mariposa!mariposa! an antidote for menopausal malaise

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Slide 2 Mariposa!Mariposa! An Antidote for Menopausal Malaise Slide 3 By Penny Morris Certified Professional Coach Somatic Therapist, Bodyworker, Facilitator Slide 4 Menopause .. Is often called the Change of Life Is not a disease Is a Natural Biological Process that Ends the Fertile Period of a Womans Life. Is marked by the End of a Womans Menstrual Cycle.not having had a period for one year. Occurs in most women between ages 45-55. Slide 5 What are Menopausal Maladies? Night sweats Sleep Disturbances Lack of Focus Mood Swings Decreased Libido Increased Body/Facial Hair Hair Thinning Decreased Fertility Vaginal Dryness Increased Abdominal Bloating Decreased Breast Fullness Body stiffness Hot Flashes Post Menopause: bone loss, heart disease Slide 6 Shift Cross Cultural Study of Women Youth = ages 1-35 Midlife = ages 35 - 60 Women are: Restless : ages 50-60 this decade of restlessness is a source of divine discontent which brings about a shift from reflecting and lamenting over unfulfilled career goals to a quest for personal development, fulfillment, connection and joy. Wise : ages 60-100 Living their joy! According to cultural anthropologist, Angeles Arrien, as quoted in her book, Second Half of Life.. Slide 7 By Navigating The Change through a Shift in our Approach. We must Understand .. Who we are Why we are who we are How we can improve who we are, hence, the quality of our lives. HOW DO WE DO THIS? We can find comfort, fulfillment, ease, joy and vitality. * Understanding is the key component to this shift.. Slide 8 By exploring Body Mind Soul/Spirit and ENERGY The depths of our existence as a human entity which is comprised of Slide 9 Our Existence: Via Mariposa! well navigate this journey & explore our existence via the 7 Chakra System. Chakras are Energetic Holding Stations for the imprints from lifes occurrences, which mold our unique personalities. IMPRINT = OUR REACTION TO LIFES BUMPS AND THUMPS ENERGY is The interface between The MIND The BODY The SOUL & SPIRIT Slide 10 WHO WE ARE OUR REACTIONS TO LIFES PLETHERA OF BUMPS AND THUMPS CREATE OUR INDIVIDUAL Holding PATTERNS OF BEHAVIOR. OUR IMPRINTS from PRE-NATAL development throughout ADULTHOOD Slide 11 OUR IMPRINTS Our IMPRINTS are profoundly stamped into the memory of our persona. from our thought processes, to our conscious and sub- conscious emotions and feelings, ultimately manifesting in our trillions of body cells..making us healthy or dis-eased. Thus, imprinting impacts our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.our existenceour vitality. Chakra ENERGY is the vehicle which facilitates the connection between our Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit. Mind/Body/Sprit Connection has the power to correct or shift negative imprinting ..LET THE HEALING BEGIN! Slide 12 CHAKRA ENERGY Energy flows through our chakra system from the top of the skull to the tip of the coccyxthe tailbone.. In alignment with our central nervous system. Slide 13 FLOWING HIGH For ultimate wellness we must keep our ENERGY flowing and vibrating at a high frequency . like the Beautiful Slide 14 ButterflyButterfly a.k.a. Mariposa! Slide 15 Have you ever noticed how you feel when youre in the presence of a butterfly as shes fluttering around in all of her beautiful, vibrant, winged energy ? Butterfly a.k.a.Papillon. or Mariposa! Slide 16 As explained by Christie Marie Sheldon in her program Love or Above.. Each human emotion has a vibration in the exact same way that matter does. Heavy emotions like Fear, Anger or Shame vibrate at low frequencies. But feelings like Love, Joy and Peace vibrate at high, uplifting frequencies. Slide 17 Like a beautiful, multidimensional, free-spirited, vibrating Mariposa (a butterfly), youll emerge via the metamorphosis of your approach to life and encounter that deliciously vibrant, confident, liberated individual.YOU! Slide 18 Mariposas! Now, lets get to work.. Daily practice will: * facilitate the flow of your energy and *raise the energetic frequency of your vibration..what you need to be happy, healthy, balanced, fulfilled, whole! Slide 19 Mariposa! is an experiential program in which youll discover the profundities of your existence via.. MOVEMENT, MEDITATION, MINDFULNESS, MANTRAS, MAPPING OF THE CHAKRAS, MANIFESTATION ACTIVITIES, MOOD, MUSIC, MULTI-SENSORY STIMULATION, MASSAGE/BODYWORK, ME TIME, MARTINIS????, METABOLIZING MEALS METAMORPHOSIS! Slide 20 Mariposa! Mini- Workshop for Groups of five - 20 women/men (Men go through a change as well!) host one at your place! Three-Day Retreat (for pre-formed groups at your location or produced as a specially promoted all-inclusive event Group Tele-Seminar Individual Coaching Program Monthly 1 - hour Telephone/Web/ Microsoft Sessions, Enhanced by Skype, email access. In-person bodywork sessions IET, Energy Balancing, Massage, Chakra Exercises. Is offered in a variety of ways: For more details, Call: 410.446.6720 Slide 21 WIFM? ARE YOU SAYING Whats in it for me? Healing, Comfort, Fulfillment, Ease, Joy and Vitality in Your Life The strengthening of the threads which weave the fabric of your (and your familys) health, wellness, and sustained longevity. LEGACY. Slide 22 By Navigating The Change through a Shift in our Approach. We must Understand .. Who we are (Mind/Body/Spirit connected through a system of Energy) Why we are who we are How we can improve who we are, hence, the quality of our lives. HOW DO WE DO THIS? We can find comfort, fulfillment, ease, joy and vitality. *Understanding is the key component to this shift.. Slide 23 Daily Practices taught through Mariposa ! Call for info 410.446.6720 or send an email to Slide 24 Mariposas..! I look forward to a joyful time with you! -Penny Slide 25 Call me! Penny Morris, Founder of Charters to Wellness Coach, Bodyworker, Wellness & Vitality Guide 410.446.6720 or send an email to