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  1. 1. M A R K E T I N G P O R T F O L I O L A U R A K L O O SL A U R A K L O O S
  2. 2. WEBSITECONTENT Creating Landing pages which are effective at generating leads. With an awareness of up to date SEO optimization. I am skilled at brand auditing. Examine a brands current position in the market compared to its competitors and complete a review of its effectiveness and strategically identify opportunities and plan the execution of improvement and new developments. Immersive and engaging content across industries and subjects. Both visual and written. Proven ability to write Unique, creative copy keeping to the tone and voice of brand. An eye for detail, and layout of content both online and in print. Good Trend awareness WordpressMailchimp Photoshop InDesignVideo editing Excellent writing sklls Media Packs Final Cut ProIllustrator Strong design aesthetics I create an array of different content using different tools and skills EMAIL MARKETING SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKSTRATEGY Network of creatives to call on to bounce ideas off. Compile, plan and manage social media accounts. Succesful at building brand awarenessacrosssocialmedia platforms and connecting on a personal level to customers. competencies Compiling newsletters and sales emails for direct marketing.
  3. 3. PROPOSAL & TREND REPORT PREMIERE VISION An event for fashion industry professionals. Showcases, Trend presentations, exhibits and seminars. The client was exploring concept ideas for experiential offerings. ACTIONS: -Developed a foreward thinking concept exploringtechnologyandfashionsrelationship. -Produced a detailed proposal for an exhibition and an accompanying seminar showcasing the innovative advancements in the field of wearable technology and a playful look at the relationship between between fashion and technology. -Created a 10 page trend report looking at technologies influence on fashion production. Showing the application of technology in the fashion Industry and technologies influence of style. CASE STUDY TREND REPORTS Research and Compile Informative articles for b2b and b2c.
  4. 4. CLIENT GOALS: Increase its appeal and add value to its proposition. ACTIONS: I presented the client with a 21 page docu- ment which offered a 3 stage proposal for increasing reach and increasing profit. Add Value by tweeking the blogger outreach Add Impact by more strategic brand positioning Increase Impressions and engagement of content Improve the reputation of the brand via a product development strategy. INFLUENCER OUTREACH Identifying and soliciting opportunities CASE STUDY BRAND POSITIONING Analysis, and strategy for repositioning PROPOSAL/THE APARTMENT A blogger workspace and haven during hectic London Fashion Week. The Apartment brings bloggers and brands together under one roof. MERCHANDISE/BRAND PLANNING Ensuring brand offerings are on the mark and taking into consideration all relevant marketing consider- ations.
  5. 5. ww EMAIL MARKETING I turn copy and images into Interactive, beautiful emails. Write and improve sales copy. ith working links and buttons to social media pages and website. BEFORE AFTER
  6. 6. Turned an idea into a research proposal and a complete business plan. Including a three phased marketing campaign, Financial projections, competitor analysis, target market profiles, merchandise planning and more. BRAND IDENTITY Logos, business cards Marketing materials FASHION SHOWROOM:KOPO new business launch CAMPAIGN/PROJECT MANAGEMENT Phasing strategy, social media planning, Marketing, campaign planning CASE STUDY
  7. 7. CONTENT CREATION research, mood board, Information visualisation, video content, and/or copy for any printed or digital platform. B2B or B2C Research Create content Sustain and grow engagement Monitor and measure outcomes Social Media
  8. 8. Contact for business Inquiries: Social Media LinkedIn: Instagram: facebook: pinterest: