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Get to know who we are, what we do, and how we do it!


  • To provide brilliant, in-depth marketing solutions,moving you from

    good togreatin acreative, fun, energetic atmosphere.

  • Half of the team brings skills of trouble-shooting, research, marketing plans, strategies, promotional calendars, media buying, sales consulting and solutions to challenges that businesses face. Time is taken to get to know each client and their business in depth, and assistance is provided with implementation of all marketing efforts.

    The other half of the marketing team are talented creative people who focus on customization for each of our clients. Their design work speaks to the target customer with a message that is meaningful and captivating to them. Their work can be in the form of graphic design, web design, video production, photography, creative writing, or social media.

    :: a complete marketing department, consisting of a team of ten ::

  • The most important aspect of our work is the on-going business relationships that are established between us and our clients, allowing evaluation of all marketing efforts to be done. This valuable information is used to determine future steps to help their business grow from good to great.

  • Acompletemarketingdepartment.


    Weworkwithabroadarrayofclients in many different industries. Our clients range from sole proprietors to manufacturing to government entities and more.

    who are we?

  • Nickie Froiland :: owns the jointTheboss-lady,andrespectfullysoshesmorethanambitioustoputitfrankly,andreallyknowsherstuff.Withpilesofexperienceinconsumerunderstanding, marketing and sales, Nickie can do wonders for your business...shediditwiththisone!Shesamasterofwordsandyourreferenceforsalesconsulting,andiftheresaproblem,shesolvesit.Pointblank.

    Tammy Hester :: go-to galWithyearsintheindustry,andasaChamberofCommerceAmbassador,Tammyiswell-connected.Shesknownastheoffice-mom,keepingthingsinorderandeveryonehappy,andactsasNickiesrighthand[wo]man. Think of her as your personal assistant. She does what is needed, when you need it.

    Beth Timm :: MG (marketing gal)BethisournewestMG!ShegraduatedfromUW-Stoutandstudiedsalesand marketing. Beth has worked in a variety of industries and is looking forwardtobringingherpastexperiencestotheclientshereatmarkit!BethisveryinvolvedintheRochestercommunityandisexcitedtouseher customer service skills in her new role as a MG!

    Julie Hedlund :: strategy galJuliebringssomuchexperiencetothetable,wedontevenknowhowtouseitall!ShesgotadegreeinBusinessAdministrationfromtheUniversityofNebraska-LincolnandanMBAfromCardinalStritchUniversity to begin with, but she knows anything and everything from product and brand development, to positioning and marketing strategy.

  • Whitney Bestor :: graphics galWhitneysgotabachelorsingraphicdesignfromtheUofM,andyearsofexperienceinphotography,butshesalsoskilledincreativewritingandsomee-stuff.YoucanseewhywecallherourJacklyn-of-all-trades.

    Withherendlessamountoftalent,Whitneyisabletomakesureyoudeliver the right message while looking your best.

    Eric Froiland :: production guyEricstheguytoturntowhenyouhavesomethingtosaytothemasses.Hestheexpertinvideoandaudioproduction,soifyouvegotsomethingtoshoot,hestheguytodoit.Ericcanhelpreachyourcustomersandgetresults.Themanreallyknowshisstuff,hesbeendoingitforsolong,he

    could do it in his sleep!

    Renae King :: graphics galRenae started with markit as an intern and worked her way up the ranks. ShehasabachelorsoffineartsdegreeingraphicdesignfromUW-EauClaireandhasaknackforcorporatebrandingandakeeneyefordesign.Foryou,sheslikeWhitney,makingsureyourlookgivesyouconfidence

    and portrays the right message.

    Skipp Boyenga :: web guyToosmartforhisowngood.Toogoodtoeveradmitit.Hestheguythat


  • Do you think you have business challengesthatnooneunderstands?

    Wehelpourclientsidentifychallengesand offer solutions to help improve their bottom line.

    what do we do?

    HowdoIgrowmybusiness? Whoismytargetcustomer? Whatismycompetitiondoingor

    sayingaboutme? Whatismycompetitiondoingtogrow

    theirbusiness?Howdoesthateffectme? Whatmakesmybusinessdifferent? Whydomycustomersbuyfromme? HowdoIgetmycustomersto

    understandthebenefitsofworkingwithme? HowdoIprepareforbusinesssuccession?

    questions we answer...

  • marketing


    sales & customer service


    web design & other e-stuff


    marketing strategy


  • creativewriting

    marketing strategy

    dontseesomethingyouwant?ask. we probably do it.

    social media

  • Wegettoknowyour business, your goals and how you want to getthere.Itsasifwe were actually employees.

    Thenwefocusonwhat your organization needs with regard to marketing to achieve the goals you have set for yourselves.

    how we do what we do?

  • Get in touch with us!

    507.529.9000 | 320 s broadwayrochester, mn 55904

  • Get in touch with us!

    yourmarkit.com320 s broadwayrochester, mn 55904

  • Questions? Call us. 507.529.9000

    Or visit