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Martial Arts reading list


  • Martial Arts Books


    100 Deadliest Karate Moves. Gambordella, T. (date unk.)

    1001 Street Fighting Secrets. Franco, S. (1997).

    108 Muk Yan Jong. Yat, M. (1974).

    116 Wing Tsun Dummy Techniques. Chun, Y. (1981).

    20th Century Warriors. Ohara Publications. (1975).

    21 Techniques of Silent Killing (Long).

    27 Katas of Japanese Karate. Unknown. (Unknown).

    584 Drills (Sell).

    A Complete Guide to Judo: Its Story and Practice. Smith, R. (1958).

    A Guide to Martial Arts Training Equipment. Inosanto, D. (1980)

    A Handy Illustrated Guide To Boxing. Nisenson, S. (1949).

    A Path to Liberation. Kauz, H. (1992).

    A Study of Tai Chi Chuan by Sun Lutang. Cartmell, T. (2003).

    A Treatise on Backsword, Sword, Buckler. Miller. (1735).

    A Treatise Upon The Useful Science Of Defence. Godfrey, J. (1747).

    Absorb What is Useful. Inosanto, D. (1982).

    Advanced Explosive Kicks. Lee, C. (1978).

    Advanced Power Training in Kung Fu and Karate. Fong, L. (1983)

    Advanced Kenpo Karate. Will, J. T. (1980).

    Advanced Nunchaku. Demura, F. (1978)

    Advanced Tai Chi Chuan: Wind & Fire Wheels. Sun, S. L. (1999).

    Advanced Wing Chun (Cheung, W.). (1988).

    Aikido and the New Warrior. Heckler, R. S. (1985).

    Aikido The Art Of Fighting Without Fighting. Unknown. (Unknown).

    All Out Hand to Hand Fighting. Perrigard, G. E. (1943).

    American Jiu Jitsu (Lanius).

    American Law and the Trained Martial Artist. Brown, C. (1983).

    Among Warriors: A Martial Artist in Tibet. Logan, P. (1996).

    An Abridgment of the New Broad Sword Exercise. Pepper, W. (1797).

    Animal Day (Thompson).

    Animal Day Pressure Testing The Martial Arts (Thompson).

    Arm Bars and Joint Locks (Thompson).

    Arm-Locks for All Styles (Abernethy).

    Army Hand to Hand Manual. U.S. Army (1992).

    Arnis: History and Development of the Filipino Martial Arts. Wiley, M. (2001).

  • Martial Arts Books


    Art and Practice of English Boxing, The. A Celebrated Pugilist. (1807).

    Art and Practice of English Boxing, The. A Celebrated Pugilist. (1819). .

    Art and Science of Fencing. Evangelista, N. (1999).

    Art of Boxing And Science of Self-Defense. Edwards, Billy. 1888.

    Art of Boxing and Self-Defense. Lee, W.F. CK.

    Art of Boxing, The. Carpentier, George. (1926).

    Art of Boxing, The. Wilde, J. (1923)

    Art of Dueling: Salvatore Fabris rapier fencing treatise of 1606. Leoni, T. (2005).

    Art of Fencing, or Use of the Small Sword. L'Abbat. (1734).

    Art of Gatka. Akali, K.S. (1036).

    Art of Sparring And Boxing: The Noble Art Of Self-Defense Without A Teacher, The. Johnson Smith & Company. (1935).

    Art of the Foil. Barbasetti, L. (1932).

    Arts of Strength, Arts of Serenity: Martial Arts Training for Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Health. Suino, N. (1996).

    Asian Fighting Arts. Draeger, D. F. & Smith, R. W. (1974).

    Baguazhang Vol. 1 (Montaigue).

    Baguazhang Vol. 2 (Montaigue).

    Baguazhang. Liang, Y. (1994)

    BaiSao: Wing Chun's Taproot. Maier, H. N. (2006).

