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Materials and Nanotechnology. TEACHER: Professor ZHENG REPORTER: 何施晶 电信( 3 ) 0612000419. Nanotechnology. Born in the 1980s and Developed Rapidly Use Atoms and Molecules to Make New Material Research between 1-100nm Many Qualitative Changes of the Material Properties - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • MaterialsandNanotechnologyTEACHER:Professor ZHENGREPORTER:30612000419

  • NanotechnologyBorn in the 1980s and Developed RapidlyUse Atoms and Molecules to Make New MaterialResearch between 1-100nmMany Qualitative Changes of the Material PropertiesNew Industrial RevolutionHuman Beings can Manipulate Single Atoms and Molecules Freely

  • Human Red Blood Cells=8000nm

  • The Origin and Development of NanotechnologyFeynmanThere is Plenty of Room at the Bottom The Invention of the Scanning Tunneling Microscope(STM)The Nanotechnology Developed Rapidly in1990s, and the New Words Came FastOne of the 9 Major Key Technologies in the Future Global Technology Development

  • R.P.Feynman1918~ 1988 R.P.Feynman

  • Scanning Tunneling Microscope(STM)1981,IBM CorporationZurich, Switzerland, (G.Binnig&H.Rohrer)

  • Micro Nano PicturesSilicon DioxideNanozinc OxideTransistorPotassium Niobium OxidePolymer

  • Silicon Dioxide Looks Like the Image of Sunflower

  • The Micro Image of Nanozinc Oxide Is Just Like Traditional Chinese Painting

  • Transistor Is Like Mountains and Rivers

  • Potassium Niobium Oxide Deposit on the Surface of the Silicon

  • The Image of the Porous Silicon Moulds

  • Nanomaterial What Is NanomaterialsThe Classification of NanomaterialsThe Trait of NanomaterialsThe Application of Nanomaterials

  • The Self-Cleanliness on the Surface of Lotus Flower

  • Goosie and Ducks Keep Dryness under the Water

  • No Washing Nano Suit

  • Nano Medical Missile

  • Nano RobotNano Robot Can Wash Up The Harmful Deposit in The VeinsThe Nano Gear Model Which Is Made Up of Carbon NanotubesNano MemorizerDNA Switch

  • Ceramics with Easy Clean Nano Coat

  • Shatter-Proof Nano Ceramics

  • The Prospect of NanotechnologyIn the 20th Century, the 1990sSpace Elevator

  • Carbon 60 and Buckyball

  • Carbon NanotubeCarbon Nanotube is Made of Thin Carbon Tubes in Nanotechnology

  • ProspectElectronics and Communications All Media StorageFlat Panel DisplayNanomedicine Nano-structured drugMicrorobotChemistry and Materials NanocatalystNano-ceramicEnergy New batterySecure storage of hydrogen fuelManufacturing Industry MicrofabricationMicro MachinesAirplanes and cars No need to wash the paintNon-flammable plasticSpace Light SpacecraftEnvironmental NanofilmNano-MemorySwitch



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