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  • 8/3/2019 Mathematics Curriculum & ICT Links 3rd - 6th


    Strands, Strand Units & ICT Links

    Strand: Number

    Strand Unit: Place Value

    Place Value 1

    Place Value 2

    Place Value 3

    Strand Unit : Operations

    Operations 1

    Operations 2

    Operations 3

    Strand Unit: Fractions

    Fractions 1

    Fractions 2

    Fractions 3

    Strand Unit : Decimals &


    Descriptor of Resource & Learning Objective

    Identify, read, write, round and orderwhole numbers and decimals. Read, write

    and order four-digit numbers and solve

    simple problems.

    Add, subtract, multiply and divide a rangeof whole numbers and decimals. Solve

    problems involving sums, differences,

    products and quotients.

    Identify, compare and order a range offractions. Express tenths, hundredths andthousandths in both fractional and decimal


    Order, compare and relate percentages,decimals and fractions. Solve problemsinvolving operations with whole numbers,

    Maths 3rd


    Class / Strands & ICT Links
  • 8/3/2019 Mathematics Curriculum & ICT Links 3rd - 6th


    Dec & Percent 1

    Dec & Percent 2

    Dec & Percent 3

    Strand Unit : Number Theory

    Number Theory 1

    Number Theory 2

    fractions, decimals and simple


    Identify prime, composite, square andrectangular numbers as well as their

    factors and multiples.

    Strand : Shape & Space

    Strand Unit : 2-D Shapes

    2D Shape Link 1

    2D Shape Link 2

    Strand Unit: 3-D Shapes

    3D Shape 1

    3D Shape 2

    Strand Unit : Symmetry

    Symmetry 1

    Symmetry 2

    Strand Unit: Lines and Angles

    Angles 1

    Identify, classify and construct 2D Shapesaccording to their properties.

    Identify, explore and construct 3D shapesaccording to their properties.

    Identify and draw lines of symmetry in twodimensional shapes. Identify lines ofsymmetry as horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

    Recognise, classify and describe angles andrelate angles to shape and the environment.
  • 8/3/2019 Mathematics Curriculum & ICT Links 3rd - 6th


    Lines 1

    Strand : Measures

    Strand Unit: Length

    Length 1

    Strand Unit: Area

    Area & Perimeter 1

    Strand Unit: Weight

    Weight 1

    Weight 2

    Strand Unit: Capacity

    Capacity 1

    Strand Unit: Time

    Time 1

    Time 2

    Strand Unit : Money

    Money 1

    Estimate and measure length usingappropriate metric units.

    Estimate and measure the area of regular andirregular 2-D shapes.

    Estimate and measure weight usingappropriate metric units.

    Estimate and measure capacity usingappropriate metric units.

    Interpret and convert between times in 12-hour and 24-hour format. Read and interpret

    timetables and the 24-hour clock (digital and


    Rename amounts of euro or cents and recordusing symbols and decimal point. Solve and
  • 8/3/2019 Mathematics Curriculum & ICT Links 3rd - 6th


    complete one-step problems and tasks

    involving the addition and subtraction ofmoney.

    Strand : Algebra

    Strand Unit: Directed Numbers

    Directed Number 1

    Directed Number 2

    Strand Unit: Variables

    Variables 1

    Strand Unit : Equations

    Equations 1

    Strand Unit : Number Patterns,

    Sentences & Sequences

    Number Sequences 1

    Number Patterns 1

    Number Sentences 1

    Identify positive and negative numbers on thenumber line.

    Explore the concept of a variable in thecontext of simple patterns, tables and simple


    Solve one-step number sentences andequations.

    Explore and discuss simple properties andrules about brackets and priority of operation.

    Strand: Data

    Strand Unit: Represent & Interpret


    Collect, organise, represent and interpretdata using pictograms, single and multiple
  • 8/3/2019 Mathematics Curriculum & ICT Links 3rd - 6th


    Data 1

    Data 2

    Data 3

    bar charts and simple pie charts

    Mathematical Language

    Mathematical Language for Each

    Strand / Strand Unit

    Maths Dictionary

    Using appropriate vocabulary andlanguage across all strands & class levels


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