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For the complete report, get in touch with us at : The smart grid market in China is one of the most dynamically growing sectors in China. Construction of the entire smart grid is expected to be completed by 2020. The report begins with a brief introduction to smart grid highlighting the infrastructural requirements for the development of the smart grid and includes power, communication, software and application and security. It is followed by a description about the technologies enabled by the smart grid. The market overview section provides a snapshot of the smart grid market in China. It also includes the market size and growth figures for the smart grid market. The drivers explain the factors influencing the growth of the smart grid market in China. The key drivers identified include rise in demand for energy, rise in supply of renewable energy, environmental issues, reduction in transmission and distribution loss, and management of electricity demand. Smart grid is expected to play an important role in managing the rising demand for energy from large industries across China. The efficient transmission and distribution of energy will be imperative. Major challenges which impede the development and growth of the market has also been covered and includes security threats to the smart grid technology, lack of standards and high costs of construction of the smart grid. The government initiatives section includes a detailed timeline highlighting the key developments in the smart grid market that have taken place and that are expected to over 2009 to 2020. The report also delves into the steps taken by the government to develop the smart grid market including a break-up of the ratio of investments across the smart grid sectors and over the 12th five year plan. The smart grid market in China is witnessing emerging trends that are of marked importance. Major trends in the smart grid market covered in the report include increasing international participation, high level of investments and production of low cost smart grid equipments. The report offers a brief analysis of the competitive landscape of the smart grid market in China. This section provides a three dimensional analysis of the key players revenues, profits and market capitalization followed by a ranking of the players based on the revenue and profits. The report also features brief profiles of the major domestic and foreign players in the market and a snapshot of their corporation, financial performance, and business highlights; thus providing an insight into the existing competitive scenario. Key takeaway section summarizes the entire market in terms of opportunities, challenges and competitive landscape persisting in the smart grid market in China.


<ul><li> 1. SmartGridMarketSmart Grid Market ChinaNovember2011 </li> <li> 2. ExecutiveSummary ChinahasjuststartedtheconstructionoftheSmartGrid CompanyYisChinaslargestpowersupplierandisthekeydeveloperoftheSmartgrid Market Project StateGridplanstoinvestUSDxxbninSmartGriddevelopmentinthenextyyears p p yy Drivers: Challenges: Riseindemandforpower Securitythreats Drivers&amp; Riseinsupplyofrenewableenergy LackofstandardsChallenges Environmentalissues Highcostofconstruction Hightransmissionanddistributionlosses ManagingelectricitydemandGovernment MajorDevelopmentsinSmartGrid Initiatives 1th FiveYearPlan FocusonSmartGridConstruction Increasinginternationalparticipation Trends Highlevelofinvestments Productionofcheapsmartmeterequipments MajorPlayersCompetition Company1 Company2 Company3 Company4 Company5 Company6 SMARTGRIDMARKETINCHINA2011.PPT 2 </li> <li> 3. IntroductionMarketOverviewDrivers&amp;ChallengesDrivers &amp; ChallengesGovernmentInitiativesTrends dCompetitionKeyTakeaway