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Maxtena's product and services catalog for 2014.


  • 1. PRODUCT & SERVICES CATALOG Antenna Solutions 2014 Consumer, Industrial, Military WIRELESS INNOVATIONS COMPANY
  • 2. GPS/GLONASS M1516HCT-P-SMA M1516HCT-P-UFL Iridium/GPS M1600HCT-P-SMA M1600HCT-P-UFL SATFleet Iridium M1621HCT-P-SMA M1621HCT-P-UFL M1621HCT-EXT Microstrip Antennas Tuning Kits GPS Passive GPS Active GPS External COMPANY DEAR READERS TABLE OF CONTENTS Key Facts About Maxtena 4 5 24 25 28 29 30 34 35 36 38 39 40 41 6 Antenna Solutions GPS GPS M1227HCT-A-SMA GPS M1575HCT-22P-SMA GPS M1575HCT-22P-MR GPS M1575HCT-22-P LTE Combo Cobra-LTE700 PRODUCT OVERVIEW 12 14 15 16 17 20 Welcome CONTACT 7 Location & Contact MARKETS ANTENNA SERVICES TECHNOLOGY 8 10 42 Consumer, Industrial, Military Feasibility Studies, Chamber Testing, Prototyping Technology Maxtena is the recognized global leader in developing and producing innovative antenna solutions. QUALITY & SHIPPING 43 Quality, Shipping & Product Lead Time
  • 3. Maxtena provides antenna products and consulting services to businesses, the United States and foreign governments, and non-governmental organizations around the world. Our antenna products are ideally suited for portable wireless applications including satellite phones, military radio, hand- held navigation, GPS tracking and laptop computers. Our consulting services include feasibility studies, comprehensive antenna testing and prototyping. We use proprietary and patented technologies to design extremely lightweight and high performance helix, microstrip and custom antenna solutions for a variety of communications systems. With our industry leading antenna- engineering staff, we can provide expert assistance in any antenna integration. We are uniquely positioned to enable OEMs with a quality custom antenna solution that is both quick and cost-effective. 5 ABOUT MAXTENA KEY FACTS We are engaged in designing, manufacturing and marketing a comprehensive range of embedded, external and custom antenna solutions for Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), Long Term Evolution (LTE), Machine-to-Machine (M2M), and Mobile Satellite Service (MSS) applications. Founded in 2006, United States Rockville, MD Consumer, Industrial, Military Atlanta, Shanghai, Taipei 10+ FOUNDATION HEADQUARTERS MARKET SERVED MANUFACTURING HUBS WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTORS 4
  • 4. First, I would like to thank all of our customers and partners for a fantastic 2013! 2014 has started as both a busy and exciting year so far. We have launched a new family of rugged external helix antennas, developed the worlds first GPS helix tuning kit, and introduced the first fleet/ telematics antenna that combines a high performance Iridium helix antenna with a GPS microstrip antenna thus providing superior voice and data capabilities. Earlier this year, Maxtena introduced a GPS L1 helix tuning kit in response to the growing demand for our M1575HCT-22-P GPS helix antenna. With the kit we are putting the power of antenna integration in our customers hands. We understand our customer requirements are diverse and the antenna performance has to be specifically tailored to their needs. The GPS L1 helix tuning kit allows the customer to choose from five different antenna options and to determine the best performance from the system level point with their applications. We also continue to make advancements in the field of GNSS antennas. We introduced a compact helix GPS/GLONASS antenna at the end of 2013. The M1516HCT-SMA is a dual band passive GPS/GLONASS helix antenna available in a small, compact assembly. Soon we will also introduce an active version of our M1516HCT-SMA and M1575HCT-SMA antennas. Both of the antennas come in the same small assembly as our passive versions. By leveraging our helicore technology we are able to provide the active gain and additional filtering without having to compromise the antenna performance or the size. Maxtena also released a new ruggedized IP-67 housing for our Iridium M1621HCT-P- SMA antenna to accommodate the devices operating in very diverse and demanding environments. The M1621HCT-P-SMA is a ground plane independent helix antenna with exceptional azimuthal symmetry and axial ratio purity. The SATFleet is our newest fleet management solution that combines both GPS and Iridium antennas tailored for both voice and data applications. Our fleet/ telematics solution provides high, reliable performance in a rugged, low profile form factor. We are also proud to enter the LTE fleet market with our Cobra-LTE700 solution. The Cobra-LTE700 is a MIMO technology solution that combines two LTE antennas with GPS. Our LTE technology can be applied to both mobile and fixed applications. In typical data aggregation applications, our solution could potentially reduce the number of antennas required by 50%. Dear readers, Thank you for your interest in Maxtena and for exploring the many products and services we offer. 