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    The key causes of incorrect pallet labelling reported by major retail chains are listed below in

    descending order of occurrence (Source: GS1). A label printer applicator (LPA) with an

    unattended scanner integrated with a package code management system like iDSnet on the

    packaging line to automate the print, apply and verify process for both GTIN carton and SSCC

    Pallet labelling can resolve these issues and prevent them in future.


    This paper covers the solution in detail.

















  • Matthews Intelligent Identification P: 1300 CODING


    In recent times, end to end product traceability is becoming a significant concern for retailers and

    consumer bodies. Pallet labeling is a key step in ensuring traceability throughout the supply chain

    and is delivered by the use of the GS1 Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) and Advanced

    Ship Notice (ASN*) that is globally unique for every pallet produced anywhere in the world.

    The importance of accurate pallet

    labelling cannot be emphasized

    enough in this dynamic retail

    environment. Any warehouse or

    distribution center will need to store

    and ship pallets based on the type of

    product, expiry dates, the

    manufacturer and other information

    that is on the SSCC label.

    Increasingly many distribution

    centers have a high degree of

    automation and handle huge

    volumes and therefore correct

    labelling becomes critical. Any incorrect labels will not only cause the automated system to fail, it

    will also cause delay in the process since manual intervention is needed.

    GS1 is the international body responsible for encouraging the use of open standard e-commerce

    technologies to achieve best practice supply chain management.

    THE ISSUES An Australian grocery retailer requirement is a GS1 logistics label to be placed on each fork entry

    side. Major retailers have said that the biggest emerging problem in their supply chain is incorrect

    SSCC Labelling. According to GS1, listed below are some of the major reporting criteria on pallet

    labels that vendors are measured against by major retail chains.

    1. Label position incorrect

    2. No label in use

  • Matthews Intelligent Identification P: 1300 CODING

    3. Duplicated/mismatch SSCC

    4. Damaged label

    5. Will not scan

    6. Under stretch wrap

    7. Pallet label on 1 side only

    8. Incorrect product label

    9. Duplicated (SSCC number already used in last 12 months)

    Many production and packaging lines still hand print and apply pallet labels. While hand-apply

    maybe economical, it can cost the manufacturer a lot more if the pallet is rejected and returned.

    Also with stringent criteria on the SSCC label position, a high degree of accuracy is needed that

    is hard to achieve manually.

    A robust print and apply system with an evolved package code management system that is

    networked to a central database can solve these issues.

    THE SOLUTION A label printer applicator (LPA) can be commissioned on the packaging line to automate the print

    and apply process for SSCC Pallet labelling.

    The beauty of the system is that it can be set up to apply the two (or more if needed) complaint

    SSCC labels in the exact positions that are required, on the two fork entry sides of the pallet. The

    height at which they need to be applied from the base as well as the distance from the side can

    also be accurately set up.

    It is highly recommended that any LPA system for SSCC Pallet labelling be integrated with a

    fixed/unattended scanner to validate the label once it is applied. The fixed scanner ensures that

    the labels that are applied can be scanned as well as ensuring that the SSCC number is correct

    on BOTH/ all sides. If in any case the label is not applied, the system can be set up to alarm to

    either alert the operator to investigate or to automatically re-initiate the process that applies the

    label. It also ensures that the label is not damaged or under the shrink wrap.

  • Matthews Intelligent Identification P: 1300 CODING

    If this LPA system is networked with a package code management system like iDSnet, it can

    check from an existing central database if the barcode and information on the SSCC label is

    correct. It can also cross validate the labels on the secondary packaging carton with the pallet

    label. This avoids incorrect labelling and duplicate labelling.

    Matthews Intelligent Identification has provided pallet labelling solutions to many manufacturers

    across the country. Each of these solutions are designed to meet the specific requirements of that

    line and have advanced capabilities like ERP integration to automatically update production and

    shipped numbers. There are also applications where the pallet is on a turn table and the iDSnet

    manages the system to print and apply the right labels at the right time and the exact locations

    specified on opposite sides (fork entry) of the pallet.


    In addition to ensuring correct SSCC pallet labelling, this system is designed to meet all the

    business requirements of the enterprise. The system easily integrates into ERP and WMS

    systems and iDSnet Manager can provide real-time reports on production and in-depth shop floor

    visibility of all the lines.

    Some of the benefits are highlighted below.

  • Matthews Intelligent Identification P: 1300 CODING


    Matthews Intelligent Identification is an Australian leader in coding, labelling and product

    traceability solutions across a wide range of industries. Whether your application is a basic date-

    code or batch code on a product or a sophisticated production and packaging environment

    requiring the design and install of networked hardware and software systems for primary,

    secondary and pallet coding and labelling, Matthews Intelligent Identification will have the right

    solution for you.

    Matthews focuses on solving real customer issues and has therefore invested significantly in

    R&D to develop the award-winning iDSnetTM solution. iDSnet centralizes control to ensure that

    the correct code, such as a barcode, datecode or batchcode, is always placed on the correct

    product at the correct time to eliminate the cost of rework and wastage. By networking all coding

    and labelling devices back to a central database, product changes are effected down an entire

    production line with one simple operator action to enable faster product change-overs and avoid

    any errors.

    Our unmatched solution capability is backed by our 24x7 technical support and customer service

    to support all installations across the country to give you peace of mind. It is streamlined with a

    first-time fix rate of 97% to ensure less downtime for our customers.

    No matter what your coding, labelling or data capture application, Matthews is the only company

    in Australia that can provide you with a complete range of end-to-end intelligent identification


    To find out more about how we can be of service to you, call us on 1300 CODING, visit or email

  • Matthews Intelligent Identification P: 1300 CODING