SMARTGRIDMARKETINCHINA2011.PPT 3 </li> <li> 4. Smartgridmarkethasvarioussubsegmentsandincludes differenttypesoftechnologies SmartGrid Overviewofcomponents SmartGridisaelectricitynetworkthatprovidessustainable,economicandsecureelectricitysuppliesbyintelligently integratingtheactionsofallusers(utilities,consumersandthosewhodoboth)whoareconnectedtoit SmartGrid Power Communication SoftwareandApplication Security aaa bbb x y z cccSource: SMARTGRIDMARKETINCHINA2011.PPT 4 </li> <li> 5. SmartGridMarketwillhaveasignificantrateofgrowthin thenextxyears SmartGridMarket Overview AnnualSmartGridMarket SmartgridmarketinChinaisataninitialstageof USDbn developmentandthemarkethashugepotentialfor 4 y growth 3 Z% Chinaisthelargestmarketforgridequipments 2 ChinaStateGridCorporationwillinvestUSDxbnin 1 x gridupgradationofwhichUSDybnwillbeinvested id d ti f hi h USD b ill b i t d 0 insmartgridtechnologies 2007 2014e Companyzprovideselectricitytomorethantbnof thepopulationandservesx%ofthenational CoverageArea(20 ) territory Companyz Chinasmartgridmarketthoughsmallincomparison Others toCountry1andCountry2willexperiencea Y% significantlevelofgrowthinthenextxyears significant level of growth in the next x years GlobalcompanieslikeCompanyx,Companyyand Companyzhavesetuppartnershipsandjoint venturesinordertocapturethesmartgrid X% equipmentsmarket i t k tSource: SMARTGRIDMARKETINCHINA2011.PPT 5 </li> <li> 6. Drivers&amp;Challenges Summary Drivers Riseindemandforpower Challenges Securitythreats Riseinsupplyofrenewableenergy Lackofstandards Environmentalissues Highcostofconstruction Hightransmissionanddistribution losses Managingelectricitydemand SMARTGRIDMARKETINCHINA2011.PPT 6 </li> <li> 7. Trends Summary IncreasingInternational Participation Key Trends d Productionoflowcost HighLevelof smartequipments i Investments I SMARTGRIDMARKETINCHINA2011.PPT 7 </li> <li> 8. DomesticPlayersintheMarket(1/10) CompanySnapshot:Company1 CorporateInformation FinancialPerformance Headquarters City1,Country1 City 1 Country 1 Revenue Revenue Profit USDmn USDmn Profit/Loss Founded 19 250 a6 30 a5 a2 a4 25 200 No.of a1 20 9 150 Employees p y 15 100 10 KeyPeople Person1 Chairman 50 5 0 0 Year1 year2 Year3 Year4 Year5 BusinessHighlights Business Highlights ItisanoperatingsubsidiaryofCompanyt Companymainlyengagesinresearch,developmentandmanufactureofpowerequipments Provides protection equipments for type 1 type 2 type 3 type 4 etc Providesprotectionequipmentsfortype1,type2,type3,type4,etc. Productsofthecompanyalsoincludetypet,typeu,typev CompanysellsitsproductstoelectricsystemandotherrelatedcompaniesinCountry1,Country2,Country3,Country 4andCountry5Source: SMARTGRIDMARKETINCHINA2011.PPT 8 </li> <li> 9. ThankyoufortheattentionTheSmartGrid ChinareportisapartofNetscribesPowerIndustrySeries.Formoredetailedinformationorcustomizedresearchrequirementspleasecontact: JitendraPunjabi Jitendra Punjabi GaganUppal Gagan Uppal Phone: +913340646215 Phone: +912240987530 EMail: EMail: gagan.uppal@netscribes.comAboutNetscribesNetscribesisaknowledgeconsultingandsolutionsfirmwithclienteleacrosstheglobe.Thecompanysexpertisespansareasofinvestment&amp; g g f g p y p p fbusinessresearch,business&amp;corporateintelligence,contentmanagementservices,andknowledgesoftwareservices.Atitscoreliesatruevaluepropositionthatdrawsuponavastknowledgebase.Netscribesisaonestopshopdesignedtofulfilclientsprofitability andgrowthobjectives. p p f g f y g g p pDisclaimer:Thisreportispublishedforgeneralinformationonly.Althoughhighstandardshavebeenusedthepreparation,ResearchonIndia,Netscribes(India)Pvt.Ltd.orNetscribesisnotresponsibleforanylossordamagearisingfromuseofthisdocument.ThisdocumentisthesolepropertyofNetscribes(India)Pvt.Ltd.andpriorpermissionisrequiredforguidelinesonreproduction. SMARTGRIDMARKETINCHINA2011.PPT 9 </li> </ul>