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  • Master of Music: Piano Pedagogy and Performance 1

    MASTER OF MUSIC: PIANOPEDAGOGY AND PERFORMANCEProgram OverviewPiano at Westminster Choir College has multiple dimensions at boththe undergraduate and graduate levels. It fosters the development ofstudents who perform on a high level as soloists, as artist-teachers andas collaborators with other performing artists. A strong foundation oftechnique and knowledge of piano literature and style are essential to allthe foregoing.

    Students majoring in piano pedagogy and performance receive privatelessons, study major teaching methodologies, and undertake observationand practice teaching.

    Curriculum OverviewThe program includes a two-semester teaching internship and culminatesin a full recital or else in a combination lecture/performance recital.Semester juries are required. A weekly pedagogy lab is required for twosemesters, but recommended for all four semesters.

    Degrees Offered M.M. in Piano Pedagogy and Performance (


    ContactMargaret CusackProfessor and ChairpersonErdman Hall 26609-921-7100, ext.

    Ingrid ClarfieldProfessorErdman 11609-921-7100, ext.

    Program Website: ( Department: Westminster Choir College

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    college/graduate-programs/mm-piano-performance) Piano Accompanying and Coaching (


    FacultyDalton Baldwin Adjunct Professor, Piano, 1984. B.A., OberlinConservatory.Ingrid Clarfield Professor, Piano, 1982. B.M., Oberlin College; M.M.,Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester.Miriam Eley Adjunct Assistant Professor, Piano, 1995. B.M., BaylorUniversity; M.M. Indiana University.

    Ena Bronstein Barton Adjunct Associate Professor, Piano, 1983. ArtistDiploma, Escuela Moderna de Musica and Conservatorio Nacional deMusica, Santiago, Chile.James Goldsworthy Professor, Piano, 1996. B.M., M.M., SouthernMethodist University; D.M.A., Stanford University.Phyllis Lehrer Professor, Piano, 1975. A.B., University of Rochester;M.S., Juilliard School.Thomas Parente Associate Professor, Piano, 1993. B.A., Jersey CityState College; B.M., Manhattan School of Music; M.A., Rutgers University;Dalcroze Eurhythmics License, Longy School of Music; Ed.D., TeachersCollege, Columbia University.J.J. Penna Associate Professor, Piano, 1996. B.M., BinghamtonUniversity; D.M.A., University of Michigan.Agnes Poltorak Adjunct Assistant Professor, Piano, 2000. B.M.,University of British Columbia, Canada; M.M., Westminster Choir Collegeof Rider University.Paul Sheftel Adjunct Professor, Piano, 2010. B.M., M.M., JuilliardSchool.Betty Handelman Stoloff Adjunct Associate Professor, Piano, 1978.B.M.A., University of Michigan; M.A., Columbia University.

    Master of Music: Piano Pedagogy andPerformance Major RequirementsLearn more about General Graduate Requirements. (

    Code Title CreditsMajor AreaPI611 Piano Pedagogy Lab (2 terms) 0PI622 Eval Piano Teaching Lit 3PI633 Piano Literature Seminar 3PI641A Piano Primary (4 terms) 8PI661 Graduate Piano Pedagogy 3PI691A&PI691B

    Piano Pedagogy Internship Iand Piano Pedagogy Internship II


    ME723 Psychology for Music Tchr 3CoreMH731 Intro to Musicology 3CR509 Symphonic Choir (2 terms) 2Theory or Music History elective (1 course) 3Core elective (1 course) 1 3ElectivesFree electives 1

    Total Credits 38

    1 The core elective must be a single, 3-credit graduate-level courseoutside the student's major area, area of emphasis, and/or area ofapplied study.

    2 Upon approval from the department, students are required to presenta public recital.

    Year 1Fall Semester CreditsPI641A Piano Primary 2PI611 Piano Pedagogy Lab 0PI661 Graduate Piano Pedagogy 3

  • 2 Master of Music: Piano Pedagogy and Performance

    CR509 Symphonic Choir 1MH731 Intro to Musicology 3

    Semester Credit Hours 9Spring SemesterPI641A Piano Primary 2PI611 Piano Pedagogy Lab 0CR509 Symphonic Choir 1PI622 Eval Piano Teaching Lit 3ME723 Psychology for Music Tchr 3

    Semester Credit Hours 9Year 2Fall SemesterPI641A Piano Primary 2PI691A Piano Pedagogy Internship I 3Theory or Music History elective 3Core elective 3

