Martha’s Vineyard Features Unique Architectural Styles

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<p> 1. Massachusetts builder Thomas Tate specializes in crafting unique homes on the historic island of Marthas Vineyard. Throughout his long career in construction, Thomas Tate has built custom homes for high-profile public figures. In addition, Tom Tate has designed and build cottage-style summer homes for the islands many seasonal visitors and residents. Visitors to Marthas Vineyard may observe three distinct architectural styles. Examples of one style are found in a Methodist campground in Oak Bluffs, which features a cluster of colorful gingerbread houses. 2. Many have whimsical names and distinctive architectural touches. In Edgartown, visitors will see another architectural style. Many homes there were built in the Greek Revival tradition. Distinctive lighthouses, a third architectural style, abound on the island. A local lighthouse enthusiast can advise tourists on which lighthouses to visit. Those who are building new homes or adding on to existing ones may choose to emulate the classic housing styles. Alternatively, they may opt for a more contemporary look. In either case, an experienced builder with intimate knowledge of island trends, both historic and current, can be a valuable resource. </p>