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<p> 1. Marriage abuse amongst celebrities: An ugly side of human faceWhen you look or thing about celebrity couples, you associate them with dignity, mutual respectand equality. But, it may rather bring surprise to many of the readers that this could be a faade.The inner story could be something else.Generally, the concept of marriage abuse is associated with middle class and lower start of thesociety, but, there are large numbers of cases that hail from even higher strata of the society.Various examples In an interview in 1988, Boxer Mike Tyson said that he shakes his wife, he grabs his wife buthe never totally struck her off. He denied the charges of abusing his wife but, what he didwas nothing less than an abuse. Penn was slammed with charges of abusing Madonna before they finally got divorced. Actor Morgan was charged for beating his wife and leaving her with a swollen foot who was7o years old when the misdeed had taken place. Singer Tanya Tucker informed that her partner, Singer Glen Campbell would often getviolent without noticing the presence or absence of others. Singer Tommy Lee was imprisoned for three for physically abusing his wife PamelaAnderson.The same men playing different rolesIt is the same celebrity who is seen in the media while speaking at an opening event of a woman cellor even a rescue home for such women.It is the same men who are heard of talking about women empowerment on more than oneoccasion.In fact, through various roles on screen you will be surprised to see those respecting women, andfighting for their rights.The possible reason behind such actionsSuch men probably dont grow with someone who has been respecting a woman . And it wont be anexaggeration to say that they never saw a man treating a woman with care and regard.There could be some amount of insecurity within them which forces them to come up with aboastful act.Celebrity women who bears itCelebrity women sometimes bears it all for the sake of relationship, and they laws want to bepositive about the association. They take it as a one time business and get convinced when thecelebrity partner apologizes for the blunder. 2. These women love their partners and hence they dont mind giving them another chance. But, in theprocess, the other person starts taking advantage of it and takes things for granted making it aregular occurrence.For those who thought that marriage abuse is not a common issue with celebrity couples, need toopen their eyes. This is an evil that doesnt stop at any particular start or level of the society. Itmaintains no boundary, it sees no class. When a man loses his sanity and turns wild towards awoman he is a just a man and not a celebrity. He does care about his dignity, he is least botheredabout his spouses feelings and he never cares about anything else in the world. All he understand isthat he is angry and beyond his own control.About the deals with various relationship issues. One can refer the website for getting datingadvice, handling relations and many such aspects that are important for life. There are experts toprovide solution to the problems raised by a reader. </p>