    Balisong: The Lethal Art Of Filipino Knife Fighting. Camel, S., Cagaanan, G, & Umpad, S. (1986)

    Balisong Iron Butterfly. Hernandez, C. (1985).

    Bando Discipline: The Boar System. Gyi, M. & Scherban, D. (1983).

    Bando: Philosophy, Principles, and Practice. Gyi, M. (2000).

    Bando: Selected Readings. Winborne, D., ed. (1999).

    Bas Rutten Big Book of Combat 1. Rutten, B. (2001).

    Bas Rutten Big Book of Combat 2. Rutten, B. (2001). Be A Martialist. Elmore, P. (2005).

    Beginners Manual of Yoga. Christenson, A. & Rankin, D. (1972).

    Beginning Tai Chi. Dang, T. T. (1994).

    Better Fencing: Foil. Anderson, B. (1973).

    Beyond Bodybuilding (Tsatsouline).

    Beyond the Known. Dang, T. T. (1993).

    Bibliography of Boxing: A Chronological Check List of Books in English published before 1900. (1948).

    Bloody Brazilian Knife Fighting Techniques (Nakayama, Cavalcanti, Abraho, & Preisler).

    Bo: Karate Weapon of Self-Defense. Demura, F. (1976).

  • Martial Arts Books


    Boxe Francaise Savate. Drieinazak, R. (1987).

    Boxing (Spalding Athletic Library). Elmer, Prof. William. (1902). .

    Boxing for Beginners Jacomb, W.J. (1918)

    Boxing for Beginners. Fitzgerald, J. (1980).

    Boxing Is for Me (Sports for Me Books). Thomas, A. (1981).

    Boxing Made Easy or the Complete Manual of Self-Defence, Clearly Explained. By a Pupil of Mendoza and Humphrey. 1870.

    Boxing Manual. Brown, J. (2000).

    Boxing Mastery: Advanced Technique, Tactics, and Strategies. Hatmaker, M. & Werner, D. (2004).

    Boxing Medical Aspects.

    Boxing Reviewed, or the Science of Manual Defence. Fewtrell, Thomas. (1790). .

    Boxing Simplified. Walsh, J. J. (1951).

    Boxing Simplified. Kennedy, C. E. (1929).

    Boxing Without a Master or the Scientific Art and practice of Attack and Self-Defence. Swift, Owen. 1840. .

    Boxing: A Guide to the Manly Art of Self Defense. Spalding Athletic Library 25B. 1926

    Boxing: A Guide to Modern Methods. Knebworth, E.A. & Lytton, J. (1931).

    Boxing. A Pratical Treatise on The Art of Self-Defense. Trotter, J.C. (1900).

    Boxing. Allanson-Winn, R. G. 1893.

    Boxing. Haislet, E. (1940).

    Boxing. Haislet, E. (1982). reprint of 1940 ed..

    Boxing. Longhurst, Percy. (1928).

    Boxing. Mitchell, E.B. (1889).

    Boxing: Complete Illustrated Instructions in the Art of Self-Defense. Spalding Athletic Library. (1929).

    Boxing: French treaty of the English rules. Leclerc, C. E. (1899).

    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blackbelt Techniques (Machado).

    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for Experts Only (Gracie).

    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Master Text (Simco).

    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Self Defense Techniques (Gracie).

    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Technique Archive. (2005).

    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Theory & Technique. Gracie, R. & Gracie, R. (2001).

    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Submission Grappling Techniques. Gracie, R. & Peligro, K. (2003).

    British Manly Exercises. Walker, D. (1837).

    Broad-Sword and Single-Stick. Allanson-inn, R. G. (1890). ed. Hurley, J. W (2004).

    Bruce Lee: Between Wing Chun & Jeet Kune Do (Glover). reprint

  • Martial Arts Books


    Bruce Lee: Artist of Life. Lee, B. & Little, J. (1999).

    Bruce Lee: Basic Kung Fu Training Manual. St. Denise, C. & Anton, J. (1976).

