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<ul><li>1.Marketing Automation ForSalesFUSION Webinar -Best practices for integratingmarketing automation</li></ul> <p>2. What well cover today State of b2b lead gen in 2012 A marketing automation primer Defining a lead to revenue management model for yourcompany Integrating marketing automation with CRM Key metrics and programs Roles and responsibilities of marketing &amp; sales Improving the selling experience with marketing data Brief demo 3. About SalesFUSION SaaS Marketing Application HQ Atlanta, GA Sales Offices in Philadelphia, PA Provide all b2b marketing functionality in a single app Focus on integrating Marketing and Sales (CRM) Only solution built on a CRM database AppExchange certified since 2007 Lowest point-of-entry cost for a MA platform Known for hands-on, personalized service 4. Marketing automation is Process and technology combined Collaboration between marketing and sales Analytics to track the revenue output of campaigns Data-driven sales Data-driven marketing Technology integration between marketing and sales Focus on managing the lead to revenue cycleLead to revenue management is the byproduct ofintegration between marketing and sales technologies 5. Marketing Automation PrimerMarketing automation is NOT the abilityail end an emI can s CRM!!!!!!to mass email from CRMYeah! n from ig campaMultichannel campaigns email, web,socialOutbound &amp; InboundManages the lifecycle of the lead fromcapture to closureEnriches CRM with marketingintelligence 6. Marketing Automation PrimerEnabling technologies in MA SoftwareMultifunctional platform includes email, landing pages,lead scoring &amp; mgt, website tracking, event management,web-based marketing programs.Drip &amp; Nurture-based programsLead ManagementWebsite ManagementOnline programs management inbound and outbound 7. Marketing Automation starts with lead generationStages of marketing automation Demand generation Programs Inbound/outbound Lead capture Landing pages, website, social Lead scoring Behavior &amp; demographics Lead routing Sales assignment, geos &amp; roles Lead tracking Connection between campaigns/leads ROI Analysis Opportunity linked to lead to campaigns 8. Demand &amp; lead generationWhere are leads originating from in 2011 2012 (projected)Estimates based on multiple sources/research analysts represent averagesReferrals/Personal connections = 30-40%Corporate Website = 20-25%Email marketing 10-15%Advertising = 6-9%Social Media = 1-3%Other (includes cold calling) = 10-12% 9. Lead to revenue managementFacilitated and optimized using nurture-based programsDrip &amp; Trigger-based email campaignsPersonalized, reactive campaignsBehavioral segmentationContent-driven 10. October 2010 B2B CMOs: Make Marketing Automation A Catalyst For Alignment With SalesFORRESTERS MARKETING AUTOMATION MATURITY MODELWhat type of b2b marketerdo you want to be??? 11. Fundamental issues with lead to revenue managementOften caused by mis-matched technology and poor process planningSource: Forrester Research-October 2006, Improving B2B Lead Management report 12. Marketing &amp; Sales Roles in lead to revenue management Marketings Role Identify leads Generate leads Execute campaigns Pre-qualify leads Nurture leads Re-Market stale sales leadsSales Role Complete lead qualification Present and proposesolutions Propose pricing Execute contracts Close business Cross-sell Changing traditional roles Inside sales is no longer a sales function Skill-sets for inside sales are changing Marketing Focus on brand &amp; Focus on UpperFunnel Development 13. Defining your lead to revenue management model Target markets Generating demand &amp; awareness (programs) Verticals, geos, sales roles Defining MQL (marketing qualified lead) vs SQL (sales qualifiedlead) Refine the initial scoring model Define routing rules Define success metrics Test over 90-days &amp; adjust 14. Data-Driven Sales CRM with the power of marketingintelligence, useful sales data andrational workflow Best chance for connection withprospects Calls transformed from Taking toOffering Stigma of cold calling is eliminated Empowered telesales personnel performbetter 15. What does this look like in CRM? Brief demo lead scoring Brief demo data-driven sales in CRM Brief demo lead to revenue reporting 16. The importance of marketing automation tools Provides a mechanism for real-time lead monitoring Reduces lead response time Allows for enrollment in pre-defined trigger campaigns Increases touches in first 30-days following initial inquiry Allows for research and appending of data through sources such as Jigsaw Alerting via email ensures leads are touched quickly 17. How important is this to your upper funnel success?According to Aberdeen, who tracks the performance of Best Practice organizationsutilizing marketing automation tied to CRM/Sales.Inside sales achieves quote 11% more when marketing automation is deployedLead conversions (to opportunities) increased by 7%Inside sales make an additional 7-9 connects per dayOverall sales team quota achievement is higher by nearly 3%Company revenue is higher by over 3% 18. Questions? Schedule a demonstration of SalesFUSION Learn more www.salesfusion.comWe Provide a complete MA Solution at an affordable price Enterprise b2b marketing Advanced email marketing Lead scoring CRM integration Web visitor tracking Dialogs, forms, landing pages Social media marketing Event management </p>