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<p>Market Research</p> <p>Market ResearchTypes of PhotographyPortraitureLandscapesAdvertisementsPhoto journalismSports PhotographyFashion PhotographyWedding PhotographyTravel PhotographyTarget AudiencePortraiture appeals to families mainly. It would appeal to people who want professional looking portraits with their family, of their children of even of pets. The pictures will then more tan likely be displayed in the family home or used as presents. They generally appeal to people who are in the 20-40 age range. This means that they will have families and be settling down. It would possibly be directed at parents of very young children who would like a portrait to remember the child when they were young.Landscape photography could appeal to a wide range of people. People who own country houses and want to display the landscapes. Holiday companies or even things like estate agents. These photographs will be viewed by a number of people, people who want to get married (20-40 years), people who are going on a holiday that they want to make sure is idyllic and people entering the property market and buying/ renting houses.Advertisements appeal to lots of people. Anyone who would buy that product or service and who would see the advertisements. In a sense, the photographer would need to appeal to the larger companies to ensure the most recognition and attraction to his photos. It would depend on the company but the age ranges could be anything from young children (toys/films/games) to older adults (alcohol/CDs).Photo journalism can appeal to lots of people. It may be subject to people who have access to the internet on blogs or web magazines or it could be spread out over a much bigger audience for things such a newspapers or magazines. Also, the subject of the pictures can change the target audience hugely. For instance, pictures of horse shows will only appeal to a small audience of people with subscriptions to a horse magazine or people who would look at a blog on the subject.Sports Photography appeals to people who like sports. This can be stereotyped to boys/men aged 10-50, but can be spread as wide as both sexes and most ages. However, it will be again limited to people who have a particular interest in the item. For instance, a section at the back of the newspaper may be ideal for people who enjoy sports and will flip to the back to see it, but a middle aged woman would probably skip this section unless they were particularly interested in.Fashion Photography is limited to people interested in fashion. Magazines, advertisements and shop windows are places these photos would appear, and they would only really appeal to people who have an interest in the clothes but we see these type of pictures everywhere. On banners at the side of a webpage, on the side of buses and on shop windows. Again, this can stereotyped down to one gender (women) and mainly teenaged-middle aged.Wedding Photography only ever appeals to people getting married. A young boy with no interest in getting married would not be interested. So wedding photography is very limited, to the small market for wedding magazines and fairs. It will mainly be women getting married and looking to get married. A teenager or a child would not go out and buy these things.Travel Photography appeals to people who have an interest in the rest of the world. People who look at blogs for travel photography would be the main audience and perhaps people who get travel magazines close to when they are travelling and maybe brochures for hotels and beaches.</p> <p>StatisticsI know that portraiture appeals to families mainly because of the statistics shown. On the Ventures Studio website, they have timeline of events. One of the milestones they achieved was the one millionth customer photographed. They say on their website that they specialise in families with children, and even give special advice on how to look after your children at a shoot. This tells us that they are used to encountering children and families every day. On every single one of the 10 portrait studio websites I have visited have a section of family portraiture, the only section that appeared in all of them. This is very telling, and we know that family photography is a big deal.Photo journalism includes blogs that we can find statistics on quite easily. has 3511 page views, which shows that she is getting people looking at her blog. She is starting to deliberately starting to aim content at the correct people. On word press there is a whole section for the photojournalism section, which means that there is a demand for this area of blogging. There is also an area on Tumblr and quite a few other blogging platforms. </p> <p>My IdeasMy ideas for a mask will be a hero idea. I think that using a superhero mask will work because it can represent the idea of being a hero and having an alter ego. This relates to my market research because I have looked at portraiture. It can be aimed at the same target audience as that and can represent the idea of taking a mask off to show who you really are. The research can also help me because it can tell me how the photos will be received.For my object idea I will be using a book. I will do this because I think it will represent me really well, and it links with my research because I have looked into photojournalism, as this can be included under that category. I have looked into advertisement photography and this can help my photographs because it will convince me to produce my pictures to a high and professional quality.</p>