    Bruce Lee: Dynamic Becoming. Bishop, J. (2004).

    Bruce Lee: Fighting Spirit: a Biography. Thomas, B. (1994).

    Bruce Lee: My Martial Arts Training Manual. St. Denise, C. & Anton, J. (1976).

    Bruce Lee: The Celebrated Life of the Golden Dragon. Lee, B. & Little, J. (2000).

    Bruce Lee: The Man Only I Knew. Lee, L. (1975).

    Bruce Lee: The Untold Story. (1980).

    Bruce Lees Non Classical Gung Fu. Glover, J. (1978).

    Bruce Lee's 1 and 3-inch Power Punch. DeMile, J. (1975).

    Bruce Lee's Fighting Method Vol. 1 Self-Defense Techniques. Lee, B. & Uyehara, M. (1976).

    Bruce Lee's Fighting Method Vol. 2 Basic Training. Lee, B. & Uyehara, M. (1977).

    Bruce Lee's Fighting Method Vol. 3 Book Skill In Techniques. Lee, B. & Uyehara, M. (1977).

    Bruce Lee's Fighting Method Vol. 4 Advanced Techniques. Lee, B. & Uyehara, M. (1977).

    Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do. Nakamura, Y. (2000).

    Bruce Tegner Method of Self-Defense. Tegner, B. (1960).

    Bruce Tegners Book of Kung Fu and Tai Chi. Tegner, B. (1973).

    Bruce Tegners Complete Book of Karate. Tegner, B. (1960).

    Bruce Tegners Complete of Jukado Self-Defense. Tegner, B. (1968).

    Bullet Proof Abs. Tsatsouline,,P. (2000).

    Burmese Bando Boxing. Gyi, M. (1978).

    Burmese Bando. New Jersey Bando Club. (date unk.)

    Bushido: The Warriors Code. Nitobe, A. (1975).

    By the Sword: A History of Gladiators, Musketeers, Samurai, Swasucklers, and Olympic Champions. Cohen, R. (2003).

    Cane Jiu jitsu. Gambordella, T. (2001).

    Canne de Combat. auth unk. (2007).

    Capoeira: A Brazilian Art Form. Almeida, B.

    Capoeira: Roots of the Dance-Fight-Game. Capoeira, N.

    Capoiera 100. Taylor, G. (2006).

    Cards As Weapons (Jay).

    Catch as Catch Can Wrestling. Bontemps, A. & Miquet, F. (date unk.).

    Championship Fighting, Explosive Punching and Aggressive Defense. Dempsey, J. (1950).

    Changing Your Brain for Speed Hitting. LaTourette, J. M. (1990).

    Cheap Shots, Ambushes, and Other Lessons. MacYoung, M. (1989).

    Chen Style Tai Chi.Yen-Ling, S. (1993).

  • Martial Arts Books


    Chen Style Taijiquan. Zhaohua Publishing House. (1984).

    Chi Kung Way of Power (Chuen).

    Chi-Kung Development and Practical Application in Wing Chun. Baker, S. (2000).

    Chinatown Jeet Kune Do: Essential Elements of Bruce Lees Martial Art. Tackett, T. (2008)

    Chinese Boxing: Master and Methods. Smith, R. W. (1974).

    Chinese Gung Fu: The Philosophical Art of Self-Defense. Lee, B. (1963). (1987).

    Chinese Praying Mantis Boxing. Yeow, L. Y. (1973).

    Chinese Qigong Therapy. Mingwu, Z. & Xingyuan, S. (1985).

    Chokes and Strangles (Thompson).

    Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu. Fong, L. T. (1972).

    Circle of Iron. Weverra, R. (1979).

    Classical Pugilism and Bare-Knuckle Boxing Companion, The, Vol.1 . Shannon, J. (2005).

    Classical Pugilism and Bare-Knuckle Boxing Companion, The, Vol.2. Shannon, J. (