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  • 1. MARY BETH MERRIN, Web Site: Land: 202-364-4966 Mobile: 202-255-3070>> Career ProleMarketing Research, Marketingand Communications With Measurable Results Excels at moving organizations from hospitality to healthcare and IT to a number one position across various performance metrics, including membership, customer satisfaction, target market awareness, e-commerce and website sales closure rates, revenues, return on investment, prot margins and market share.EXAMPLE RESULTS Client & Employer Examples Choice Hotels: Initiatives led Choice to #1(Employers = Marriott & Choice Hotels)position in website conversion rates. DirecTV: Moved company to 17% increase AWARDSin sales closure rates and #1position in marketshare. Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude Service Business of the Year Award, Marriott: Efforts driving customer HR Leadership Washington Ethics Awardsatisfaction led to system-wide revenueincreases of 8% in one year. European American Business Council(EABC): Results generated a 17% increase inrevenues and a 35% increase in membersatisfaction for this muti-national association.Compucare/Quadramed: Discoveries led toWith Mary Beth, the strategy is groundeddoubling target market awareness levels and in fact-based research and boardroomsubstantially improved return on investment.ready in content, insight and clarity. Her Blood Centers of America - BCA: Results work and leadership led to a 20% increaseled to substantial increases in effectiveness in lead generation and a 17% lift in salesand investment return on communications for closure rates. Within a year, we weremotivating individuals to give blood and HR Number One in market share.performance standards and procedures as DirecTV- Digital Onewell.