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The Photography Portfolio of Marek Kubik.





  • The pages of this book will take you on a journey around the world in eighty pictures (its almost like I planned it). The styles, moods and subjects are intentionally as varied as the places and cultures Ive explored; something that made compiling them around themes a deceptively challenging undertaking. In places I have aimed to convey some essence of the countless stories behind these captured moments; the rest I leave up to your own imagination. Whatever they may make you think or feel, I hope you enjoy the collection.



  • 2When I go out exploring, its often the unexpected that makes for a great subject matter. I discovered the Stadsbiblioteket to the right on an otherwise miserable rainy day in Malm, Sweden, and was struck by the simple elegance of the design and the warm, inviting glow of the lights. The building offered me some sanctuary and respite from the broody Scandinavian weather outside.

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  • 7The image on the left, taken at la Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias in Valencia, Spain demonstrates the beauty of simple symmetry. The image above, from Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, challenges that same notion with its non symmetric yet still captivating design.

  • 9Europe is a continent rich in history and steeped in beautiful old buildings spanning different design eras. The left is the Iglesia Catedral de Santa Mara in Murcia. Above is the Grand Place in Brussels. Both are 14th century, yet differ considerably in their aesthetic approach.

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    SHADES OF GREYOne of my favourite tricks for overcast, cloudy days that would be otherwise make for terrible photographs is to shoot in black and white. A simple absence of colour suddenly transforms a dull image into a captivating one, creating mood and depth and mystery. The one to the right, taken from the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France is a perfect example.

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  • 12 Downtown Los Angeles, USA taken from the Griffith Observatory

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    The kitten on the left was on sale at a Bangkok night market in Thailand. It stood out to me as a subject thanks to its brilliant whiteness and its inquisitive nature, clambering on top of its siblings to lean over the wall of its enclosure.

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    The beauty of photography to me is its versatility. The image on the far page uses black and white to emphasise texture, whilst the one to the right presents an untold story that captivates the imagination. Id love to hear your thoughts on where it was taken, and who the shadow man is.

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    On the far page, is the busy thrum and fluidity of Bangkok traffic. On the immediate left is the harsh texture of thorny rushes. Static and dynamic beauty, side by side.

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    THE POETRY OF LIGHTThe sunset is perhaps one of the most clichd subjects of photography, but nonetheless one I have a great affinity for. There is something simply captivating about a breathtaking sunset, and some of my deepest moments of content in my life have been in the tranquility of watching the sun rise or fall behind the horizon. The above still is from Brisbane Art Gallery in Australia, as the golden sun lights up a curious array of dandelion water sculptures. To the right is a sunset over San Fransisco Bay in California; one beautiful enough to draw me away from the Golden Gate Bridge that others were fixated on.

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  • 22 Couple watching the sunset over Byron Bay, Australia

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    LANDSCAPES AND GRAFITTILandscapes with Graffiti may seem an odd grouping but both classes of image share common values. Both require an adventurous spirit to seek out and frame. In each of the cases over the following pages the results dont quite capture the tireless hours and miles racked up in walking, driving and (in case of the Grand Canyon on page 28) a sunrise helicopter ride to seek out. Some are deliberate and iconic, some happy accident of finding something around the next corner that I had no idea existed.

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  • 29To the left: Grand Canyon, Arizona and above, the Rub al Khali; the largest continual sand desert in the world.

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    The fairytale castle to the right is a lot closer to home than much of my work, on the fringes of my current city of Belfast. Although Northern Ireland has become progressively more cosmopolitan and touristic in recent years, for now it remains largely undiscovered by visitors to the province.

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    The above image was snapped in West Belfast, and I loved the contrast and texture of the cut out against the rough, weathered wall. Its imbued with a sense of mystery and dark undertones of censorship.

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  • To the left: Bondai Beach, Australia and Miami, Florida. Above: Denver, Colorado. 35

  • 37Left and above left: Paris, France. Above right: Brooklyn, New York.

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    THE ABSTRACTJust like in abstract art, in this section I focus on shape, form, colour, pattern and texture. The images I taken seek to show the subjects essence, not the reality. Some are based on positioning (for instance, the image to the far right is taken through a waterfall in the Guinness brewery in Dublin, Ireland) and some based on analogue manipulation of my Canon camera.

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    FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEMHere be dragons. Well, one anyway. Ive met a fair few interesting creatures on my travels and this section was put together by way of a nod to some of them. The majestic fellow on the left crept on me at Villa Vizcaya in Miami and patiently posed for about 15 minutes as I took a whole host of different shots of him enjoying the baking Florida heat.

  • 48Above and to the right: happy elephants and happy companions from my travels in Thailand (also happy

    mahouts - the elephant above is collecting a tip for his master).

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  • Above: a pensive cow a friend and I encountered whilst cycling from Germany to Italy over St Gotthard Pass in the Swiss Alps.52

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    LOVE, HOME AND RELIGIONThis last selection touches upon a series of board themes that are to a large extent personal to every individual. In truth, its my way of squeezing in a variety of different images personal to me into a single section as we reach the closing pages of the collection.

    The love lock photo to the immediate left was taken in Perth, Australia - one of the most isolated cities in the world, something that to me made the symbolism somehow more pronounced.

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    I have managed to include a number of images from my current home of the island of Ireland throughout this portfolio, but I thought it necessary to dedicate a spread to the place in which I have lived for the last couple of years. It is a vibrant and varied part of the world, and one attracting an increasing number of visitors every year. Belfast is slowly starting to put its troubled past behind it and becoming known for its vibrant bars and restaurants, for shows like Game of Thrones and for playing host to events like the Giro dItalia.

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    Its fascinating the reach and influence region has had in shaping the culture and feel of the places I have visited. Often a great many of the natural heritage sites are around preserving this very history. The image to the left is from Wat Phra Kaeo in Bangkok, Thailand, the above left is Kinkaku-ji (the temple of the golden pavilion) in Kyoto, Japan. The top right is a little church called St James in Reading, UK and the last of church candles is from Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

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    For my parting image I share one of the very first I took with a DSLR. I remember as a novice being particularly proud of it, and remain so to this day so it seems a fitting note on which to finish. I very much hope you enjoyed this collection, and if you are interested in acquiring any of these pictures as a framed print or canvas of any shape or size (or inquiring about other images around a particular theme), please get in touch via my website.

    www.kubik-photography.comCopyright 2015 Marek Kubik. All Rights Reserved.

  • Marek is a British-born photographer of Polish descent, currently living in Belfast, Northern Ireland. An avid traveller, his collections are as diverse as the many nations and continents he has visited.

    His passion for photography and travel aside, he holds a doctorate and a masters in engineering and has worked in energy and sustainability for six years, a career spanning smart grid conversations with Google to advising energy policy in Westminster. Marek has also led award winning international development projects and has provided energy consultancy to numerous companies. He is also trustee of a start-up charity, Think Universal Power.

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    In one sense, this book has been four years in the making, from when I first picked up a DSLR. However, its true roots come from somewhere much deeper in my past. From a young age, Ive been filled with wanderlust; a desire to see the world beyond the land of my birth and to explore what lies beyond the next hill crest or the next bend in the road. At its core, this portfolio is about sharing this pass