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The One Centre Credentials


  • 1. Strategy + Artistry2

2. THE ONE CENTRECredentialsIntroductionOctober 20143 3. Welcome.The One Centre71 York St, Sydney!4 4. 2014 The One Centre GroupWelcome.Welcome to The One Centre.A multidisciplinary brand agencyuniting visionary strategic thinkingwith cutting-edge creativity.!Strategy + Artistry!5 5. 2014 The One Centre GroupContents1. ABOUT 082. CENTRE 243. TEAM 274. CLIENTS 315. WORK 32!!6 6. 2014 The One Centre GroupAbout us.!7 7. 2014 The One Centre GroupSection 1.ABOUT USIt all begins at one.!8 8. About us.Watch About Us>!9 9. 2014 The One Centre GroupAbout us.For nearly two decades wevehelped world leading brandsbreak new ground in the way theycome to life and connect.!10 10. About us.Specialising in positioning and integrated branding, our uniquestructure unites a core team of strategists and concept creatorswith a global network of specialist creative artists.The goal? To create truly innovative ideas which transcend mediaand elevate brands into the world of arts, culture and entertainment. Strategy + Artistry!11 2014 The One Centre Group 11. What be believe.Do something incredible.!12 12. 20124 The One Centre GroupWhat we believe.Do somethingincredible.We live in a creativeeconomy. Brands competewith all forms of culture andentertainment for audiencetime and affection.To succeed brands need toembody big ideas in theirpositioning not justexecution.Brands need to createpowerful central ideas thatinspire, engage and motivatepeople, linking theircommercial opportunity to aconsumer cause and culture.Brands need to bring theseideas to life innovatively ineverything they do, acrossevery touchpoint, withmultiple, integrated andsurprising expressions.Ultimately people seeksignificance and emotionalconnection.Brands that stand forsomething bigger, and bringthis to life in incredible ways,light up the world. Theybecome powerful culturaland commercial forces.!13 13. 2014 The One Centre GroupWhat we believe.In a creative economy, we givebrands powerful positioning ideasand elevate them into the world ofarts, culture and entertainment.!Strategy + Artistry!14 14. What we do.Positioning andintegrated branding.!15 15. 20124 The One Centre GroupWhat we do.Positioning andintegrated branding.We develop brand positioningand bring it to lifeinnovatively through alltypes of brand buildingactivity.Our ideas transcend media,often involving multiple typesof branding activity, andexpressing and integratingacross multiple brandtouchpoints.!!!!!01 Brand Identity02 Brand Advertising03 Branded Content04 Branded Environments05 Brand Experiences06 Branded Products07 Brand Platforms!16 16. How we work.Strategy + Artistry.!17 17. 20124 The One Centre GroupWhat we do.Strategy + Artistry.To create truly innovativeideas we developed auniquely flexible structure.The One Centre model unitesa core team of strategistsand concept creators with anetwork of specialist creativeartists from beyond the worldof conventional marketing.Generating the strategy andbig idea, we design anddirect a unique creative teamto deliver each project,united under the umbrella ofour leading multidisciplinarymanagement expertise.Nine Genres. One Centre.The One Centre's creativeartists network featuresindependent creative andproduction specialists fromnine genres:01 Art & Design02 Digital Arts & Technology03 Writing for Screen & Print04 Performing Arts05 Video & Photography06 Architecture Design07 Industrial Design08 Music09 Fashion!18 18. Where we work.Worldwide.!19 19. 20124 The One Centre GroupWhere we work.Worldwide.Based in Sydney, we workworldwide on local andglobal brand initiatives.Our experience spans mostindustries. Our platforms aredesigned to scale andtranslate across countriesand cultures.We work fluently in Asian andEuropean languages.!20 20. Our vision.Centre for brandinginnovation.!21 21. 20124 The One Centre GroupOur vision.Centre for brandinginnovation.Our vision is to create one ofthe worlds great brandinginnovation companies.A place brands come toinvent the future.In one centre, clients haveone-stop access to a teamof visionary strategic thinkersand a global network ofspecialist creative artistsfrom every genre.Working anywhere, The OneCentre provides leadingbrands an agile, artisticallyfocussed alternative to thebig branding conglomerates.One high-calibre teampurposed to bring brands tolife with strategy and artistry:to do something incredible.Strategy + Artistry!22 22. 20124 The One Centre GroupResources.BROCHURE WEBSITENEWSLETTERPUBLICATION!23 23. 2014 The One Centre GroupSection 2.CENTREWhere strategy meets artistry.!24 24. Centre.!25 25. 2012 The One Centre GroupCentre.71 YORK ST, SYDNEY WORKSPACE WORKSHOPS26 26. 2014 The One Centre GroupSection 3.TEAMOur leadership team.!27 27. 