6 WELCOME CONTACT CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS TOLL FREE: 1.877.629.8362 INFO@MAXTENA.COM WWW.MAXTENA.COM 7361 CALHOUN PLACE, SUITE 102 ROCKVILLE, MD 20855 - UNITED STATES 7 As we invest in new technologies and products we also continue to make significant investments in our manufacturing and quality. Every single one of our antennas is individually tested on the manufacturing floor ensuring an exceptional level of quality for all of our products. By also testing the properties of the antenna pattern we characterize and test all the parameters that are important to our customers. Thank you for your interest in Maxtena and we are looking forward to working with you on new and exciting projects. Sincerely, Stanislav Licul CEO Maxtena
  • 5. Mobile phones, cameras, tablets, laptops and recreational devices are some of the many products you can find that are using our small antenna solutions. Our compact antennas provide OEMs with fewer mechanical constraints to compensate for when designing cutting-edge equipment. Our antennas are designed for reliable performance in high precision, heavy-duty GNSS tracking applications and M2M communications. They support a diverse range of applications such as precision agriculture, seismic recording systems, fleet management, asset tracking, mobile computing devices and mining equipment. Our ruggedized antennas can be integrated externally or internally with Military/ Defense applications including vehicle- tracking equipment, UAVs, soldier worn communication gear and satellite phones and radios. They can support forces on the ground, in the air, or on the sea. 8 CONSUMER INDUSTRIAL MILITARY Our mission is to design and manufacture cutting-edge antenna solutions for the connected world. Well support off-the-shelf orders as well as fully customized integrations. MARKETS 9
  • 6. Maxtena has in-house the latest in antenna and RF measurement capabilities. We use the SATIMO Starlab Anechoic Chamber to measure radiative characteristics of the antenna for both passive and active systems. We are also equipped to provide you with TRP and TIS measurements. The design of new products relies on the extensive use of accurate computer simulation models. Our engineering staff has a unique knowledge in electromagnetic simulation and numerical modeling gained through years of experience working on embedded antenna designs and general RF problems in both industry and academia. Every aspect of the electrical design is considered by our proprietary simulation models from the geometry and material characteristics of the antenna enclosures to the effects of parasitic reactance on printed circuit board traces. We also consider the statistical variation of component tolerances in actual production. By leveraging the most advanced electromagnetic simulation software available, we can accurately predict the performance of new designs before any hardware is built. Prototyping is then used to verify the correlation between the design and final product. Our in-house measurement capabilities allow for quick turn prototype validation. In addition to antenna design, we provide antenna integration support for clients that require a high level of device integration. Import devices full 3-D mechanical database Development of fully featured simulation models Determination of the optimal grounding map PCB RF layout optimization Complete assessment of compliance and requirements Result verification through initial prototyping FEASIBILITY STUDIES PROTOTYPING WHAT TO EXPECT WHAT TO EXPECT WHAT TO EXPECT CHAMBER TESTING ANTENNA SERVICES PRODUCT OVERVIEW 10 We offer a large portfolio of both active and passive microstrip antennas. The antennas are available in several different sizes depending on customer requirements. The active antennas can be customized with different cable lengths and connectors upon request. All of our microstrip antennas offer high performance with a very low profile. The antennas are ideal for GPS handhelds, PDAs and tracking devices. The compact size and lightweight features of the microstrip antennas make them perfect for various commercial and industrial applications. We also have microstrip antenna tuning kits available for our customers. The tuning kits enable the user to find the exact antenna frequency