution included Crew Types).

Work Plan Labor now includes the ability to plan for a crew type in addition to craft.Right-click a resource and use Indicate Where Used. This feature previously existed, it highlights the Gantt rows, the column to the left of the Work column is filled in black.Location and Asset AvailabilityNew actions added to Locations and Assets applicationsDefine and manage Maintenance/Operational Schedules (single or sets of schedules)Eliminates the chance of a Planner & Scheduler setting work to be done when the Asset/Location is not available (i.e. Asset in a production run, or Maintenance not available)

#IBM ConfidentialLocation and Asset Maintenance Schedules can be set up for either specific periods or based on a repeating pattern. These are displayed as green bars when the Other Resources Availability tab is selected.

Location and Asset Operational Schedules (periods of time when maintenance can not be scheduled) can be set up for either specific periods or based on a repeating pattern. These are displayed as red bars when the Other Resources Availability tab is selected.

The display shows only the location and asset for the selected activity in the Gantt chart. If a location or asset has an assigned calendar then this is displayed as orange bars.

Right-click in the bar area and choose Toggle Multi-Row View to display the calendar bar, maintenance bar and operational bar for the location and asset.Asset & Location Availability

#Material AvailabilityOther Resource Availability tab shows:Maintenance/Operational/Calendar availability of Asset and LocationMaterial Availability for planned materialsShows required quantity vs available quantityGreen bar shows materials are available, red bar shows materials are unavailablePlanners & Schedulers know when not to schedule work based on material availability

#IBM ConfidentialMaterial availability bars are the same length as the activity duration which has the planned material.Group by Work PropertyGroup By Asset, Job Plan, Location, PM, Priority or Work TypeAllows the logical grouping of work to recognize trends, ensure schedule suitability

#Additional Actions and Buttons

Work Order ActionsAllow status changes on multiple work orders/tasks

Additional Toolbar Buttons

Zoom to WeekGo To DayConstrain horizontal scrolling to the date range containing workFilter resources based on selected work ordersShow/Hide ComplianceFull Screen

#Work Cost TabCalculate costs within schedule by week, month and yearIllustrate Committed and Saved Estimated Labor, Materials, Services and Tools, as well as Actual Labor, Materials, Service and ToolsAllows budget adherence

#IBM ConfidentialCompliance TabMeasure Planned Hours against Actual Hours for a periodIllustrates a Compliance FactorCron task(s) automatically calculate plan/actual hours at specified frequency

#IBM ConfidentialThere is a Cron Task for the Start Compliance (SKDComplianceStartCronTask) and the End Compliance (SKDComplianceEndCronTask)Making Labor Assignments With Graphical Assignment#Graphical AssignmentNew application aimed at the process of assigning work to peopleSimilar UI to Scheduler Gantt view for consistencyHelps the Planner & Scheduler see non work time for a resource, as well as assignments made by other Foremen beyond the bounds of their schedule eliminates duplicate labour assignments

#IBM ConfidentialWhile the Work List tab is very similar to that on the Scheduler application, one difference is that the Resource Schedule part of the Gantt View is dependent on what resources are referenced in the Resources table window on the Work List tab. In the Scheduler this table window identifies Resource Availability.

ActionsCreate Work List From ScheduleApply Street Level RoutesDelete Street Level Routes

Note. There is no Commit Changes button in the application toolbar.Making an AssignmentAllows the Foreman to:Split Work According to Shifts, might be used if extending duration of the assignment across an end of shiftSplit Work, once split can drag second assignment to add a time gapSplit Work into Three Records, creates two additional assignmentsCreate AssignmentDelete Assignment

#IBM ConfidentialIn Resource List, user can: Change the duration of the assignmentExtend the duration of the assignmentDrag the assignment to a different resourceChange the requirement of the assignment to a different craft by assigning to the craft

Unassigned bars are in orange, assigned bars with a match of craft are in green, and assigned bars with a mismatch of craft are in red. When there is a red bar an additional action Show Craft/Skill Information is provided. A grey bar indicates an assignment where the work order/task is not a member of the work list and is fixed in time. A yellow bar indicates a period of unavailability as set in the Modify Person Availability or Modify Crew Availability dialogue boxes.

