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  1. 1. Mastery Journey Timeline
  2. 2. Mastery is always in process, its always in progress and it is not a finished task, sometimes it can go in slow motion but it can never stop. There are several things I have learned that have had positive impact in my personal and professional live taking the Mastery class. The one that resonate the most inside me is that is important to follow my inner voice calling, and in that way realize your own potential and express your uniqueness to bring your Life's Task to fruition. There are many the Master Leaders in the history studied in this class, all of them pursue a dream, focused in following their true self. All of them find the way to continually expand their horizons, and adopt certain strategies to force their mind out of its conventional. Human Brain is a naturally creative instrument. It is designed to make connections between ideas for envisioning more ways ahead and beyond. In order to have high levels of creativity I
  3. 3. This is a new start, with new strategies and knowledge that will lead me to pursue a new dream and continue my Mastery Journey My Goal in the following year is to focus more in assimilate a great deal of knowledge and practice. As well explore the new coming media prototypes, research new directions in the media design field, incorporate innovation and new methods to develop creativity.
  4. 4. tutorials/Executive-Leadership- Fundamentals/167027-2.html Apply the Mastery concept in our personal own life, how to be a master in our field, follow our inner voice avoiding a wrong path, as well have a good understanding how to apply all the strategies Dr. Greene give in his book to be successful in our career. Focus in connecting the discipline with my goals and life path. Read some historical cases, leaders in science that will make me understand in-depth how important is to be a good apprenticeship and then develop in-depth my own personal professional task life. Read others books of Dr. Greene Do more about my Mastery Apply Dr. Paush advise with my son
  5. 5. Focus in decision making Expand my design skills Apply leadership Analyze different industries needs. Implementing design strategies that can help clients bump up to the competitive marketing. That course will help me research strategies and methods to make effective multimedia campaigns of advertising addressed directly to the specific audience. Business-Design-Business- tutorials/Running-Design- Business-Freelancing /112415-2.html GOAL .
  6. 6. BrandDevelopment Analyze, compare and study the specific business market needs. At same time understand the importance of make a proper research of the specific audience needs. Identified the company values, core and making a direct relationship between the business and its audience using the right advertisements tool. GOAL . Enterprise-Marketing-tutorials/ Branding-Fundamentals/171053-2.html Research new market Study in detail new audiences Identify company core business
  7. 7. In agreement with this course description; the successful media designers are visual and verbal communicators. By completing this course I will be able to understand and use the right proper way of writing for advertising and the copywriting Fundamentals. I will be able to improve, polish and my skills in writing persuasively extending the power of design and the effective communications. GOAL . Understanding materials Writing and testing headlines Structuring copy for print vs. online delivery Online-Marketing-tutorials/Writing- Marketing-Copy/149250-2.html
  8. 8. In this course I will be translating concepts into visual design communications, using methods of evaluation and developing research strategies finding the best solution. GOAL . Avoid common pitfalls Design a new art for my love Apply a new style design Web-Web-Design- tutorials/Collaborative- Design-Vision- Strategy/187500-2.html
  9. 9. Taking this course I will learn using different methods how to organize, process, and evaluate information from research and apply them into new media types. We will be analyzing how the professional workflow works and developing strategies for teamwork. GOAL . Write a business plan Determine a most valuable product Adopting new media skill Skills-tutorials/Small-Business- Secrets/156584-2.html
  10. 10. This exciting course will cover various strategies along with the understanding of the best way to implement and apply a certain concept design, focusing exclusively in the design firm. We will be refining the concepts of how to impact and make a very outstanding bold effect using the visual concepts. GOAL . Inspirations-tutorials/kithinrichs- graphicdesigner/58985-2.html Keep networking Expand visual strategies Apply concepts design
  11. 11. In this course we will be able to explore the new media prototypes, researching new directions in the media design field, incorporating innovation and new methods of developing the creativity. GOAL . Create a product-level projections Expanding art knowledge Develop a worst-case scenario project tutorials/Making-Business- Projections/162274-2.html
  12. 12. As today media communication is very multi-platform in this course we as multimedia designers will be able to delivery, research and make an impact in a specific multimedia campaign. At same time I will be developing criteria for critique and a very persuasive presentation. GOAL . Never do drastic decisions Double check postings Apply my leadership Design-Design-Skills- tutorials/Storytelling- Designers/165645-2.html
  13. 13. In this course I will understand how to measure a design effectiveness using marketing research tactics. To capture and understand how to test designs in different prototypes and users. I will study the basic concepts about metric and marketing strategies and how to implement in the industry. GOAL . Write a new strategic for my business Understand materials Apply a test design for a Latin business Acrobat-9-tutorials/web-site- planning-and-wireframing- hands-on-training/757-2.html
  14. 14. Simulating a professional working environment I will prepare a thesis, each of the students will have to present an online presentation thesis project to a panel of professionals. I will acquire the knowledge of how to organize the content for the presentation, and present a professional multimedia campaign solution. GOAL . Drink Cuban coffee before presentation Choose carefully from two campaign Develop a worst-case scenario strategy Design-Skills-tutorials/Five-Step- Creative-Process/178138-2.html
  15. 15. Through this course I will be able to articulate, manage processes and understand, the legal and ethical issues on a global economy scale, and present them at the highest level of professionalism understanding the todays market. Keep focus Be myself and kind Develop my Mastery Journal Never forget where I come from Be positive and keep your promises tutorials/Executive-Leadership- Fundamentals/167027-2.html
  16. 16. Eric T. Sims Lone Star College [P] 281.618.5572 [email protected] Rafael Sanchez West Atlantic Cargo [P] 281.727.0237 [email protected] David A. Matos, CPA, CISA Matos Cpa Llc [P] 713.245.6274 [email protected] Mae Jemison 100 Starship [P] 713.528.9000 [email protected] Monica Araoz Art Plus Academy [P] 512-415-8267 [email protected]
  17. 17. Member of the International Academy of Visual Arts Member of the Social Media Marketing Group Member of the Creative Design Pros- Designer Member of the Transformational Leadership: Front Runners in Organizations Google Products for Nonprofit Organizations Web Marketing Association AIGA | Professional association for design American Intercontinental University Alumni Adobe Photoshop Group Digital Media Group Latin Business Woman 100 Years Starship UTHSA SA Doctors for social responsibility Sisters Tri-ing Latino Learning Center Love Foster Hope of Houston Social Media for Nonprofit Organizations Transformational Leadership: Front Runners in Organizations
  18. 18. Matthews Int Corporation Market Share: 4.3% Brand Names: Brandimage, Anthem, Schawk SGS International Inc. Estimated market share: 2.7% Valassis Communications Inc. Market Share: 15.8% Estimated market share: 4.2% Estimated market share: 1.4%
  19. 19. International Student Society Christian Campus Fellowship Social Media Club Media Design Group Creative Student Networking Media Design Master of Fine Arts Student Community Association Sisters Tri-ing Latino Learning Center Shelter institute of Houston Latin Business Woman
  20. 20. Honest Faithful Loyal Innovative person Who is not afraid to change Believe in his team Creative A happy person Understand what family is