Masking tape and its uses

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  1. 1. Masking Tape and Its Uses Tuftape is a brand of products specifically surface protection and specialty adhesive tapes. They are leading surface protection tape manufacturer UAE which is widely used throughout North America, Middle East, Europe and Asia-Pacific. These products are distributed from reliable agents meeting the quality standards of variety of industries. General purpose masking tape is generic and perfect for household needs such as packaging, bundling and paint masking. This tape is extremely flexible and perfect for gentle curves and contours. It can easily stick and tear with a smooth unwind force, moreover on removal it will leave no residue. This tape is designed for temporary usage and covers areas that are not required to be painted or altered as per working on nearby areas. Masking tape is available in various tack or sticky nature on specific surface which makes it easier to paint or other uses. Masking tape is usually used for high performance application because it is made from semi- saturated crepe paper and natural latex rubber based adhesives. It provides highest adhesion and able to withstand medium to high temperatures. This tape is not only perfect for household purposes, but also for commercial purpose such as coatings, paintings and metal preparations. Painters masking tape is a low sticky tape designed to paint on drywall. When it is used properly, it is able to block paint and restricts it to going at unwanted areas. It can be easily removed without damaging dry paint applied beneath the tape. It is available in beige, white and yellow color to identify easily. As the paint work is finished remove the tapes as soon as possible because it can bond with the surface in warm conditions. This adhesive tape type is available in roll of thin paper and on side it has bonding agent. It is available in different widths 12mm- 1320mm and out of all 48mm is the standard one. These tapes are available in different qualities that may withstand high pressure and long last for number of days or few hours. Tuftape masking tape is available in 15 yards up to 150 yards length, but 30 yards being standard. Additionally, tape can endure high heat endurance 80'C / 176'F up to 48 hours making it strong and most preferable from all. This tape is painters best friend or worst enemy. As it can help in making straight lines which can be ruined with paint seepage if it enters in between wall and tape. It is the best medium for painters to avoid areas that should not be painted and sealing a coat with a proper application will change the working of this tape in your favor. This protective tape is perfect for painting and long shelf life of 6 months makes it more inclinable than others.