    Semester Credit Hours 11Spring SemesterPI641A Piano Primary 2PI633 Piano Literature Seminar 3PI691B Piano Pedagogy Internship II 3Free elective 1

    Semester Credit Hours 9

    Total Credits 38

    PI512 Chamber Music 2 CreditsEmphasis is placed upon rehearsal and performances of representativecollaborative literature for strings and piano, and woodwinds and piano.Students will be assigned movements from major chamber worksselected from different style periods. Professional instrumentalistswill join them for rehearsals and performances in class. An overviewof the development of this repertoire will be presented and listeningassignments will augment the study of specific works. A project involvingthe study and presentation of a piano quartet or piano quintet will beincluded. Attendance at three concerts of instrumental chamber music isrequired. Permission of applied teacher and instructor is required.

    PI513 Jazz Keyboard/Improv 3 CreditsThis course will enable pianists and organists to become familiar with thetheory, harmony, and improvisational techniques of jazz piano. Emphasiswill be placed upon getting each student to create spontaneousimprovisations. The fundamental goal will be that of enabling studentsaccustomed to following a score to move beyond it. Extensive exposureto material from the "Great American Songbook" as well as to jazzstandards will provide a structural basis for the course.Prerequisite(s): TH142 and PI 201, or equivalent knowledge andtechnical proficiency.

    PI516 Physical/Psych Aspects Piano 2 CreditsThe two major emphases of this course are: (1) the pianist as athleteand 2) the pianist as performer. The first includes a study of appropriateexercise, nutrition, anatomy and physiology as they relate to pianotechnique, implications for injury prevention, and how to deal with injuriesshould they occur. The second includes the reading process, strategiesfor practicing, memorizing techniques, and ways of coping with thebehavioral, physical and cognitive manifestations of performanceanxiety.

    PI540 Keyboard Skills 3 CreditsThe course includes in-depth study of numerous aspects of musicianshipskills essential for all pianists within the broader categories of techniqueand practice strategies; memorization and sight reading; improvisationand lead sheet realization. All aspects of piano musicianship skills will beaddressed from practical, pedagogical, and collaborative points of view.Assignments will include examples of studies from a wide range of levelsall within the current and developing skill level of each student enrolled inthe class.Prerequisite(s): UG - Eight credits of applied keyboard study orpermission of keyboard instructor or course instructor. GR - Permissionof course instructor.

    PI585 Piano Ensemble 1 CreditsStudy and performance of piano duets, two-piano works, and works forcombinations of three or more pianists. The emphasis is on ensembletechniques for rehearsal and performance.

    PI609 Graduate Piano Review 1 CreditsA functional course concentrating upon sight reading of simple pianoaccompaniments and open score reading. Required for graduatestudents with deficiencies in these skills.

    PI611 Piano Pedagogy Lab 0 CreditsDiscussions will include problem-solving related to piano teaching,discussion of observations, supervised and independent teaching,questions relating to repertoire, materials and technique. Comparativephilosophies and psychologies and their applications, group and privateteaching, business issues, professional organizations and publications,technology, career planning, recital and audition planning will beincluded. There will also be guidance in the preparation for the graduateoral examination.

    PI622 Eval Piano Teaching Lit 3 CreditsThis course provides a critical survey of piano teaching materials,including standard teaching literature, approaches to piano techniquein writings and music exercises, and repertoire for the elementary,intermediate, and early advanced student. All music is analyzed from theperspectives of performance, technical demands, strategies for teacherpresentation, and student practice. Applications and demonstrations oftechnology are included. Graduate students demonstrate teaching andperformance strategies in class and carry an assigned teaching load atthe Westminster Conservatory.

    PI633 Piano Literature Seminar 3 CreditsA major area of piano repertoire is selected for intensive study. Theemphasis of the seminar changes from semester to semester. Possibletopics include the development of the Mozart concerto, keyboard worksof J.S. Bach, piano writing of Debussy, and 20th Century piano music.

  • Master of Music: Piano Pedagogy and Performance 3

    PI641A Piano Primary 2 Credits

    PI641B Piano Primary 1 Credits

    PI641C Piano Elective 2 Credits

    PI641D Piano Elective 1 Credits

    PI641E Piano Primary 2 Credits

    PI641F Piano Primary 1 Credits

    PI661 Graduate Piano Pedagogy 3 CreditsThis course serves as an intensive study of theoretical and practicalaspects of piano study, through examination of instruction materials anddeveloping a well-defined philosophy and approach to piano teaching.Students are challenged to increase their ability in connecting advancedand intermediate music study to the foundation of what shou


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