The Dispatcher#Dispatch ViewDispatcher views the map with applicable Crew or Resource routes as defined by assignments. View each Crew or Resource calendar

Calendar ViewMap View#

Dispatch Calendar ViewAssist the Dispatcher by allowing to:Highlight resources to focus uponView travel time between work locationsKnow when scheduled work breaks are set to occur#

Dispatch Map ViewShow each sequence of assignments and relative location for ach Labor or CrewView nearby Crews and Resources, unassigned work, prioritized work, #Labor & Crew Geolocation TrackingBrowser geolocation API tracks the userAllows Dispatcher to know the location of all resources and/or Crews allows for making better dispatching decisions

Red last update accuracy is over the limitYellow last update outside 60 minsBlue when last update was within 60 mins#Map Tools Provide VisibilityProvide Dispatchers with visibility to allows supreme decision controlFull screen, My location, layers, symbology selection, route directions, refresh, unassigned work orders and nearby labor & crewsNew tools specific to customers business requirements can be added by customization

Nearby Labors & Crews

Unassigned Work Orders

#Map Symbology SelectionLayers are added depending on what is on the mapEach layer has its own symbology configuration

#The Mobile Field Technician#Revise the Technicians ViewA new mobile application for the field technicianNew Maximo Everyplace applications created for the field technicianView current and sequenced assignments on map as sent by the DispatcherDesigned for Crew or single resource useObtain directions to work locationsView and feedback on Work Order detailsSee location of nearby Crews or resourcesPick up unassigned work from the map when opportunity presents itself

Leverage the existing Maximo Everyplace productApplication Designer provides ability to tailor existing templates or create your own

Automatic updates of sequenced work reflecting newer higher priority work, reassignments, emergencies

Applications for Supervisor, and Technician (Lite, Phone and Tablet versions)#IBM ConfidentialLite 480 x 268 (No Resource or Results tab)Phone 480 x 268 (includes resources and results tab)Tablet includes resource and results tabField Technician Application

Field Technicians Work Order Route#Field Technician Application My Work

Field Technicians Street Level RouteField Technicians Material RequirementsField Technicians Tool Requirements#Field Technician Application Details

Toolbar Actions:Query ToolsNew / Follow-up Work OrderStatus ChangeStop / Start TimersAttach Documents View work order details #Field Technician Application Resources

Planned Materials, Tools and Labor/Crews#Field Technician Application Results

Reporting of Work Order Results#Field Technician Application Time Reporting

#The Summarized Work Management VisionUse Maximo Scheduler to:Find the optimal time to schedule upcoming work by balancing:Work order and Task relationships and constraintsLabor, Asset, Location, Craft, and Material availabilityDrag and drop labor assignments (or automate)

Increase the visibility of resources and crews by:Leverage map UI control for dispatching of incoming workMonitor progress of existing workManipulate crew and resource routes

Improve efficiency of field techniciansLeveraging map UI control for viewing of route stopsDynamic work list based on dispatched work and automated optimizationCommunication with neighboring resourcesIntuitive feedback from mobile applications

#DifferentiatorsWhere Maximo lead:Maximo Scheduler provides access to world class EAM application without integration. Other products require costly and complex integration which must be maintained over time.Clear visibility of critical factors influencing the creation of a good scheduleAsset and Location availabilityMaterial availabilityTool availabilityLabor vacation and other non work timeSimple integration to Production schedules

Maximo Scheduler is an add-on product to Maximo, so customers can obtain desired enhancements at a much lower price point.Maximo customers indicated that they do not want the complexity of true Field Service Management vendor products #LicensingLicensingMaximo Asset Management Scheduler 7.5.1 is a Maximo add-onSold as Authorized User onlyUser must have license entitlement to Maximo as well (i.e. Authorized User or Limited Use Authorized User)A Scheduler license is required for anyone occupying any of the rolesAny user occupying more than one role (i.e. Planner and Dispatcher) requires only one Scheduler licenseMaximo Everyplace Users do not need a Scheduler license to leverage the Everyplace field technician templates (i.e. if the customer has purchased any number of Scheduler licenses, then any licensed Everyplace user does not require a Scheduler license to use the new templates)#