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Marketing lessons from top 10 romantic movies

Marketing Lessons from Top 10 Romantic Movies1Hubspot marketing lesson 1: Find good mentors

I agree good mentors are necessary for fledging businessmen and women who aspire to do more. To emphasize this lesson I offer the quote from the classic feature, Gone with the Wind if Rhett Butler were a marketer he would definitely be a blast!2Hubspot marketing lesson 2: Make a great product

There is no need for a sales pitch if the consumer is sold on the product. Consider the movie Jerry McGuire, where Tom Cruise gives a whole speech and is told, You had me at hello!3Hubspot marketing lesson 3: Stand for Something

Dr. Seuss may have said it first and marketers may have dreams about these words but if you want romance the words, Why are trying so hard to fit in when you are born to stand out? from What a Girl Wants is what stand for something really means in the world of romance.4Hubspot marketing lesson 4: Spend money

In the age of social media very few people would have actually seen Audrey Hepburns Breakfast at Tiffanys. Its a classic and if you guys out there want to give the girls a good time, rent this one and put it on. Marketers will completely agree with Hepburns words for its the money that gets things going.5Hubspot marketing lesson 5: Create Experiences

Marketers may say event marketing or call it story telling but what they really want to do is make every campaign so memorable that it becomes history. Dirty Dancing with Patrick Swayze is one of my all-time favorites and the words Baby says in the movie are what Marketers think of before they launch a campaign.6Hubspot Marketing Lesson 6: Keep Secrets and Build Mystery

There is no romantic movie list that could be complete without naming Pride and Prejudice. The alluring Mr. Darcy has all the secrets and mystery marketers crave and Austens words, I hear such different accounts of you so as to puzzle me exceedingly may actually be what makes a brand stand out.7Hubspot marketing lesson 7: Find an Enemy

I prefer the word competitor but enemy may be what most marketers think of the competition anyhow. No romantic movie is complete without some form of an enemy and Romeo & Juliet has a plethora of enemies to help move the romance along. Juliets words on meeting Romeo, My only love sprung from my only hate maybe dramatic but what is a campaign without drama-be it marketing or romance.8Hubspot marketing lesson 8: Turn Customers into Evangelists

Pearl Harbor may not be everyones cup of tea in terms of romance but when we talk about customer retention and preaching to the converted there is nothing like making a bad boy or soldier see sense. 9Hubspot marketing lesson 9: Dont Talk About Products

Steve Jobs may have helped spread the minimalist design by choosing the Apple logo but how do you say I Love You without using the words? How can you show someone that your brand is the center of the world when you cant promote the brand? Linear thinking. Which is what this movie does, 10 Things I Hate About You is a romantic drama! No one could have said I Love you with the words I hate, better.10Hubspot marketing lesson 10: Use pictures, not words

For those who have not seen P.S. I Love You. Watch it.11Did you like the presentation? Share your opinions with us