2014 The One Centre GroupLeadership.JOHN FORDFounder & CEOThe One CentreAbove all we are aplace of vision.Where brands cometo invent the future.!28 28. 2012 The One Centre GroupA strategic specialist with 20 yearsexperience in multidisciplinarycreative company leadership. Johntrained as a brand strategist at DDBand was appointed Head ofPlanning and Partner at leadingcreative networks Batey and TBWAwhile in his twenties. In 1999, Johnfounded The One Centre, workingwith local and global brands onmarketing innovation projects.John has been named one ofAdNews 40 under 40 rising stars inmarketing, was Founding Chairmanof the APG and currently serves onthe board of AIMIA, Australias peakdigital industry body.LinkedIn: johnnyfordA client services, projectmanagement and productionsupervision specialist with 15 yearsadvertising agency experiencebuilding integratedcommunications campaigns andstrategic brand development. Katiestarted her career at OgilvyOne andhas worked for leading creative andintegrated advertising agencies inAustralia and the UK including M&CSaatchi, WWAV Rapp Collins, BDSBeechwood and BWM, where shealso served on the board.!LinkedIn: katiemolloyA personal assistant and projectmanager with 3 years experience,Danica provides support to theLeadership Team and key projects.Prior to joining The One Centre,Danica worked with the Universityof Western Australia and YamatjiMarlpa Aboriginal Corporation. Sheis a First Class Honours Graduate inEuropean Studies, with bachelordegrees both in European Studiesand Mass Communications.!Linked In: danicajenkinsDanielle is editor of The OneCentres online publication,Branded Arts Review. A writer andcommunications specialist with12 years experience in theadvertising and marketing industry.As a marketing journalist Daniellehas worked for leading trade titlesin Australia and the UK includingAdNews, Campaign, New Media Ageand Revolution. She has extensiveexperience of publishing both inprint media and online, as well ascreating social media and digitalcontent strategies, contentmarketing and brand publishing.!Linked In: daniellelong1A CFO with 18 years experience incorporate financial management.Richard has previously served as aPartner at leading boutiquechartered accounting practice andas Director/CFO of a large publicunlisted subsidiary of Germancompany owning 55% of LeightonHoldings. He is joint CFO/CEO of TheAdcock Group, a private familyinvestment company and CFO ofThe One Centre. Richard is amember of the Institute ofChartered Accountants.!LinkedIn: richardcansickCore team.John Ford. FOUNDER & CEO Katie Molloy. COO Richard Cansick. CFO Danica Jenkins. TEAM ASSISTANT Danielle Long. CONTENT EDITOR!29 29. 2014 The One Centre GroupSection 4.CLIENTSWorld leading brands.!30 30. 20124 The One Centre GroupClients.!31 31. 2014 The One Centre GroupSection 5.WORKShowcase of multidisciplinary brand projects.!32 32. Work.Watch our Showreel>!33 33. 2014 The One Centre GroupWork.From building concept stores for McDonalds, to visioningfashion meccas for Nakheel, from shooting documentariesfor GE, to creating global entertainment platforms for Audi,from rebranding Tiger Beer in 50 markets, to reinventingAmerican Express airport experience worldwide, fromfilms to music to live events, from digital platforms andpublications to branded products and fashion, from pop-upshops and public art installations to TV shows andmobile exhibitions, it all begins at one.!34 34. !35 2012 The One Centre Group 35. Work.Two Wordsfor TomorrowTransmedia Brand Campaign 36. GOVERNMENTLEADERSHIP21%AUSTRALIANLIFESTYLE4%STRONGECONOMY8% 2012 The One Centre GroupIMMIGRATIONPOLICY3%TAXATIONPOLICY4%POPULATIONGROWTH2%QUALITYEDUCATION3%CULTURALHARMONY4%CLEANENVIRONMENT12 %QUALITYHEALTHCARE4%Two WordsFor TomorrowAUSTRALIASBIGGESTCHALLENGES2012TOP 10 THEMES12345678910GOVERNMENT LEADERSHIPCLEAN ENVIRONMENTSTRONG ECONOMYAUSTRALIAN LIFESTYLETAXATION POLICYCULTURAL HARMONYQUALITY HEALTHCAREIMMIGRATION POLICYQUALITY EDUCATIONPOPULATION GROWTHTo find out more and interactwith the data please!37 37. 2013 The One Centre GroupContactName.TitleEmail. XMobile. XTelephone. XSkype. XWatch case study> 38. Work.!39 GE At WorkBrand Experience 39. !4400 2012 The One Centre Group 40. 2013 The One Centre GroupContactName.TitleEmail. XMobile. XTelephone. XSkype. XWatch case study> 41. Work.Tiger BeerPositioning & Integrated Branding!42 42. 2012 The One Centre GroupWordmark refined serif - contemporary classicShiftBlunt PreciseBlocky SleekConceptual Principles - Icon & WordmarkBrand Shifts fromTiger Workshop, Nov 04 Tiger Project Senso - Presentation!43 43. Work.F1 Concept StoreBrand Environments! 44. Creativity.F1 Concept Store 45. !46 2012 The One Centre Group 46. Work.Audi TT MovementBrand Platform!!47 47. !48 2012 The One Centre Group 48. Watch case study>!49 49. Work.Brand TerminalBrand Platform!!50 50. !51 2012 Th