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Marriage ceremonies- WJEC- Full Course- RE. Unit 3- Relationships.


  • 1. DNA Stick in your copy of thevows and try to writedown what you think eachone might mean. I (name) take you (name)to be my husband/ wife. To have and to old fromthis day forward. For better, for worse. For richer, for poorer. In sickness and in health. To love and to cherish. Till death us do part. According to Gods holylaws, and in thepresence of God I makethis vow.

2. Vow Meaningto have to hold Marriage is a union for a coupleFrom this day forward Married from this day forwardFor better for worse Married in good & bad timesFor richer for poorer Married regardless of wealthIn sickness and in healthMarried regardless of mental & physicalillnessTo love and to cherishLove is an essential part of this specialrelationshipTill death do us part Marriage is for life. 3. Task- in silence... (In yesterdays notes.)Read p20-21 and complete the tasks:1. What does the graph tell you?2. List three ways that families have changed.3. Copy the spider-diagram. Add onto it 2examples for each point.Extension: Family life is out of date. Do youagree? Give reasons for your answer. 4. C/W Purpose of Marriage DateLearning intentions: To examine the keyfeatures ofChristian and Muslimweddings To assess thepurpose of these keyfeaturesSuccess criteria: To have created aguidance leaflet forpotential newly weds To be able to explainkey features. 5. Purposes of MarriageC/W Purpose of Marriage Date Fill in the ranking sheet, The purpose you think is most important goes atin the outer ring the least important in thesmallest ring. Extension: Explain your reasons behind which ever optionyou put as the most important. Would a religious person agree with yourranking? Why? 6. Some Purposes of marriageProcreation; men and women were created to have children.Union; a loving partnership of living together.Rearing children; nurturing children and making them feel securePattern for society; family unit where support is given.One flesh; sexual intimacy as an expression of loveSacred; blessed by God.Endless; a lifelong and faithful relationship 7. Why get married(Christian) turn the notes below into amind map- do not simply copy! Christians believe marriage is the ideal way for aman and a woman to live together in a lifelongrelationship Marriage is a sacred union blessed by God. Marriage is encouraged particularly to anotherChristian because it is hoped the couple will havechildren who will be brought up in the Christianfaith. 8. Features of a wedding Complete the features ofa wedding sheet bymatching the correctmeaning or purpose tothe correct feature of aweddingExtension: Highlight the features youthink have a purelyreligious meaning. 9. Answers Check your answers. 1- E 2- G 3- B 4- K 5- I 6- F 7- A 8- D 9- L 10- J 11- D 12- C 10. Christians are free tomarry who they like, butmost Christian wouldprefer children to beraised Christian.The marriage is areligious event andshould take placein a churchThere is a publicannouncement made, sothat any objections canbe raised (for legalreasons)There is the giving of ringsPrayers are said askingfor Gods blessing 11. Whats the biggest decision you ever made?Did you ask anyone for advice? 12. Muslims are free to marryoutside of their religions,but it is preferred for aMuslim woman to marrya Muslim man.Both the man and womenare free to reject theother as forced marriageis forbidden in the QuranThe marriage must bewitnessed and can takeplace in any public orprivate place.Families are involved tomake sure the partner isMarriage is seen as a way of suitable.continuing Muslim society. 13. Text Hunt- link to homework! Use the information on pages 24-25 to fill in this table. You will need tofind the key term, an explanation and an image to remind yourself.Key term Explanation PictureMahrThe NikahWalimah 14. The wedding planner You need to create ainformation leaflet for anew community faithcentre, The leaflet will be aboutthe details of Muslimand Christian weddings What to include: Details the ceremony(what happens , why itsimportant) Guidance on whymarriage is important Advice for peopleconsidering gettingmarried. 15. Question Practice: Homework. Explain the important features of a marriageceremony in two different religious traditions(you must state the religious traditions you arereferring to) 8 marks 16. Plenary1 question fromtodays lesson2 things I learnt3 key words.