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This is my journey through my Masters Program to Master my craft in Multimedia Design. You can follow my progress at:


  • 1. Mastery Journey Timeline Lisa Wojcik ! Full Sail University
  • 2. (Full Sail University, 2014) These Twelve Courses Will Give Me the Knowledge and Skills to Master My Craft
  • 3. I Will Learn on My Own to Master My Craft 1. I will Join Organizations at FSU like the Student Branding Society and the Student Creative Networking Group. I belong to several groups in LinkedIn related to my Craft. On LinkedIn I Network with several people employed in Multimedia Design, Marketing, Branding, and Graphic Design. I follow companies in my field and the top leaders in my industry. 2. I will join professional Organizations such as Association for Multimedia, and Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences. 3. I will take training courses to work on the skills I am weak in. (Transform Yourself Through Practice; Green, 2012 p. 285). 4. I will look for a Mentor in my field. I would like my Mentor to be knowledgable, patient, and explain things so I can understand them. 5. I belong to many online Websites to use as resources and training. 6. I do freelance work to gain experience in my field. 7. I will do my best in each of my courses and learn everything I can. There are Six leaders I would like to Interview for My Mastery Journal: ! 1. Christopher Wilson, (248)244-8264, [email protected] (LinkedIn, 2014) 2. Jennifer Allen-Wise (818)657-7199, [email protected], (Hampp, Zmuda, Steinberg, Neff, Bulik, Mullman, Halliday, 2014) 3. 1. 2. Adam Cotumaccio, go (212) 973-9898 (LinedIn, 2014) Dave DeCecco, (914) 253-2655, [email protected] (pepsico, 2014) SteveMcKee,(505) 821-2999 (LinkedIn, 2014) VidaCornelious, [email protected],(312)5053331, (Hampp, Zmuda, Steinberg, Neff, Bulik, Mullman, Halliday, 2014)
  • 4. (Come on and Follow Along!) Designing Success (AP Photo/Manuel Valdes, 2013) The Beginning of My Journey
  • 5. Successfully Mastering My Craft This was my first class at Full Sail University and I used many resources available to me to become familiar with software programs, the school platform, the MAC, and to learn how other Mastershad mastered their craft. I made a video using iMovie and FaceTime, which are MAC based and this is the first time using a MAC. I am getting used to using the MAC system now. My instructor was very helpful and patient. She gave great feedback and input. The class discussions allowed me to see from others perspectives. Two Strategies I learned from the book Mastery by Robert Green are: Play to your strengths: Supreme Focus (Greene, 2012, p. 274). Transform yourself through practice: The Fingertip Feel (Greene, 2012, p. 285) I used and for video tutorials and information about how to use software and other resources like Tumblr for my Mastery Journal. I used our text book and did research in the school library and the Internet. I practiced using the MAC, software, and school platform and I used my writing skills and research skills to finish this course successfully. I learned new skills that I can apply toward future classes. I
  • 6. Defining Client Needs To Produce a successful outcome by meeting the clients expectations.
  • 7. Defining Client Needs Course Goals and Objectives Define Client needs Industry Trends Defining Goals and Objectives Prototyping and Testing Target Marketing I hope to learn the best and most current Marketing Strategies using creative design Resources to Meet Class Goals: Library databases for researching current trends and marketing strategies for tutorials on course related needs Adobe TV for software Tutorials Youtube video related to course material Textbooks Instructor Feedback
  • 8. Brand Development Creating a successful Brand
  • 9. Branding Course Goals and Objectives Introduction to Brand Development Analysis of the Marketplace Identifying Brand Essence and Core Values Communicating to Target Audiences Learn the processes of brand development in media design I hope to gain the skills to create Brand Development using multimedia Resources to Meet Class Goals: Textbooks to study core basics School Library to find successful branding campaigns YouTube to research multimedia Internet searches to find information relating to Branding Instructor input and feedback
  • 10. Effective Copywriting and Communications Communicating professionally both orally and in writing
  • 11. Copywriting and Communications Course Goals and Objectives: Introduction to Copywriting Fundamentals Utilizing Resources Organizing Research Information Learning good Netiquette, grammar, and sentence structure Writing a Research Paper ! I would like to learn how to us presentation software more efficiently. Resources to Meet My Class Goals Writing Center for tutorials on better presentations FSU Library for Images to use in presentations Textbooks and other class materials Instructor feedback
  • 12. Design Research Learn design methods and visual communications
  • 13. Design Research Course Objectives and Goals: Introduction to Design Research Developing Research Strategies Visual Exploration and Iteration Learn Visual Design Options Learn Methods of Evaluation Research I would like to have a better eye for Design options. Resources for Course Success: School Library for Research Internet for Research Strategies tutorials for Visual Design Options Textbooks and Class Materials to learn skills Instructor input and feedback
  • 14. Organizational Structures Learning Creativity and Innovation at a Professional Level
  • 15. Organizational Structures Objectives and Goals of This Course: Methods of Organizing Research Applying Research to Media Types Understanding Professional Workflow Developing Strategies for Teamwork Working with teams to develop and share ideas for a strategy. Resources to Master this Course: YouTube for researching media types Using Software to design a workflow Graph School Library for Research Classmates for Teamwork Instructor input Textbooks and lass materials to learn any new software
  • 16. Design Strategies and Motivation Using Learned Skills to Create Professional Visualizations Or Concepts
  • 17. Design Strategies and Motivation Course Objectives and Goals: Strategies for Developing Visual Concepts Application of Visual Concepts Refining Through Critical Analysis Extending Concepts to Multiple Media Applications Resources to be Successful in This Course: Design Tools to Practice and Complete My Assignments Use Websites such as You the Designer for Visual Concepts for Tutorials for Multimedia Projects School Library Database for images Continue to Practice My Drawing Skills Textbooks and Course Materials Instructor Feedback Developing my visual concepts and being able to transfer those visuals into using the Graphic programs.
