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As marketers, we spend valuable time and resources generating leads for sales. But many of those leads dont qualify for a variety of reasons. So how do we transform the unqualified leads of today into the sales of tomorrow? Join Rachel Peden as she takes us through the ins and outs of marketing automation. In this webinar you will learn: - What is Marketing Automation? - Why the middle of the sales funnel is crucially important to your business - How marketers can generate sales qualified leads through nurturing - How to generate a higher volume of qualified leads for your sales team


<ul><li>1.Marketing Automation 101 Frank Coyle | PresidentRachel Peden | Client Manager February 27, 2013</li></ul> <p>2. Webinar Information Being recorded, and will be uploaded toWebsite This is an interactive webinar, so it is okay toask questions during the presentation 3. About Point ItPresentation Agenda Launched in April 2002 Seattles largest independentsearch marketing firm PPC, SEO, Design, MarketingAutomation $40 MM in managed media/yr Servicing clients across allverticals and revenue models 4. Agenda Marketing Automation Overview Marketing Automation Capabilities The Sales Funnel Lead Generation Marketing Automation Benefits Q&amp;A 5. Marketing Automation Overview 6. Marketing Automation 7. Overview Marketing software that aligns yourcompanys digital marketing efforts with yourprospects website activity Marketing Efforts + Website Activity Enables marketers to better track theirmarketing efforts, and how they directlyimpact sales Opens lines of communication withprospective customers 8. Software VendorsPresentation Agenda 9. Marketing Automation Software Capabilities 10. Capabilities 11. Capabilities Email, form &amp; landing page development Quickly develop marketing pages without ITinvolvement Website visitor tracking Tell your sales team who is visiting your website Lead Management Leverage lead scoring to provide insight as towhere a prospect is in the sales cycle 12. Capabilities Social Media Integrate all aspects of your digital presence CRM Transfer marketing insight to sales team Reporting 13. CapabilitiesImage from CRW Graphics 14. Capabilities Gain prospect behavior insights How a prospect came to your website Every visit one of your prospects makes to yourwebsite The pages, resources and content a prospect visited Marketing Automation can deliver Targeted email messages relevant to your prospect Lead scoring on all prospects, to aid the sales team inqualification 15. Marketing Automation Well built marketing systems will Enable the sales team to focus on the most qualifiedprospects, in all stages of the buying process Communicate to prospects with the right message Enable marketers to design targeted, automatedcommunications for prospects Where they are in the sales cycle What they are most interested in 16. Marketing Automation Example: Purchasing a Home 17. Impact on the Sales Funnel 18. Marketing Automation 19. Sales Funnel Lead Generation (Inbound Marketing)MarketingAutomation Software SalesContact 20. Sales FunnelLead Generation(Inbound Marketing)MarketingNurtureAutomationSalesReadyCustomers 21. Sales FunnelForrester Consulting, "Driving SMB Revenue In A Tough Economy," November 2012. 22. Marketing Automation Example: Purchasing a Home 23. Lead Generation 24. Lead Generation Lead Scoring Behavioral Pages Visited Content Read Emails Opened Demographic Traits that make your companys ideal customer Ex. B2B Company: VP Sales, US &amp; Canada Ex. B2C Company: Males, 35+, Global 25. Lead Generation Drip Campaigns Automated programs that help you keep in touchwith your customers until they are ready for anurture campaign Lead Nurture Campaigns Serving relevant content to a prospect that relatesto their interests and their place in the sales cycle 26. Drip &amp; Nurture Campaigns: B2B Inbound Marketing PPC &amp; SEO Email Marketing pURL Campaigns Direct Mail Nurture White Papers Case Studies Demos &amp; Videos Customer Testimonials Relevant Industry Data 27. Drip &amp; Nurture Campaigns: B2C Inbound Marketing PPC &amp; SEO Display Advertising Demographic Targeting Email Marketing Nurture pURLs Contest Social Media Survey Coupon 28. Lead Generation Lead Scoring + Drip &amp; Nurture Campaigns Once the lead score reaches your target, theprospect is sent to your sales team 29. Lead Nurture 30. Benefits of MarketingAutomation 31. Marketing Automation- B2C Consumers who are targeted with personalizedmessaging bases on behavior are 400% morelikely to become a customer. Companies who use Marketing Automation tonurture, report that customers spend 47% moreon purchases. Companies using Marketing and SalesAutomation report a 56% increase in leads/saleson their web properties.*Data from 32. Marketing Automation- B2B Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost. Nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases thannon-nurtured leads. 61% of B2B marketers send all leads directly tosales; however, only 27% of those leads may bequalifiedStatistics from from Forrester Research, The Annuitas Group and Marketing Sherpa, respectively. 33. Thank You! Questions? </p>