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  • DECEPTION PASS SAIL AND POWER SQUADRON V o l u m e 3 6 i s s u e 3

    Calendar of Upcoming Classes CPR/AED/FIRST AID CLASS— (Oak Harbor Fire Department ) April 15th from 15:00-19:00.-class is almost full. May 14th from 15:00-19:00 Table of Contents Executive Officer Columns 2-8 Special Interests 9-12 Promotional Flyers 13-26

    Unit 16

    Uni ted Sta tes

    Sai l and Power Squadron

    A gentle reminder about dinner

    RSVP’s. The chefs, who are

    your fellow members, work

    hard to plan, buy, prepare and

    deliver fabulous meals based on

    your responses to the RSVP

    requests. We understand that

    plans change, but if you find,

    after sending us your RSVP, that

    you are not going to be there,

    please let us know as soon as

    possible so we can keep our

    costs to the minimum. If you do

    not attend a dinner you have

    reserved and not cancelled,

    please remit your check payable

    to DPSPS c/o Treasurer Lt/C

    Pam Truog. Thanks! Pat

    MARCH 2020

    About that website! You have one that is accessible, not going through the national site. Please type in (or click to link directly) and voila you are there!

    Please take a few minutes to look around. This is meant to be a place to find most if not all things you need to know regarding our squadron. Links to our district 16 and national levels are found within the site.

    What is included: Home page with calendar of scheduled events About-with tab for Bridge Officers & Links page Education & page for descriptions Civic Services-Vessel Safety Checks, Cooperative Charting, SERAT, Penn Cove Water Festival Newsletter—an archive of present & past Spindrifts

    Gallery –slideshows of recent meetings & boats and cruising stops

    Join-application and reasons why to join

    Login– Must use password to access Membership directory

    I welcome suggestions in how to improve to meet your needs.

    I have a new email address that is now for DPSPS related


    Thank you.

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    Hi folks,

    We recently lost one of our own. P/C Don Daily AP passed away

    recently. Don had been a member of USPS for 44 years, was a past

    Commander and member of our squadron. Don’s son, Todd Daily was also a past Commander and

    former member of our squadron. At this point, plans for service or memorial are unknown.

    We need your help!! We now need to fill some critical leadership positions in our squadron for next

    year. We are hard at work trying to fill those positions. When we call you, please give what we ask

    careful consideration. It is crucial for us to fill these positions in order to insure the long-term viability

    of our squadron. The positions we still must find candidates for are Executive Office, Administration

    Officer and Publish Relations & Marketing Officer. Please consider filling one of these positions, call

    me and let me know! Our future activities will suffer without them.

    Cat created a wonderful evening for your squadron Valentine Dinner meeting at OHYC! The Dinner menu was just awesome! The speaker was our former Commander Anne Katherine who entertained us with slides and tales of her amazing experience last summer as a US Park Ranger. We were enter- tained through dinner and afterwards by “The Buckets” with classic favorites from the past! It was a great evening! There are images in a slideshow on our website’s Gallery page if you missed the event.

    Hiller reported that we have several new applications for membership this month. Steve and Tabe-

    tha Springer. Please welcome them aboard and let them know how much we appreciate their joining.

    We have some fun, exciting events coming up!

    Our annual business meeting will be held on Thursday, March 5th. See attached flyer. The squadron

    will provide a free pizza dinner that evening. You will hear a report on squadron accomplishments

    this past year as well as from several committees. You will be voting on an extensive revision to our

    bylaws, a new budget for the coming year and the new bridge. Please plan to attend! We need you

    there! Sign up with Cat as shown on the flyer so we know how much pizza to order.

    I plan to attend the D16 Change of Watch Conference at Tukwila on March 14. See attached info.

    There is still time for you to sign up and attend. Deadline for enrollment has been extended to

    February 28. Come and join me there!

    On Wednesday, March 18, I will be giving a presentation at the South Whidbey Yacht Club’s March

    dinner meeting on who we are and what we offer in the way of education. See https:// This is an opportunity to expand our education opportunities as well

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    as our membership as they have over 100 members on the island, some with boats moored in Oak

    Harbor marina. I intend to offer them free seminars down in Langley if they get a dozen or more

    attendees signed up.

    We will also conduct another DPSPS Mentor Training Workshop on Saturday, March 21 at OHYC from

    11am to 1pm. See attached flyer. Mentoring is easy to do, very rewarding and makes a big difference

    in creating an active, educated new member, likely to stay in the squadron for a lifetime. The work-

    shop is open to everyone. Come, join us, and find out what mentoring is all about! Just let me know

    if you will be attending, as I need a total count of students.

    Karen is giving you another Boat Handling course starting March 24 and running for six weeks. See

    attached flyer. A great, fun new course to take that gives you deep dives into subjects like anchoring,

    docking, emergencies, etc. You need to take this one!

    On Saturday, March 28th, Chip and Reg will be conducting a very special Boating Safety for Kids class

    for children ages 5 to 10 at OHYC from 11am to 1pm. This class is the first of many we hope to offer

    to the public. It is free of course and is the result of our obtaining a NWYBA $500 grant this past year.

    Feel free to bring your children or grandchildren to this fun event! Also, invite your neighbors and

    friends with children to attend. Make reservations with Chip as shown on the attached flyer. They

    will also be presenting this again on April 4 at the local Oak Harbor Library. See attached flyers.

    This year our Change of Watch is scheduled for Thursday, April 16, at OHYC. Attached flyer has de-

    tails! The dinner planned is just wonderful, planned and prepared by our favorite chefs, Ted and

    Paula. We will recognize those who made major contributions this past year and welcome our new

    officers. Please plan to attend!

    The annual D16 Educational Conference will be held this year in Anacortes on May 9. If you are inter-

    ested in becoming an instructor or helping with our education opportunities, this is the Conference to

    attend. Detailed information is included in this newsletter, see attached.

    We need several volunteers to spend a fun day on the water at the upcoming Penn Cove Water

    Festival on May 16. You will patrol the course, slowing down occasional speeders on the water while

    you get a ring-side seat to the Indian canoe races! Once again, I have the honor of being race

    starter on the committee boat. Did I forget to tell you that in years pass, those on Patrol received a

    free lunch as well? Please let me know you would like to participate, if a fun, entertaining, valuable


    Here is something new! Skagit Bay squadron have invited us to go with them on a cruise to Sidney

    BC, June 26-28. The information is attached. Put this event on your cruising calendar for now, we will

    be giving you more information as the event becomes closer.

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    You will also find in this Newsletter a letter from the Coupeville Maritime Heritage Foundation (CMHF) asking

    for donations to restore the schooner Suva, a living symbol of our island maritime legacy.

    She is now 95 years old. CMHF is trying to raise $50,000 to cover desperately needed repairs and is asking

    for donations. Please consider donating to keep this legend sailing.

    Are you ready for a special surprise? My wonderful, talented wife Sue has created for us a beautiful entirely

    new website which we have needed for years to advertise our squadron! There is a link to it on the front

    page of this newsletter. Give it a try! I have seen what she has created, and it is like W0W! Let her know

    what you think of it!

    Have fun!


    Photo from

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    It starts with inspi

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