  • 18. Design Integration Integrate and expand capabilities with new ideas and ways of using media.
  • 19. Design Integration Course Objectives and Goals: Convergence and Design Researching New Directions in Media Design Exploring New Media Through Prototypes Documentation of Processes I look forward to exploring new media prototypes Resources for Success in this Course: FSU Library for researching Media Design tutorials in designing prototypes to use for inspiration and learning new media trends
  • 20. Multi Platform Delivery Designing on several media platforms
  • 21. Multi Platform Delivery Course Goals and Objectives: Planning a Multi-Media Campaign Developing Criteria for Critique Implementing Change Through Iteration Making a Persuasive Presentation Learning to plan a Professional Multimedia Campaign. Resources to be Successful in thisCourse: tutorial about persuasive presentations FSU Library to research successful Multimedia Campaigns to use for ideas and inspiration
  • 22. Measuring Design Effectiveness Understand how Design is Interpreted by Targeted Audiences
  • 23. Measuring Design Effectiveness Course Objectives and Goals: Marketing Research Tactics Prototypes and User Testing Metrics of Design Effectiveness Refining Presentation Skills ! ! ! Prototypes and User Testing Metrics of Design Effectiveness Refining Presentation Skills I want to be sure to perfect my design effectiveness for my Multimedia Presentation Thesis. Resources to for a Successful Course Outcome: FSU Library to research marketing tactics Learn presentation skills by watching presentations Textbooks for learning core material
  • 24. Thesis Presentation of Design Solution Present Completed Multimedia Design Solution
  • 25. Thesis Presentation of Design Solution Course Objectives and Goals: Organizing Content for Presentation Final Preparation of Presentation Presentation of Multi-Media Campaign Processing and Analyzing Viewer Response I want to give a good multimedia presentation. Resources to Give a Successful Presentation and Design Solution: Practice My Presentation has presentation tutorials FSU library to double check facts and citations Internet research and for watching presentations
  • 26. Professional Practice Learn the ethical and legal issues, present ourselves and our capabilities at the highest level of professionalism.
  • 27. Professional Practice Course Objectives and Goals: Understanding Todays Job Market and Opportunities Ethics in Todays Global Economy Working with Intellectual Property Refining Presentation Skills I want to be a Professional Master of My Craft Resources for Researching the Material in this Course: FSU Library Law database Lexis Nexis and to evaluate the job market LinkedIn network to help with job search Finding a Mentor Continue Practicing my craft Freelance until I am able to get flu time employment
  • 28. MDM 510 MDM 525 Jan 3 Feb 3 MDM 530 Mar 3 MDM 555 MDM 565 MDM 570 Apr 3 May June 3 GRADUATION 2014 July 3 MDM 615 Aug 3 Sep 3 Oct 3 Nov 3 Dec 3 MDM 620 MDM 650 MDM 640 MDM 690 MDM 645
  • 29. References Greene, R., 2012. Mastery [VitalSource Bookshelf version]. Retrieved from http:// ! Hampp, Zmuda, Steinberg, Neff, Bulik, Mullman, Halliday, (2009). WOMEN TO WATCH. Advertising Age, 80(20), 18-34.Retrieved From EBSChost; February 1, 2014. !, 2014 Retrieved from February 1, 2014 ! Retrieved From EBSChost; February 1, 2014 ! Mckee, S., Retrieved January, 30, 2014 LinkedIn