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Margaret Corbin. By: Sierra Browder . Summary of her life…. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Margaret Corbin

Margaret CorbinBy: Sierra Browder

Summary of her lifeShe was born on November 12, 1715. And she was orphaned at an young age. She married at 21 to her husband, John Corbin. She fought in the Revolutionary war and one of the first. She fought with her husband, side by side. She fought with her husband and 600 soldiers on November 16, 1776. She was 85 when she died in 1800. She was then reburied with full military honors at West Point. She was the only Revolutionary War veteran honored in this way. What was she in the Revolution war?Daughters of the American Revolution. She fought right beside the men and soldiers.She was a women the was not scared to get down and dirty.

Loyalist or Patriot?Margaret was a patriot. She fought for what she wanted in a county. Freedom, being able to dream big and women having the same rights as the men. She fought along side the Americans.

Did she live thought the war?Yes, Margaret Corbin lived thought the war. She did get badly hurt and left there to die. But a doctor found her and got her back to health. But her husband (John Corbin) did not live. He died during the war.

More infoMargaret was all about freedom. She wanted nothing more then freedom, for all people to have. No matter who they are women, men and kids. And to do your best to fight for our county. Women wanted to help for so long to show what they can do and how they can help, in war. And Margaret showed them a way.

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